Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanchan comes home

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on www.desitv.top

The Episode starts with Kanchan coming home. She surprises everyone. Ramesh asks how did you come along, where is your luggage. Vikram says its here. Ramesh asks how. Kanchan says I told him to keep this surprise a secret. Vikram says sorry, Kanchan is my best friend, I had to keep this secret. Vikram and Kanchan play. She says Vikram didn’t wish to wait to know for his love life, he would have chosen me. He says what to do, I did a mistake. She asks him to pick a card. He picks. She says your love life will be complicated, someone is there in the race. Suman asks what nonsense. Vikram says Suman will come between our love. They laugh. Kanchan says I will see who is coming between us. She gets a call and thinks I heard this voice. Vikram takes his phone and says I m reaching in 10 mins. He says I m going to meet my special friend, get ready for the party, see you. He leaves. Suman says I have to go now. Kanchan says you are on holiday. Suman says yes, but I have to treat a patient. Kanchan asks who is he. Suman says I will talk to you in the evening.

Shravan says when I heard a girl’s voice, I thought its wrong number. Vikram says I have gone to pick my GF’s sister. Shravan says you mean you are impressing her, tell me. Vikram says its my birthday next week, I planned a party, you have to come, my GF is coming, if I can help in your case. Shravan says our ways are different now. Vikram asks how did the girl cheat you. Shravan says its better to forget old things. Vikram gets a call and says loan people call anytime. Shravan thinks I didn’t see time and called Suman to say that. Vikram says next week then. Shravan says done.

Suman removes the bandage and says there is much improvement. Shravan says my goal is to leave this city. Suman says follow your goals, you will be fine, I will tell some exercises, your progress will be quick. She shows some exercises. She asks him to try. He asks how will I do if you keep your hand. She goes.

She asks him to do five more exercises and come for checkup after 2 days. He asks if I don’t do this. She says its your body, your pain, your plan to leave Bhopal will delay. He says thanks, sorry, I should have not called late night. She says I understood your mood, you were completely drunk or… He says no, just sometimes with friends. She says I know you well. He says I was also mistaken, but I saw people’s true face, I could have told our old stories to someone, but I didn’t, don’t break the promise, don’t tell anyone about us. He goes. Goyal and Beena show the house to the buyer. Beena says I will talk on phone. The men leave. Kanchan asks who are they. Suman says they are Ramesh’s friends, they came back again. Beena says yes, why can’t they come. Suman and Kanchan get snacks. Dumroo gets the tea. Beena says you both sisters got brightness in the house, I m really happy. Suman and Kanchan hug him. They smile.

Shravan says I m happy. Chachu says don’t worry for me, I m fine, I think of you when I m alone, I have your lovely gift with me, I feel you are with me, its been three years I spoke to your aunt, am I so bad, that incident broke our family, what did we do with anyone. Shravan says no, we shattered but we didn’t break down. Chachu says take rest, we will talk later.

Shravan sits to drink with his friends. He recalls Suman’s words. He says we will be losing this house, no one stays here now. Bunty takes him. Suman talks to Vikram on call. Shravan says my family, our life, everything got spoiled. He cries and says I couldn’t talk to Chachu for two mins, his tears…. Suman goes to see Shravan. She says I will call you back Vikram. Shravan says an accident ruins a family, ask us, you have seen it, everything happened here. Suman hides. Shravan says it all happened because of them. Bunty says don’t hurt your heart, come. Shravan sees Suvan written on the wall and takes a stone to erase it. He says I don’t want any memory of her. Suman cries. Shravan says this city snatched everything from me, what’s left here, I don’t want to stay here. Toot ke hum dono me….plays….Bunty takes Shravan. Suman goes to see the wall.

Shravan says you want a watch or…. Vikram says get anything you want. Suman wears the saree to surprise Vikram. Shravan comes there and sees Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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