Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anish Challenges Shravan

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Vijay orders Shravan to do 100 pushups as a punishment. Shravan does pushups with great difficulty. Suman supports him and tells Vijay that she will share punishment with her buddy. Shravan says that is specialty of his buddy, she never stops buddy’s support. Vijay walks away ordering to rejoin class after finishing their punishment. Suman says they both will do 50 pushups each and starts. She thinks he is injured and must be hurting himself more. He thinks she was ill recently and is very weak. He asks her to stop and let him complete, but she completes 50 pushups. After class, Suman asks Shravan why did he fight with Anish. He says its personal and if Anish does it again, he will trash Anish again. She thanks him for medicine and she also knows he injured himself. He smiles. She says she doesn’t want him to do all this as she doesn’t like his attention towards her. He says he does this as he loves caring for her and he cannot tell how much he will miss her after 9 days. They walk away.

Kanchan walks to Anish and slapping him asks how dare he is to speak derogatory about his sister. Anish says Shravan lied. Kanchan says she was sitting just behind them and heard everything, he is so cheap, warns him to dare not speak ill about her sister again and walks away. Suman angrily calls Kanchan and asks where is her towel. She reminisces Shravan’s incident and fumes. Kanchan walks in and giving her towel asks if she is missing her old towel. She informs her what Anish did and how Shravan supported Suman. Suman says she doesn’t want Shravan’s attention. Kanchan says she cannot stop Shravan from loving her, etc.

Shravan returns home when Kavita informs him that his friend is waiting for him in his room. Shravan walks to him thinking apart from Bunty who else can come and gets angry seeing Anish. He warns Anish that he will spare him now and will trash him if he returns or speaks ill about Suman. Their argument starts. Anish challenges him and says if Shravan wins challenge, he will not speak ill about Suman again and if he wins, Shravan will break his friendship with Suman. Shravan accepts challenge. Anish video calls all friends including Suman and Kanchan and informs that he is tired of boring life during school holidays, so he has challenged Shravan and they all have to be present to see who wins. Kanchan insists Suman to agree. Bunty also joins Shravan. Anish says they will meet tomorrow at an old dilapidated fort. Next day they all meet outside fort. Shravan describes love story of a girl who used to stay in the fort and his maid boyfriend and how she challenged him to stay for a month in jungle and he never returned, she also died waiting for him; now her soul wanders in the fort. Friends get afraid. Anish challenges that they all will enter the fort with just a single stick in matchbox for safety, he and Shravan will have to jump the high wall and get out of fort via back door. Shravan accepts challenge. Suman says she came for Kanchan and will stay outside fort. Devika says they all will leave their belongings with Suman. Shravan asks Bunty to stay with Suman, but he says he will accompany Shravan. Shravan also gives his belongings to Suman and enters fort with Anish and others.

Precap: Suman sees Shravan hanging from lamp post and is about to fall when she pulls him up and asks why is he doing this. He says because he loves her. She says even she loves him and cannot live without him.

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