Falling In Love Again (Part 27)

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Hearing Abhi’s loud voice.. All rushed in the room.
Dadi – What happened to my Pragya !!??!
Bul- Di… Jiju what happened to Di..?!
Purab- Is Bhabhi Ok ?!
Aliya- What happened Bhai, why you shouted so loud ??! Bhabhi is alright na .!?!

Abhi- Calm down every one calm down… Nothing happened to her.
Dadi- Then why did you shout ?!
Abhi- Ooo My Tension ki Dukan.. I shouted !!? only My voice, may be ,was loud.. But it was out of excitement.. Pragya opened her Eyes.
All stood around Pragya’s Bed.
Abhi- W8 a minute. !!!
Abhi looked at Dadi,Bul and Aliya..
Abhi- How are you all here ??! Dadi I asked you to go home and have rest..

Rony thinking Beta your Number has come… Now Just listen whatever sir will be saying. Rony was ready for being scolded.
Dadi- Beta I had enough rest and just came to see my Bahu..

Rony took a sigh of relief as was out of danger.😃
Abhi- And Bulbul,Aliya why are you here.. You had college.. How your college ended early today..?!
Aliya- Bhai we were having extra classes also..
Bul- But we had already done that topic.. and we were really worried about Di.. So We came here..
Abhi- Ok
Dadi- Pragya beta. How are you now ??!?
Pragya noded her head as saying she is fine.
Abhi’s Phone rang. But he didn’t pickup the call and cut the phone.
Bulbul- Di we were so much worried about you…
Bul- (in Pragya’s ear)- I couldn’t even concentrate on what our teacher taught us today..😜
Abhi- Pragya how are you now ?! Are feeling any pain.. ??!
Pragya noded as yes..
Abhi- where are you having pain.!?. I should call the doctor.

Before Abhi could call doctor Pragya answered him.
She smiled and signalled towards Abhi’s hand. He held her hand tightly with excitement without even noticing.
Abhi freed her hand said sorry..
All had a smile on their faces.

Aliya- How this happened Bhabhi..?!
Abhi- Yes Pragya. How you met an accident..?!
Pragya remained quite.
Abhi- When I woke up in the morning you were not in the room. When I asked dadi she said you went to mandir to offer prayers.
Rony- Yes sir. I took her to mandir. But she…
Pragya- But I forgot something in the car.. And while crossing the road I a car hit me.
Pragya gestured Rony and Bulbul to agree to the story said.
Bulbul- yes. Jiju she’s saying right.
Abhi- How do you know that.!?.. You must be in your house at that time..😐
Bul😮- Yes.. No.. I mean. I go to temple daily and today also when I was going to temple I saw her crossing the road… And all that happened. Rony and I took her to the hospital. I even called you remember.. !!?
Abhi – Yes.. Ok..
Abhi’s phone rang again. But this time also he ignored the call.
Pragya- Who is calling you again and again !?!
Abhi- Nothing it’s just a client.
Pragya- He has called you many time.. It must be important you should pick up the call !!..!!
Abhi- Pragya, It is ABC company calling. You remember, on the next day of our wedding, I told you I got a deal done.. They are saying I have to go to their office to sign the dates for my recoding.
Pragya- Then you should Go.
Abhi- How can I go..!!.. I can’t leave you in this condition and go, that too for a small contract.
Pragya- But that day you said you were longing for this contract. You should go..
Abhi- No Pragya..
Pragya- No No… Just go.. It’s you contract..
Abhi- But Pragya !!!!!
Pragya(in a very low voice so that only Abhi could hear)- Your Jinny is saying.. So if you want magic to happen. You must follow what I say ..
Pragya smiled. Abhi pouted to kiss Pragya. Such that no one noticed him.

To which Pragya blushed..
Dadi- What happened Pragya beta.. Why your face turned red.. !? Should I call doctor !?
Pragya (confused what to answer) closed her eyes in shyness.
Abhi- Dadi, I have to go.. Take care of Your bahu till I come. I’ll be back soon..
Dadi- Ok beta.
It was afternoon only and Abhi had plenty of time in his hand. He went to Company and signed the papers successfully ( No any twist😜)

Bul- I should leave now. Maa must be w8ing for me. It’s already late.
Aliya- How will you go Bulbul.
Bul- I’ll take Auto or taxi.
Aliya- It’s very hot outside.. And I know hiring an auto or taxi is not an easy task.
Bul- No worries Aliya. I’ll manage.
Aliya-No Bul w8, Purab can drop you. If you have no problem.
Aliya’s phone rang.
Bulbul looked at Aliya.

Bul- Jiju is so worried for you and cares for you, when he don’t even know You are his Miss. Ray.. Imagine how will he react when he get to know this ??!

Guys today is short update only as I’m having my last exam today 😁
And I’m also planning for Maha episode.. If you guys have any suggestion feel free to share..

Thanku Mr.Sun (Ravi😀),lyena and Shanaya for your love..😍

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