Falling In Love Again (Part 25)

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Heu guys this is today’s epi

Pragya was hit by a car. The car driver ran away. Bul rushed to Pragya.
Bul- Di.. Are you ok. Di speak something. Di..
Pragya- Mr. Su..Sun…
Pragya closed her eyes and became unconsciousness. Bul was tensed.
Bul- Di.. Open your eyes… Open your eyes di…
Bul shook pragya to wake her up. She patted her face continuously.
Bul- Help !!!.. somebody please call doctor.. Call the ambulance… Di wake up.. Di please open your eyes.
Crowd gathered around them. Meanwhile Rony noticed gathering of people. He headed in that direction to find out the matter. And he was surprised to see Pragya lying there.
Rony- Mam.. Pragya Mam..
Bul- Somebody please help.. Call the doctor.
Rony made Pragya sit in the car. Bul sat beside her. Bul kept Pragya’s head in her lap and she was continuously patting her face so that she gain consciousness.

On thier way to hospital Rony- How this happened to her. How she met an accident? She went to temple.
Bul- She came to meet me while crossing the road a car hit her and drove away.

Bul was unable to get what is going on. She called Abhi.
But his number was busy as he was talking with someone else on the phone.
Abhi- What are you saying..!?
Other person on call- Yes sir.
Abhi- OMG my dates are finalised.
Other person- Our Boss is saying for the contract, you have to come to our office to sign the finalised date for your recording.
Abhi- Sure I’ll come. Tell me when I have to come.
Other person- As our Boss is going out of the country by evening’s flight. So you have to come before 3:00 pm.
Abhi- Ok I’ll be there before 2:00 pm.
Other person- Ok sir. But be here on time as you will not be given second chance.
Abhi- Definitely.
He cut the call and noticed he had 5 missed call from an unkown number. He redialled the number.
Bul- This must be Jiju. She picked up the call.
Abhi- Hello who is this !!?
Bul- Hello Jiju.. Jiju…
Abhi- Hey sali saheba how are you ?!! Everything okay ?!
Bul- (crying) Jiju nothing is ok.
Abhi- Hey BulBul. Why are you crying ?!.. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.
Bul- Jiju, Di…Di… (She couldn’t even speak) Di.. met an accident near temple. hospital..
Abhi- What !!!
Abhi froze for a second.. He looked at phone.
Abhi- Where are you now ??!
Bul- I’m taking her to the city hospital. Jiju please come fast…
Abhi- Calm down Bulbul I’m coming.. I’m coming.
He cut the call and rushed to the hospital in his car.. He didn’t informed any of the family member about Pragya.
Rony reached the hospital. And Pragya inside with Bul. Nurse made Pragya lay on the stretcher.
Bul- Doctor…!! Doctor…!!!?
Doctor- what happened to her !?
Bul- Dr. she met with an accident. Dr. please do something.
Doctor looked at Pragya.
Dr.- She is unconscious. She had heavy blood loss. Ward boy take her to OT quickly.
Doctor signaled ward boy to take the stretcher to Operation Theatre. Abhi reached there before Pragya was moved to OT.
Abhi- Pragya…. Pragya..
Bul- Jiju… Please save my Di.. Please…
He looked at Pragya lying unconsciously on the stretcher and her head and hand were stained with blood.
Abhi- Dr. Please save Pragya. She is my wife.. Dr. please save her..
She was taken to OT. And the operation started.
Bul- Jiju nothing will happen to Di na.. Please save her jiju…
Abhi was into pieces after seeing Pragya in that condition. Tears rolled over his cheeks as he couldn’t hold the pain inside. Anyhow he wiped away his tears and tried to console Bul.
Abhi- Hey… Hey Bulbul.. Don’t cry.. She is ok. You know your Di na.. She is so strong, she will be fine.. Don’t worry Bulbul.. She will be ok.
Saying so Abhi left from there and went to corridor. He called Purab and told him about the Pragya’s accident.
Abhi went to small temple in hospital.
Abhi – Are you happy now..!? You must be happy right..!! You want this. You always want me to be in some trouble. Because I never believed you right.. !? I never believed your existence. That’s why you can’t see me happy. Ok. No worries. You want to torture me.. You can. After all you are ‘The God’. You can do anything. You can do anything to me, and I can also bear every pain you give to me. But….but why Pragya…??! Huh???! Why you did this to Pragya?!! She believes in you.. Every morning she lits diya( earthen pot) in front of you for me. She does everything to please you.. Then why !!!?
Purab arrived with family members to hospital.
At reception
Purab- Where is Pragya Bhabhi !?
Receptionist- What ?!
Purab- A patient came here who met with an accident. Where is she !?
Receptionist- She is in the Operation Theatre.
Purab- Where is OT ?
Receptionist guided him the direction to OT.
All were heading to OT.. On the way Purab noticed Abhi standing in front of God’s Idol. He went there.

Abhi was still complaining to God.
Abhi- Why did you do this to Pragya… ? I know why… You can’t see me happy with anyone.. First you took my father away when I was small. Then I anyhow tried to live with my mother. You couldn’t bore this and snatched her also.. I didn’t complain you. (Wiping his tears) Now enough. No more. You can’t take Pragya from me. What you want from me… Please God tell me..(joined his hands)
Purab placed his hand on Abhi’s shoulder. He turned to face Purab. Abhi lost his patience seeing Purab and his legs couldn’t hold his weight. He sat on floor.
Abhi- Purab.. Please save my Pragya..
Purab- Bhai. Nothing will happen to Bhabhi. You say na she’s Jinny.. You see she will be fine and come in front of you.
Abhi- Ple… Please Purab save her.
Purab- Abhi.. If you cry like this who will Take care of other family members. You have to be strong. Now wipe your tears and come.
Purab consoled Abhi. And took him to the w8ing area where whole family was w8ing for Pragya.
Dadi- Abhi what happened to my daughter-in-law ?
Abhi- She met a small accident.. Don’t worry she will be fine..
Dr. Came out of OT..
Abhi,Dadi- Dr. How is Pragya now ?!
Dr.- She had a major blood loss. She is having small injury on her head and right hand. But there is nothing to worry. She has been given blood and is out of fanger now.
All members took a sigh of relief. Bul also stopped crying.
Abhi to Dadi- Dadi see, I told you. Nothing happened to her. She’s fine now.
Abhi- Dr. Can we meet her now ?!
Dr.- She’s still unconscious. You can see her. She will regain consciousness after some time. Now please excuse me.

Doctor went away to another patient.
All were happy now. All went to see her. She was sleeping.

Abhi- Bul as your di is Ok now. You can go and attend your class. Aliya you also go with Bulbul. Purab will drop you to college.
Bulbul- ok jiju. But take care of my Di and call me when she wakes up.
Abhi noded his head in agreement.
Abhi-Dadi, Tai g,Tau g, Mitali Bhabhi you also go home and take rest. I’ll take care of her.
Dadi- No Abhi I’ll stay here only.
Abhi- Dadi. She is fine now. I’ll give you report of every minute. But you should go home now. Rony will drop you home..
Dadi- Ok beta. Take care of her.

I know guys this was a bit emotional epi.. Keep supporting and reading…
Thanku Ravi, K,Kuttyma and Iyena for your support..

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