Falling In Love Again (Part 21)

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Thanku all my dear readers.. for reading this again…

I honestly didn’t expected anyone would read this.. I just wanted to complete the story.. But much to my surprise I still have some readers and appreciators who stole time from their busy schedule to have a look on this FF..

Coming to the storyline

Sarla- Beta g, take seat..

Pragya- Maa I missed you

She hugged Sarla tightly.

Sarla- Pragya it’s just a day you didn’t see me and you missed me so much !? My Bacha (My Child).

And kissed her forehead lovingly.

Sarla- You sit here. Leme bring some snacks for both of you.

Pragya- Where is Bulbul

Sarla- She’s in the room. You go and meet her.. She was missing you.

Sarla pointed to the room. Abhi also wanted to see the room. So his eyes also followed the direction for room. But he could not move from his seat as this was his first visit to Arora house and was supposed to show to be a nice and well- behaved guy. So he decided to sit there only. Pragya headed to the room. Bulbul was making her bed. Pragya hugged her from behind

Pragya- Bully

Bulbul- (Cheerful and excited) Diii !! You took so long to come again. You know how I was w8ing for arrival ?

Pragya- Ummm !!! May be 3 hours ?(She guessed)

Bul- ohh really!! You know it’s been 16 hours and 38 min I didn’t see you.. And you are just saying 3 hrs. You don’t konw how long these hours seemed to me.. I slept without seeing you or your kiss.. In the morning also.. Maa woke me up.. Not your kiss.. But you know what !..!!!..!!..!!

Pragya was looking at her Bully with a smile on her face.

Bul- How stupid of me.. I’m talking too much.. I didn’t even asked you to sit.. Plz sit Di.. Leme bring some water or refreshment for you..

She was about to go to kitchen when Pragya held her hand.

Pragya- Stop being formal. I know I’m married now. And moved to new family. But our bond will never change..

They shared a hug again. This time an emotional one.

Bulbul- Ohh I forgot.. I mean you forgot something here..

Pragya- What !!??!

Bul – something special (Making mischievous face)

Pragya was clueless what Bulbul was talking about.

Bul went to Almirah and took that locket out of her hand bag.

Bul- Taddaaa !! (Showing yhe locket to her)

Pragya- This is not mine..

Bul- I know it’s not your.. You bought this for jiju . right !??

Pragya- Jiju !!{thinking to herself} Ohhoo So this is the locket he was talking about that day !!

Pragya- Where you got this from!?

Bul- Your bag

Pragya- (confused) my bag.. May be on that accident day it fell there. That’s why he was asking me this.. And I behaved so rudely to him.. May be I should I apologise for the misunderstanding. But what if he mistook my apology to be green signal.

Pragya- No…

Bul- What happened Di.. What No.

Pragya- No means Yes.. Means No I mean yes. It is for him.

Bul- Yes.. No.. Yes..  No.. Leave

(Handing over the locket to her) Rake this and give it to him… And I want to ask you one thing..

Pragya-(Looking his mischievous face, got the idea that she is not upto something good) what !!! (And gave the confused look)

Bulbul – (Clearing throat) Ahemmmm

Having shyness Raised eyebrows to ask a question.

Pragya was confused about what she’s trying to ask also raised eyebrows to know what she want to say.

Bulbul- Are Di… I think I should ask you directly. You are too dumb to get this question..

I hope guys you all are doing well. The reason for me being inactive for so long is that My real life Pragya Di went to sasural.. And I miss her very much… So I couldn’t upload updates. But from now I’ll try to be frequent and match ur expectations.

Heartiest thanks to all my readers..And for sometime I’ll be uploading short updates as I’m having my exams too. Stay home Stay safe

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