Falling In Love Again (Part 32)

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Pragya stood against the door and Abhi with both hands on door around Pragya. Abhi locked the door. Pragya blushed and turned red. Her eyes glued to floor due to shyness.
Abhi- You are looking an Apple pie.. Red and Yummy.. I’m gonna eat you..
Pragya looked at Abhi and traced his face, eyes to lips.
Abhi leaned forward to kiss her as his hands ran from her shoulders to fingers. Pragya closed her eyes.

Bul- I love you !! I love you !!! I love you sooooo much.. Muaahhh😍😍😍
Purab- 😲😳😳😳
Purab to himself- What is she saying should I ask her !!? May be it is for Bhabhi.. But It can be for me too.


At reception
When Abhi and Pragya were in room, everyone was w8ing for them down in the hall.
Bul- Purab, where is Di and Jiju !? You said you will bring them with you..
Purab- Wo actually 😊!! They are helping each other getting ready.(winked😉)
Bul- Oooohhh.. It means they will take some time… Hmm. Okk..
Purab- Yes Bully.
Bul- Bully ??!?? Who told you this !??
Purab- Abhi told me that your name is Bully..
Bul frowned on him for calling her by this name.
Purab- why are you looking at me like this,Bully ?!
Bul- Don’t call me by that name again. Only my Di can call me by this name.
Purab- ok baba calm down. I won’t call you again by that name if you don’t like.

Bul realized she overreacted to the situation.
Bul to herself- Kya Bully tu bhi na !! Why you shouted at him. He didn’t know you only Like Di calling you like this. He is so helpful to you. And you, in return, leave no chance to shout at him. Tum bhool gyi !!! When Di met accident, he dropped you at college then again to hospital and then at home also.. Stop being rude now. You should thank him for his deed.
Bul to Purab- ummm ! Sorry Purab I shouted at you for no reason. And I want to say you something.
Purab- After saying so many things what you want to say now.
Bul- I want to say that I……….!!!
Aliya- Hey…. Bhai and Bhabhi are here …
Abhigya came down.

Flashback ends.

Bul- hello?!! Is anyone there !?? I think she cut the call.
Bul cut the call.
Purab placed phone to ear but call was already ended. Having so many thoughts, about for whom those words were, Purab went to room and slept.
Bul- Ya she is with someone more important than me, why will she pay attention to me now. 😢
I’ll see you in the morning Di.😠

Abhigya’s door was knocked again.
Pragya- Suniye !!!
Abhi was all lost in her beauty. Abhi with closed eyes continued forwarding to kiss her.
Abhi- Hmmm ???
Pragya- Again someone has come.
Abhi- Hmmm…. Hmm??? Not again..( Abhi made a sad face)
Pragya- Don’t be sad this must be Purab with Bully’s call again. Let me talk to him.. And don’t be sad.. We have plenty of time..😉😄
Abhi- But I can’t w8😐
Pragya opened the door and saw Robin standing there.
Abhi was feeling upbeat. And was teasing Pragya with his touch from behind the door so that Robin did not notice him.
Pragya tried avoiding his touch.
Robin- Bhabhi, Sorry to disturb you at this hour. But Dadi is having pain in her legs. She is calling you.
Pragya- What happened to her legs. is she ok!?
Robin- Today she kept running all the time for the reception party and did not take proper rest so she is just having little pain in her legs. And is calling you.
Pragya- Tell her I’m coming in just two minutes.

Robin goes and Abhi pulled a long face and was very upset.
Pragya- Dadi needs me. I have to go.
Abhi- I also need you. What about me ?!
Pragya- I’ll come back soon. Now let me go.. And I have to take hot oil from the kitchen.
Pragya said running towards the kitchen.

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