Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 5

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Considering that their previous study session didn’t go as badly as Twinkle had originally thought it would, her optimism for tutoring Kunj Sarna was on a high right now, not to mention that gaining a few extra credits for her generosity didn’t go amiss either. So here she was again at the same doorstep at the same time, just as decided between Mr. Sarna and herself. It didn’t take long for Cherry to ever so gracefully, sarcasm intended, to open the door again but rather than listen to his rubbish again, Twinkle simple swerved past him and headed for the stairs.

“Err you might not want to go up there…” Quipped Cherry. Twinkle furrowed her brows at him before dismissing his warning and headed up the stairs. They had decided that they would study at this time so she will make sure that is exactly what happens.

“Kunj its time…” Her voice trailed off as she stood facing Kunj sprawled in his bed and clothes scattered all over the floor. The sheets were dangerously low on his waist and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what had occurred in here. Hearing her voice, Kunj stirred in his sleep before he realised that Twinkle was standing at his door. “Oh shit!” He immediately shot up just as Twinkle turned around in order to save herself from the flash she was about to witness.

“I can’t believe you!” Twinkle yelled into the air before making her way downstairs again. Descending the stairs, she saw Cherry with one of the other guys, Anand, who gave her a “told you so” look before continuing with his usual.

Twinkle slammed her car door shut and started up her engine. She was just about to reverse out when Kunj ran out the house in his sweatpants. Urgh! Has this guy never heard of a shirt? She thought to herself, coming back to her senses when Kunj started knocking against her window. She rolled down her window still pretty irritated.

“Look Twinkle, I know what you saw…”

He was immediately cut off by Twinkle.

“Listen here Kunj, I don’t care what you do in your personal life, that’s none of my business, if you want to get laid, good for you! Just don’t waste my time by arranging study sessions when you’re still asleep after all the action you got last night! The world doesn’t revolve around your timetable Mr. Sarna. I have a life too!” She fired away. Kunj let out a low whistle understanding the extent to which he had pissed her off. Apologising seemed like a good place to start…

“I’m sorry. Seriously Twinkle, I’m so so sorry, I should have stuck by our deal. I was wrong, I should have taken your timing into consideration. It won’t happen again I promise. Please don’t leave”

Damn those puppy dog eyes of his! Twinkle told herself as her anger began to melt away.


The bell rang indicating the end of class. Twinkle gathered her belongings and walked out of the hall   occupied with her own thoughts. Yesterday’s study session had gone well after the eventful beginning but Kunj had more than made up for it by putting a break on his lame jokes and actually studying properly. He wasn’t stupid so it made her tutoring a little easier than normal but how was she supposed to help him with his applications? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden buzz of girl’s standings around and giggling. Her confusion was cleared soon enough as she saw Yuvraj and some of the other guys make their way down the hall. Twinkle rolled her eyes at some of the antics she was witnessing and carried on her usual routine. There was an unsaid mutual agreement about not speaking to any of the lads in public anyway so it was nothing new for Twinkle.

That is until Yuvraj stopped right in front of her. The looks of surprise and those of disgust didn’t go unnoticed by Twinkle, she did her very best to refrain from laughing. From the smirk on Yuvi’s face, it was apparent that he was aware of what was happening around them too but his one glance and the girls scattered like mice.

“Sorry about that” He apologised. “Kunj said he’s going to have to bail on studying today because we have an extra training session for the match this weekend. Is that cool?” Yuvi asked. On receiving a slight nod from twinkle, he simply returned the nod and made his way back to his team mates. Well that changes things… Twinkle thought to herself as she walked to her next class.


“Hey Twinkle, what’s up?” Anand greeted as Twinkle strolled through the door.

“Kunj is up in his room already studying, no more good for nothing stunts this time” Cherry laughed remembering that horrendous yet hilarious morning. Twinkle gave them both a knowing smile before she headed up to his room. Things had changed around in the last few days, it had been just over a week now since the tutoring began and the guys had gotten used to her presence in the house. Sure they weren’t the best of friends with her but atleast she didn’t feel intimidated by them anymore.


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