Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Supports Shravan

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan runs to get medicine for Suman and falls down injuring his leg and wrist. He buys medicine and walks towards Suman’s home limping. Kanchan checks Suman’s temperature and says she has high fever. Shravan gives medicine to Damroo saying Suman has fever and cough and reminiscing Suman asking Beena not to get medicine via Shravan asks Damru not to tell Suman that he brought medicine even by mistake. Kanchan applies cold cloth on Suman’s forehead and says she will get well soon. Damroo gives Suman’s medicine to her. Kanchan asks how does he know medicine name when she didn’t message him. He nervously says Ramesh bhaiya gave him name. Kanchan feeds medicine to Suman. Devika with Anish and others walk in and ask how is Suman. Kanchan says she ias 102 fever. Anish says that is why Kanchan was tensed, he says Suman is a soldier and will be fine soon. Suman searches Shravan and asks where is he. Devika says he left sometime ago saying he has some important work. Shravan walks in and heading to Suman looks into her eyes and asks if he can take his book. Suman returns his book and says class is over today as papa didn’t return yet. Shravan says good, let us go home as they can meet tomorrow again. Once they all leave, Kanchan says Shravan didn’t even ask how is Suman, so rude.

In the evening, Beena serves soup to Suman and dinner to Kanchan and Ramesh and informs Suman that Vijay is stuck due to rains, but asked about Suman repeatedly. Ramesh asks Beena why she is not talking to him after returning. Beena says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to speak or stay here, this and her mother’s house both are her houses and she can come and go anytime. Kanchan asks Ramesh why he started again, but good he sent Suman’s medicine via Damroo. Ramesh says he didn’t send any medicine as his phone wasn’t working since morning. Kanchan calls Damroo and insists to tell truth. Damroo informs that Shravan brought the medicine and he was limping as he must have fallen and injured himself while running to bring medicine; he earlier taught that Shravan was fake person, but he is a true friend. On the other side, Bunty helps Shravan apply medicine and feels cheers him up. Shravan walks to balcony limping. Suman feels sad seeing him limping and thinks why is he doing this when he has to go away from her. He smiles at her, but she walks into her room.

Next morning, Shravan attends class and sits next to Suman. Suman gets up and asks Anish if she can sit in his seat. Anish says of course and asks why didn’t she reply to his message, he wanted to know how is she. Suman says she was resting and is fine now. Anish then sits next to Shravan and taunts him that Suman realized her mistake and broke up her friendship with Shravan; maybe she loves him, so sat on his seat, he now needs a kiss from Suman. Shravan gets angry and punches Anish. Their fight starts. All students try to separate them. Shravan is about to punch Shravan again when Vijay enters and stops them. He warns them how dare they are to fight in his class, he teaches them to fight for the nation with unity, they disappointed him, the should have solved their problem together peacefully. He asks who started it. Damroo informs Vijay that he got a call from cantonment. Vijay leaves. Shravan tells Suman that he cannot lie to her, he hit Anish first. Vijay returns. Suman informs that Shravan hit Anish first. Vijay says he didn’t expect it from Shravan and asks him to tell the reason. Shravan says its personal. Vijay says he will deduct 10 points from their team as a punishment. Shravan says he did a mistake and should be punished alone. Vijay says 100 pushups and if he fails, he will deduct 30 points. Suman thinks he is injured and cannot do pushups. Shravan tries but fails. Suman lifts him up and tells Vijay that she is Shravan’s buddy and even she will bear punishment.

Precap: Shravan asks Anish what will he take to shut his dirty mouth. Anish says one bet, if Shravan wins, he will stop speaking lousy about Suman. Shravan agrees. Anish in front of all students challenges Shravan to jump a high wall and run on another. Shravan agrees.

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