Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Saves Shravan

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

Shravan with Anish and other friends enters haunted fort. Bunty and Devika get afraid stuck in a dark room and shouts. Devika feels someone keeping hand on her shoulder and asks Bunty to remove it. Bunty says he is here. She asks who is it then, they both run out shouting. Suman waiting outside asks if they were shouting. They both say this fort is really haunted, ghosts was keeping hand on Devika’s shoulder. Suman says it is getting dark. They both get afraid even more. Anish taunts Shravan to give up if he is afraid. Shravan says he is not and Anish can accept defeat if he is afraid. They both on wall. Anish pushes Shravan down. Shravan scolds that he is a cheater. Anish says everything is fair in love and war and walks further on wall. Shravan rushes towards wall hurriedly. A bird hits Aditya and he falls down shouting. Devika and Bunty get more afraid. Kanchan brings Aditya out supporting him. Suman says they Kanchan and Aditya. Aditya walks to them injured. Kanchan says some bird hit Aditya and he fell down injuring himself. Aditya says this place is really haunted. Kanchan says Anish pushed Shravan from fall and he is in danger. Suman rushes in to save Shravan.

Shravan rushes on wall and runs behind Anish. Suman reaches and asks Shravan not to go further as Anish removed tiles from wall and he may fall. Anish asks Shravan to accept he is a loser and go back. Shravan says he will not. Suman asks if winning is important than his life. Shravan says yes. She asks if her words doesn’t matter to him. He says he just wants to win bet and runs on wall. Anish walks away. Shravan slips from wall and hangs holding a lamp post. Suman rushes to him and asks to hold her hand and come up. Shravan says he will hold lamp post till help comes. Anish runs out and informs that Shravan’s life is in danger. Bunty confronts him. Anish says this is time to save Shravan and calls emergency services.

Suman asks Shravan if he trusts her or not. He says more than his life. She extends her hand and pulls him up. They both stand looking into each other’s eyes. Anish walks to them and thanks god for saving Shravan, he praises Suman for pulling Shravan up. They both mesmerized into each other’s eyes don’t react. Anish shakes Shravan and congratulates him for winning. Suman scolds Anish for putting Shravan’s life at risk. Anish says he didn’t know there were cactus plants down and apologizing Shravan walks away. Shravan says she should have slapped Anish. Suman slaps Shravan and asks why did he risk his life for a mere challenge, doesn’t her words or promise matter to him. He says she matters to him a lot and he can give his life for her, he will never stop loving or caring for her.

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