Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Surprise Gift

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan with Bunty waits for family at dining table and asks Jhumri to call everyone. Jhumri says Rajender is having dinner in his room, Devraj is out of house, Kavita already finished and slept. Shravan says mummy doesn’t have food without feeding him and Avni, what is happening. Bunty jokes with Jhumri. Rajender eats food watching video on laptop. Chachi asks him to go out and have food with family. Shravan with Bunty walks in. Chachi goes to bring rotis for him. Shravan shuts Rajender’s laptop and asks to speak to him. Rajender says what is the use when he and Devraj are on Army family’s side. Shravan says he doesn’t like to attend class and even informed Suman. Rajender says Devraj even scolded Kavita a lot. Shravan is surprised and realizes Kavita is angry for even that reason, he needs to do something.

Kanchan looks tensed. Suman asks reason. Kanchan says exams are on the way and she hasn’t started studying yet. Suman says she will prepare her a timetable. Kanchan looks at Shravan’s room via binocular and doesn’t find him. Shravan calls Suman and asks why didn’t she react after he revealed the secret. She asks what secret. Shravan thinks she is pretending to keep it a secret and asks where can he get good female dresses as he is new in this locality. Suman says she doesn’t know. Kanchan asks dress like Suman’s. Shravan says yes. Kanchan says she will send him a website link. Shravan thanks her and disconnects thinking his problem is solved, he will buy good dress for his mamma and convince her. Kanchan tells Suman that Shravan wants to buy her a dress.

Daddu tells Ramesh that Rajender insulted Vijay yesterday, so he wants to take revenge and asks whether he should confront Rajender or Devraj. Ramesh says he should confront Devraj as he is more mature and elder.

Devraj tries to calm down Kavita and apologizes, but she throws tantrums and walks in asking Jhumri to get tea and snacks for Devraj. Shravan passes by. Devraj asks why he is late for class. Shravan says he needs to self study today. Class starts at Suman’s house. Anish gets Suman notes printout. Kanchan taunts Suman that one friend is giving her gift and another notes, she is very luck. Damroo brings gift box from courier boy and thanks Suman for another dress. Kanchan scolds him and takes dress. She reads apology letter and says Shravan sent apology to her. Shravan walks to Suman and asks if courier boy delivered a box. Suman rudely says she doesn’t know. He asks Kanchan who agrees. Shravan returns home happily thinking he will convince mamma today with a gift.

Precap: Suman asks Shravan when is he giving surprise.
He says tonight at 10 p.m. in his room, she and Kanchan can peep via binocular. Suman gets sad seeing Shravan gifting dress to Kavita. Kanchan apologizes Suman for developing false hope in her. Suman calls Shravan and asks to meet her tomorrow. Shravan gets excited.

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