Falling In Love Again (Part 30) Mahaepisode

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Here is the most awaited part. And all your wished for.😜😜


Pragya- Suniye !! I have a surprise for you..
Abhi- Please I don’t want these kind of surprises.
Abhi alluded to her behavior.
Pragya gave a sad glum look.
Pragya thinking- I don’t know what he wants. I’m his wife, he should be happy that I’m giving him surprise. But he seems not to be interested at all.
Abhi busy with his phone, was cautiously glancing Pragya from behind.
Pragya(after getting ready) turned to him- You should also get ready, Dadi can call us downstairs any time.
Abhi- I’m a boy, I don’t take time to get ready like you girls do. You are standing in front of mirror past 1 hour.
Pragya- No. It’s just ½ hour. I also don’t take much time like other girls. But it was my first time to wear this heavy saree.
Abhi went to closet to look for his clothes which he could wear. From distance he looked himself in the mirror to decide which shirt he can wear. He was puzzled as he couldn’t decide what to wear. He threw his shirts and pants out of his wardrobe. Whole room was messed up with his stuff.
Dadi knocked at the door.
Dadi- Abhi,Pragya are you ready beta ?! Guests are w8ing.

Abhi was shocked and puzzled about what to do,as he hasn’t even selected his dress. Pragya headed to open the door but Abhi stopped her mid way.
Abhi- Where are you going !?
Pragya- What type of question is this !? I’m going to open the door, Dadi is w8ing.
Abhi- Don’t open the door.
Pragya- But why !?
Abhi- Look at me. !!!
Pragya(in flirty tone)- I always look at you. But you don’t look at me 😞
She came closer to him.
Abhi moved a step back.
Abhi- Pragya.. !!! I mean, look at me I’m not ready.
Pragya- Ohh !! That way..!!?? I thought..😍
Abhi- what 😲. Dadi is w8ing !!!
Pragya- that’s what I said. Dadi is w8ing. Let me open the door.
Abhi- Please Pragya save me…!!
Pragya crossed him and opened the door halfway so that Dadi couldn’t see the condition of room.
Pragya- G dadi I’m ready.
Dadi- Where is Abhi.. If you are ready come down everyone is w8ing for my Bahu.
Pragya thinking- If I say he is not ready, dadi will be angry at him. But if I say I’m not ready she might not be that angry.
Pragya- Yes Dadi. We are coming just give me two minutes I’ll be ready.
Dadi- But you said you are ready.
Pragya- Dadi, only footwear left.. I have to choose which footwear can go with this saree. We’ll be there in just few minutes.
Dadi went.
Pragya closed the door and looked at Abhi with her arms crossed.🙅

Abhi looked innocently at her and handed his shirts to her.
Pragya- I don’t wear these. I’m ok in saree. 😜
Abhi- Arey Meri Maa.. I mean my dear wife this is not for you.. This is for me.
Pragya- Then why are you giving to me. Wear this and get ready.
Abhi- I can’t decide what to wear.. Please help me na !!.😁
Pragya helped him choose his dress with tuxedo. Abhi got ready.
Purab asked Abhi from outside of the room.
Purab- Abhi.. When will you come down..
Abhi- Hey I’m ready just coming.
Pragya- w8..!!
Abhi- What.. ?! I know you want to praise me.(Making serious face) But Pragya we should go down now.

Pragya showed him brooch.

Abhi- Ohh.. Ye reh hi gya tha !! (Ooh.. This is left) Give it to me..
Pragya- Let me do this for you.
She asked with an innocent face to which Abhi could not refuse.
Pragya was attaching brooch to his tuxedo carefully, in order not to hurt him.

Meanwhile Purab opened the door and found them close to each other. He instantly turned around.
Purab- Sorry Sorryy.. Sorry Abhi. I didn’t know that you didn’t lock the door.
Both Abhi and Pragya 😳 moved back and turned to him.
Purab- Abhi,Pragya bhabhi.. You should lock your door before you…ahhehhmmm !!!!(clearing throat)😜😜
Abhi- Shut up. She was just helping me. Now let’s go down.
Abhi put his hand on Purab’s shoulder and started to move.
Purab- Abhi, I think you should go with Bhabhi only.. If you go with me.. What will people think of me !? 😜😜
Wese come fast after you are done helping each other.😂

Saying so he went down.
Abhi Pragya also went down.
They took blessing and gifts of all the family members.
Bul- Jiju how was your day ?!
Abhi- It was good day.
Bul- Just Good !?
Abhi- Yeah..
Bul thinking – May be Di hasn’t told him anything..
Bul- Di… 😡
Pragya was quite surprised at her sudden call.
Bul went near her. And talked to her so that Abhi couldn’t hear their conversation. Abhi tried his best to overhear their conversation but futile.
Bul- Di why you have not told Jiju ‘The truth’ yet. When will you tell him !?🙍
Di- Calm down Bully. I will tell him today (shying).
Bul- Very good. But if you don’t tell him. I’ll tell him everything.
Pragya- Don’t worry.
Pragya looked at Abhi and smiled and Abhi also smiled in response.
Reception was over( Without any problem/ twist)

Pragya went in her room to change as she was not comfortable with high heels and heavyweight saree.
Abhi spent some time chit chatting with Dadi and then he also went to room.

He went to changing room which was locked from inside.
Abhi- Pragya..??!! Pragya come out.. I have to change too.
Abhi got no response and he again checked the door. It was locked.
Abhi -Pragya are you in there !!??
Abhi didn’t get any answer this time also. So he turned and went towards the mirror.
A girl opened the door of changing room. Abhi turned to see Pragya.
But to his surprise she was not there but a girl wearing pink saree and a mask appeared from nowhere. Abhi was hell shocked at her sight. ( He remembered seeing his Miss Ray). His eyes got wet with tears.
Abhi- Who are you ??!
Girl- Your love..
Abhi -😕. !!? My love ??!
Girl- Miss Ray.

On hearing this a tear rolled down his cheek.
Girl spread out her hands to hug.
Abhi ran towards her and hugged her tightly.

Abhi- Where were you miss Ray? I missed you so much. But you disappeared all of a sudden, you didn’t even replied to my texts. What happened !!!?
Abhi cupped her face (still her mask on)- Are you Ok!!? How you came here ?!!? Why are you not saying anything??  please speak..!!!
Girl- You are not giving me a chance to speak.
Abhi wiped his tears and held her by her shoulders.
Girl slowly removed her mask. Abhi was astounded to see Pragya and stepped back.
Pragya- What happened Mr. Sun.
Abhi- Pragya !!?
Pragya- Yes, and your Miss Ray.
Abhi couldn’t believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes. He hugged Pragya tightly and Pragya hugged him back even tighter. Both were emotional and had tears in their eyes.

Allah wariyan…. Song plays

Abhi – My Pragya😭 My Jinny😫 My Miss… Ra… Ray…😭
Pragya- Yes. My Mr. Sun.. Your Miss Ray..

Hope you all liked this episode.

And thanku you all for your appreciation. And thanks to new reader Buvneshwari also😄

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