Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Intro

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Hey guys !!!

Well i am back again with a short story !!!!

Its a bit different from what i usually write , so please support me guys !!!!

Lets begin with a smile :-


KUNJ SARNA :- A devilishly hot , handsome, sexy boy . His one look is enough to raise the heartbeat of the girls around him , kinda bad boy types . His weakness is hot girls and his only love is BASKETBALL . A Casanova , as i said his one look and girls go crazy , sleeping with a new girl daily was not a big thing for him !!!!!

TWINKLE TANEJA :- A Sweet , simple girl . One would call her a nerd if asked to define her , she was once a cheerful person but her past failed relationship turn her like this , a studios Student but if uh mess with her she would show you stars in day time !!!!

Other characters are , Yuvraj luthra , Cherry Sarna and Anand Sarna -: They are cousins of kunj , his best buddies and team mates !!!

LAKSH VERMA :- You dont need to know much about him , he is just Twinkle’s crush or rather say her love intrest , he is not an important part of the story but still an important character !!!

That’s it for the intro !!!!

Do tell me what you think about the story !!!

Take care , stay safe !!!

Lots of love ❤️

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