Ek Tu Hi Yaar Mera ~ TWINJ OS

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Ek Tu Hi Yaar Mera ~ TWINJ OS
The story starts with a beautiful morning and the hustle bustle of the city the busy roads the sounds of birds the amazing  weather of winters was on its peak ..

Screen shifted to a big audition where an international conference was being held while the college members who arranged it were damn excited to be a part of it …it was two days conference
A group of boys and girls were looking around every had divided their part of duty

Somewhere given the work of registering the candidates from different colleges were given
Somewhere given the work of inviting the guest motivational speakers for the Programme

And somewhere given the work of seeing all the sitting arrangements for the participants and so on the other duties of  tea time lunch were given to others

While everything was set the organising team sighed in relief Hoping that everything will go well and their event will be successful and helpful for everyone …

Everything set they cheered happily
While a women in her mid 20’s flashed her beautiful smile and nodded in yes in full of excitement

Yup I am so excited and I hope it goes well fingers crossed she said nervously.
It will twinkle don’t worry her best friend Aryan told while twinkle nodded yes..

Soon her phone pinged and she smiled seeing the message.

Relax darling everything will be fine you are going to rock it…. it reads while her confidence level increased.

The participants started coming in and the event started finally while it was time to start the guest lectures by inviting them.

Twinkle come here rahul her another classmate shouted and handed her the bouquet.

When Samaira gives intro about the speaker you are going to give him this bouquet ok he said while twinkle nodded.
So now may I call upon the dice MR KUNJ SARNA the youngest entrepreneur who is an inspiration to all the participant out here Samaira who was giving introductory speeches about the guest told while a the handsome munda entered looking so hot in his tux literally looking like a greekgod.

Go twinkle Rahul added while she nodded and went to the desk.

Welcome sir twinkle added while kunj passed a smile to her.

Thank you so much he replied giving his smile.

Like this all the guest lectures were called on the dice and everyone was seated while the organising team too took their seats after a while to hear the lectures.

Wow yaar I just heard his name so many times but in real he looks so hot Samaira told while twinkle looks at her
Who ???? She asked

That kunj sarna she added while twinkle make faces.
Why have you even imagined him ? What’s so special about him he is like the rest a guest speaker that’s it twinkle said nonchalantly

You will stay boring all the life huh Samaira said
Let me concentrate on the lecture please twinkle told while they started Noting the main points all the while someone gaze was fixed on her while her on him.

The first session was done and it was tea break for 10 minutes while twinkle and her team rushed outside.

Twinkle was walking when she Collided with kunj who was checking his phone.
Ouch she said

Be careful always siyappa’s he told chuckling while she looks at him sternly
Ohoooooo seems someone is angry with me I see 🤔 kunj added

We need to talk twinkle said
I am everready kunj winked at her while she gives haww expression
Twinkle you here her another classmate ishita saw her

Oh yeah I was actu…ally aski..ng kunj …I mean kunj sir wo…uld you like some…
tea twinkle muttered while kunj was biting his inner cheek to avoid laughing
So sir what you wanna have ??? Twinkle asked him politely

Hayeee anything by your hands kunj thought and maintained his professionalism

Tea would be better but don’t worry I can help myself with it thanks for asking he added and left from their

Oh he is so generous ishita kept on looking at him while twinkle Pat’s her forehead and muttered these girls 😒

After few minutes again everyone gathered in the seminar hall and another lecture started some where listening to it carefully while others just passing their time because they are concerned with the certificate of participation.

Like this another lecture ended and everyone moved ahead for the poster presentation

Twinkle herself was an participant and the crew of guest lectures including kunj walked towards her.

She was nervous at first but kunj looks at her and lipsed relax without anyone’s notice while twinkle blinked her eyes and greeted everyone.

Good afternoon Everyone , and she started explained all of her key points of presentation.

I think the idea would work and most of the people including me will have access to job even being fresher twinkle told while everyone nodded and appreciating her left towards the further participants
After it was done now it was time for the lunch break everyone got their token and went to the counters

While the guests lectures lunch was arranged grandly and kunj was no where so twinkle thought to search him and was looking for him.

Where is kunj she murmured
Tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye he whispered behind her back

Lunch ?? She said
Did you had ? He asked back
I’ll have it later she replied everyone is looking for you she added

Tell them I wanna have with you kunj added
Are you serious ? Twinkle asked
Do you think I am joking ? I know you are busy with the schedule but I won’t compromise with your meals kunj added with a frown

Uff you are unpredictable twinkle added
I know he replied then went ahead for lunch while twinkle too had her lunch giving kunj sarna the assurance

Are you happy now ??? His phone pinged with her message.
while he nodded with a smile looking at twinkle who was already looking at him.

And the evening session was started it was the most excited one because it was of kunj.
All the girls were going gaga since they saw kunj and now when he got his chance finally the Excitement was at another level

And he started with greeting everyone
Good afternoon everyone I know I know
The lectures are going so slow right some are listening some are sleeping 😅 some are passing their time I can definitely understand this feeling because I had been through it but trust me guys this time this days won’t come back the things you learn here were for the lifetime which pushes you forward in every step of life he added

Well leaving this aside I am starting with my presentation for today kunj added and started giving his presentation while twinkle was just admiring him and also noting the main points he is telling while that continued another half n hour and kunj was done with his presentation.
I know boring thi hai na 😂 he added making everyone laugh

Now I would like to make it an interactive session you can ask me anything except my number he added again still everyone laughed 😂

Kunj was just trying not to bore them and he was successful in doing that.
Sir as you said these things will be helpful in future was that helpful for you too ???? Shreya asked.

Yes it was damn helpful for me and I thank every single member for making me that eligible to stand here and motivate you all he added while everyone clapped

Sir you are successful in this young age what’s was your inspiration or did you suffered any heart break ? Like every college boy A boy asked.

Ouch 💔 it pained kunj said actually I had a heart break when I was in college then I decided to be successful so that the girl would regret leaving me kunj said with serious expressions while everyone looked at him twinkle too was shocked for a while

That was a joke guys expected something like this ? But I am happy to disappoint you all actually my sucess is not due to inspiration or heart break it was actually because of one girl who changed my life who actually taught me to become responsible and successful so that I can be the best husband to her he replied passing a smile

While twinkle was already blushing by then she thanked babaji that no body is noticing her except kunj

Arghhh kunj sir you already broke so many girls heart here by saying this another boy said
Oh then I am really sorry girls 😂kunj added

So jokes apart guys yes if you want to start something first learn to be responsible for it even if it a small start up trust yourself if you had  that talent in you then no one will be able to stop you from achieving everything in life though it takes time but it will surely happen kunj said while everyone agreed with him and clapped and like this

The day one of the conference ended on a happy note.
While everyone moved out and even the guest lectures left just the organising team sat together and discuss the next day schedules

While twinkle was busy in her own land
Oyeee madam kidhar ?? Ishita shaked her while twinkle looked at her

Kahi toh nahi ? Did anyone said something ?? Twinkle asked while everyone tap their forehead
Nothing it’s time to leave let’s meet tomorrow early morning saying this everyone left

While twinkle was waiting when she heard horn and sat in the car
How’s the event bhabhi ??? Her brother in law yuvraj asked.

Amazing had so much fun she added
Obviously it had to be after all the unexpected person too came right yuvi teased her

You all knew ?? Twinkle asked
Yup except you yuvi added soon they reached sarna mansion.

While she entered and greeted usha and bebe who were already waiting for her twinkle shared her Excitement with them too while they were happy for her

Atleast saans to lelo madam she heard and turned around to find kunj who was standing their with his proud smile

Bebe you know your puttar he lied to me saying he can’t come but he came twinkle said while kunj giggled

So whatt ?? Those expressions on your face was priceless while giving me that bouquet kunj added coming forward and standing beside her

Haan so how was his lecture ? Good or worst Usha asked teasingly making kunj frown
Maa he chided 😭

Not so good ayvi ayvi tha twinkle said while kunj make faces
Achawwww that’s why someone was not able to take off her eyes from me kunj said while usha and bebe laughed and twinkle blushed

Wo wo so I was listening to everyone like that she added
Liar kunj said
Huh whatever she added

Oh bas now don’t start fighting twinkle go and get freshen up she said while twinkle nodded in yes and left for her room
Soon she reached and kunj too followed her she smiled and hugged kunj tightly

Thank you thank you so much kunj for always being their for me she added
Ahaan itna pyaar kunj added tightening their hug while she smile

Why not ? When I have such cute husband twinkle added
I know MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA kunj replied pecking her forehead

I said na you will rock it and you did it babe kunj added
And it is just because of you she replied
Stop giving me credits kunj stated

I won’t you are the reason I am here standing so proudly today twinkle said going into flashback

Twinkle was in the still in second year of graduation when her parents got the proposal of kunj but twinkle always wanted to achieve everything and get settled but that didn’t happened her parents opposed her and got her married to kunj

She never met kunj before and she was very scared of it she felt her dreams had been shattered now she will not be able to continue her studies

On their wedding night twinkle cried hard telling the same things to kunj
While he was just looking at her lovingly and twinkle looked at him still nervous
What happened ?? She asked sniffing..

Don’t take me wrong or think me as tharki but you looks so cute while crying kunj said while twinkle looked at him widening her eyes

Ok now don’t cry yaar come on do I look like monster 👹 no na see I am so handsome I know apni khud ki tareef kar raha hu but I am self obsessed and see mujhe takkar dene ke liye tum se shadi karadi kunj said frowning while twinkle giggles hearing him

Acha now listen I know that’s hard for you accepting this so soon but trust me I’ll never let you feel alone I’ll support you always and that’s my promise kunj added assuring him

Twinkle had a different opinion about him but to her surprise kunj was totally opposite of what she thought he was supportive and then he convinced his parents to let her continue her studies and slowly he began their relationship starting with their friendship

Kunj supported her in everything be it in studies or managing the household chores he used to be with her making her fall for him more and more slowly slowly their bond developed and they became inseparable

Though twinkle never told anyone being married to kunj they just knew she is married.
Their married life continued for 2 years and now they were happily married and madly in love with each other ❤️

Haan soooooo I just did my work as a better half kunj said.
I know still can’t get over you anytime but I am angry with you too she added folding her hands

Are bhai kyu ?? Kunj asked
When I asked you to come you said you had too many meetings then how you came ?? Twinkle asked.

Yeah when you told me I thought may be you will get nervous seeing me their then I thought how can I miss this event when you are planning it from so many days and I called your co organiser and confirmed that I’ll be their too but asked him not to tell anyone siyappa queen kunj said

Stop calling me siyappa queen twinkle said
Then stop doing siyappa’s kunj chuckled while she took the pillow and started beating him

Huh babaji kaisi violent biwi di hai mujhe kunj said trying to protect him soon he snatched pillow and throw it aside.
He pulled her beneath him and kissed her while both looks at each other smiling

Don’t touch me twinkle said pushing him

I’ll it’s my right kunj replied
Ohhh my innocent eyes 👀 yuvi entered their room while they compose themselves.

How does you manage to destroy my moments every single time ? Kunj asked yuvi
Hawww 6 sense bhai you people are not thinking about my wedding na that’s why yuvi said twinkle giggled ….so what I can do papa is calling you that’s why I came  yuvi added making puppy face …

Ok you go I’ll be their kunj added
Come soon and don’t get distracted again yuvi winked at him while kunj throw pillow at him and he ran while twinkle laughed

You are laughing so much haan kunj said I’ll show you wait he said while twinkle was giggling and ran towards the other end of bed

No I don’t wanna see 😂 I have seen Everything she added
Achawww wait kunj said chasing her while she stood on bed

No no remember what yuvi said don’t get distracted now leave papa ji is waiting
Huh 😒 Everyone manages to break my lovely moments you yuvi and papa perfect combination kunj muttered
Awww baby now go twinkle said showing him door

I’ll see you in night kunj said and left
Haan yaad se twinkle replied and laughed she quickly changed and went to help in making dinner.

Soon she returned back to her room and was seeing tomorrows schedule and her presentation while all of her things scattered in her room

Meanwhile kunj too enters and sees twinkle
Uff ye ladki he added and went beside her

Now what happened he asked
I am confused twinkle replied playing with the pen

What confusion kunj asked while twinkle told her problem and kunj started helping her
Thank you so much twinkle added happily

Anytime ma’am kunj replied
How was my today’s poster presentation ? Twinkle asked

It was amazing just you need to get rid of your nervousness kunj added holding her hands soon they went for dinner.

While sarna family had dinner and moved back to their rooms twinkle took coffee for her and kunj

@twinj room :
Kunj was standing while talking on call when he felt her presence behind her… He ended the call and turned back
Huhuh 😒with whom you were talking haan ?? Twinkle asked..

Your sautan she was asking me when I am visiting her kunj replied 🤣
Very funny twinkle added with a fake smile

See your expressions why are you so possesive he added with a laugh
Huh so what ..what mine is just mine she added forwarding him coffee
Ohoooo I see kunj said taking his cup and sipping

You know when you said that heart break wali story even I thought that it’s real twinkle added
It was real twinkle kunj added with serious expressions

What ?? Twinkle was shocked then again kunj laughed
You are so bad I won’t talk to you she added while kunj giggled

I love to tease you when this angry frown etches on your face 😍 that look haaye kunj said while twinkle turned

Kunj hold her hand and made her sit on the couch and he sat infront of her
You know na how much I love you their was no one before you and no one will be their after you… You are my one and Only when you smile the world shines and when you are sad everything sees discomforting I fell for you at the very first sight so I love youuu so much darling kunj added while tears filled in her eyes..

I know that’s why I love you more when I thought its the end of my dreams and I’ll have to sacrifice and compromise you came and changed my misconception I was angry with my parents for getting me married so early and without my wish but that was the best decision and I got you I love you soooooo much and more than you samjhe tum twinkle said tears rolling down her eyes.

Aleeeeele I understood and yes you are my queen and you are not allowed to cry kunj said sternly wiping her tears
Huh ok ok twinkle said again hugging him while he smiled.

But then again your expressions I heard your friend Praising me and you were just making expressions kunj said giggling
So what 😂 I had to twinkle added

And when you told that you are married awww bechari ladkiya twinkle said
Han 😂 I should have not said it kunj said regretting

And I would have killed you twinkle said
Ohhh my I am scared he said and again their banter continued

Acha now fight with me later again you have to go early tomorrow let’s sleep kunj said

Yup twinkle replied keeping the cups back in kitchen and then both of them lied down in each other embrace.

Kunj was fast asleep but twinkle sleep was far distant from her she was having so many feelings Excitement anxiety happiness nervousness altogether she kept on admiring kunj who was sleeping beside her

She recalls the times he help her and a unknown smile appears on her face going down the memory lane
It was few days to their wedding while twinkle had to cook food for kunj’s family and the other relatives

She knew making some dishes but not most of the things and was very nervous standing in kitchen when kunj came to help her

You are here ?? Why ?? Twinkle asked
To see if you are properly cooking or not  he added giggling what happened you are worried

Yah I don’t know so many dishes which maasi maa n others told to make twinkle said
No worries you just start preparing we will manage kunj added he started searching for receipe and helped twinkle with the chopping n all

You are chopping it like professionals twinkle said
Yah I worked in dhaba 😂 kunj said
Kuch bhi twinkle added both giggles
Yup when I was doing my graduation I used to stay in hostel and I don’t like mess food at all so I used to cook for me and my frnds kunj added

Ohh superb twinkle replied
Now that you are here I’ll make you learn then have your food and enjoy kunj said
Achawww twinkle replied while together they prepared and heard someone coming kunj quickly hides beside refrigerator

Bhabhi everything is done ?? Kunj cousin sister asked
Yah yah twinkle added sending her anyhow while kunj came out

Oh it was scary 😂he added
While some dirt was on his face and twinkle took her dupatta to wipe it both looked at each other

now I am leaving bye biwi kunj added and ran outside without anyone’s notice
While everyone had the food and praised twinkle alott

Kunj you say something how’s the food kunj cousin asked
Haan acha hi tha kunj added having the desert while twinkle giggled
She came out of her thoughts when she felt kunj hand on her

What happened biwi don’t you want to sleep ??kunj asked
I am not getting it can we go for a walk ? Twinkle asked

At the hour ?? Kunj stated seeing the time
Yup twinkle said puppily

You and your moodswings let’s go kunj added and both went for a walk happily
Ice cream twinkle said

That’s why you weren’t sleeping haan kunj replied grtting his teeths while twinkle giggled …

Both took their favourite ice creams and had feeding each other and enjoying the little things in their life
Soon they returned back and went to sleep

Now twinkle sleep you have to wake up early yaar kunj added twinkle nodded in yes and cuddles him tightly
Good night he murmured pecking her forehead
Yah good night she too added and then they slept..

Next day :::
The alarm clock was ringing but both of them was sleeping ..
Twinkle wake up kunj tried to still in sleep

Let me sleep she added
You have to go yaar kunj added while she opened her eyes with jerk realising it
Good morning she pecked kunj and went to get ready soon and started waking up kunj too

Oh I am so tired let me sleep kunj said pulling the duvet and covering his face.
Arghh this guy and his sleep twinkle murmured

It’s because of your moodswings only devi kunj replied back
ok I am leaving you also come soon she added ..

Ohh yeah please take out my tux I have to look hot today as well kunj murmured in sleep.
Huh twinkle said taking out his clothes and left

Soon she reached and was busy again seeing the todays schedule and the time for second day session begin their were new guests today and the first day guest lectures too taken their seats …

Then the time for lunch came and all the girls surrounded kunj while he was also talking to them happily making twinkle jealous and enjoying her making faces ..

Uff these girls are so mad 😒twinkle added trying to divert her attention but again looks at kunj

While he was controlling his laugh looking at her soon next session started And the day went smoothly everyone shared their experiences and knowledge now it was time for the acknowledgement.

The participants were given their certificates while all the organisers were presented too with the medals for planning everything so correctly
The last result of the day was of poster presentation which happened and the winners were decided.

So the winner who had won our hearts with not just her presentation but with her confidence and ideas too is Ms Twinkle Taneja the senior guest spoke
While twinkle was shocked she didn’t expected it at all while she moved towards the stage and received her award

Would you like to say something ? Speaker asked her
Yes I would like to thank a very special person in my life for this just because of him this was possible twinkle added teard eye while kunj was standing with a smile

People always say that a women is behind a man sucess but in my case a man is their who made me believe that I can be confident and strong so behind my success their is one person and I am lucky to receive this infront of him My husband my support system Mr Kunj sarna twinkle said leaving everyone shock and breaking the left over hearts

Sorry girls to break your heart but he is taken by me twinkle said joking while others too giggled seeing it. Kunj too chuckled

Then I would like to call Mr kunj sarna to make you wear this medal senior guest spoke inviting kunj

And he happily Went that was not at all expected from twinkle but even she didn’t left a single chance to appreciate him.

He made her wear the medal and said you are worth every single step of success with or without me 😉

The second day also went successfully and everyone congratulated them they were so many inspired by them.

Twinkle co fellow mates teased her so much on hiding this for so long but then everyone was happy for her.
Kunj was happy seeing her happy that’s what he wants

He waited for her to wrap her work
Chaley ??? Twinkle asked happily
Yup kunj replied entwining their hands and their journey continued 💓
Dhadkan Ye Kehti Hai Dil Tere Bin Dhadke Na
Ek Tu Hi Yaar Mera Mujhko Kya Duniya Se Lena 💖💖💖
The end

In a world full of degrading lowering and competing … appreciate someone’s little efforts because your one appreciation can did wonders to your loved one’s
Be someone’s light to their darkness

Tadaaaaàaaaaaaaa 😂 how’s the os ????????
Spare me I don’t know what I wrote bus jo dil kiya likh diya
Just because of your fav writer and my simran aka kiya 😒 dhamki di thi usne
So yesss not just for that it’s an appreciation post also for kiya aka Shaheen for completing 300+ articles on twinj and keeping us all entertained by her amazing stories
Though the next article is gonna be 330 but I am soooooo happy and excited 😍 so posting it before
And yess I missed writing and i miss you all as well but kya karu mind bhtt scattered hai abhi completely out of idea
Hope you like my small piece of writing 🤩
Drop your comments down 😜😜 for shot 7 of kiya story 😂😂
I may take a leave till next time 😍😘
bye love you all
Allahafizz 💝💝💝💝💝

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