Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita Reaches Shravan’s Class

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Kavita calls Suman and informs her that the girl Shravan loves is in their class, so she should find out who the girl is. Suman gets tensed and thinks whom must be the girl, Kavita aunty called her twice since yesterday. Kanchan walks in and asks what is she murmuring. Kanchan informs what Kavita told. Kanchan taunts if she is the girl. Suman warns her to stop joking as Shravan knows that his friendship matters to her the most and she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. On the other side, Bunty suggests to move out from Suman. Shravan says he has not moved in at all. Bunty warns that his parents are also doubting him, Kavita aunty is behind him asking to find out who the girl is. Shravan warns not to inform his parents at any cost. Bunty asks him to join him for dinner and walks down. Kavita catches him and insists to inform who the girl is. Bunty gets tensed. Kavita says she knows the girl is from Shravan’s class and Suman will find out. Bunty gets more tensed. Shravan pins him and insists to tell what he spoke with Kavita. Bunty informs what Kavita told. Shravan gets more tensed.

Next morning, Ramesh finds Shravan’s love letter’s burnt piece while performing surya namaskar. He walks to Suman and Kanchan and showing I love you written burnt paper piece asks what is happening. They both ask how do they know. Suman reminisces Bunty throwing Shravan’s burnt letter. After sometime, Shravan enters Suman’s house for class. Suman stops him and showing him paper piece asks what is it. Shravan ignores and walks away. He goes and sits next to Devika instead of Suman. Devika asks if he will not sit with his BFF. Shravan says BFF is new, but Devika is old friend, so he will sit with her today. Anish walks in and asks him to move away from his seat. Shravan says its punishment for coming late. Kanchan asks Suman why Shravan is behaving weird. Suman says even she doesn’t know.

Kavita tells Ragini she has prepared kheer, let us go and find out who is Shravan’s girlfriend. They walk into Suman’s house and meet Beena. Kavita says she prepared kheer, so brought some for them. Vijay walks towards calls and stops seeing them. Kavita says she prepared kheer for Devraj as he likes it a lot, so she brought some for Vijay’s family also. Vijay asks how is Devraj. Kavita says he is fine, she is happy seeing Shravan becoming well cultured under Vijay’s supervision. Vijay says its his duty and asks why don’t she attend class and see herself. Kavita agrees. They both walk into class and see Shravan sitting with Devika. Shravan seeing them realizes that Kavita has come to find out who his girlfriend is. He chats with Devika. Vijay asks what is happening. Shravan says nothing and continues chatting with Devika. After class, Suman stops Shravan and asks him to answer her. Kavita walks to them and asks Shravan if he himself will tell who his girlfriend is. Shravan says its Devika. Suman thinks does he really love Devika.

Precap: Shravan tells Suman that she is very special to him, he is going to tell his life’s biggest truth, he loves her and looking into her eyes says I love you.

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