Falling In Love Again (Part 33)

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Pragya took lukewarm oil and went to Dadi’s room
She opened the gate and saw Dadi was lying on bed with her eyes closed. Pragya entered the room and sat near her feet. She started massaging her legs.
Dadi felt her feet being touched, with closed eyes she said- Pragya beta !!!
Pragya- G dadi.
Dadi- Good you came. I was having severe pain in my legs. I can’t even move them.
P (Pragya)- I know dadi. But what was the need to run whole day ? That too without any rest. This is not right dadi. You should take care of yourself.
D(dadi)- Yes Pragya. But today was such an important event. Why would not I do preparations by myself ?! And as I’m getting old that’s why my legs are paining.
P- That is what I’m saying dadi. You are the eldest member of this family. You should take care of youself. If you don’t take care of youself how will you take care of your family.
D- Beta this is a small family. I want you to keep it united and make it big too.
Dadi said with a smile on her face.
Pragya was confused and gave a quizzical look.
D- Let me explain. Beta as I’m getting old. May be I won’t be able to live longer. Pragya I want to ask something from you.
P- Dadi please don’t say this. You have many years ahead. Andnowu still have to play with your great grandchildren. So you have to live long. And…
Pragya looked abashed on realising what she said and looked away. Pragya continued massaging her feet.
D- Yes Pragya that’s what I was trying to say. But you said yourself.
Pragya blushed and didn’t answer to dadi.
D- Beta this is my last wish. Will you fulfill my last wish ?!!
P- Dadi, as I already said.. You are not going anywhere !!

Pragya said massaging her feet and avoided eye contact. Dadi chuckled.
D- And what about my wish ?!!?
P- Dadi you should sleep now. I’m massaging your feet and you will get a good sleep now.
D- ok. You should also go to your room as Abhi must be w8ing.
Pragya continued her massage and talked to Dadi till she slept. When Dadi dozed off to deep sleep, she also left for her room.

Pragya opened the door. But Abhi already slept w8ing for her. But she came too late. Pragya kissed him on his forehead and slept holding his hand.

In the morning
Pragya woke up early and cleaned her room. She freshened up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.
Abhi also unusually woke early and searched for her. But she was not in the room.
Abhi went in hall to look for her. At last he searched in kitchen.
A(Abhi)- Your name is Miss Ray. It doesn’t mean you have to wake up with rising sun. Why you woke up so early ?!
P- Woh I’m preparing special breakfast for everybody.
A- ok
Abhi came close to her and kissed her on forehead.
Pragya kept on cooking.
P- What are you doing?! This is kitchen. What if someone see ?!
A- What ??! You are my love and officially my wife. I can kiss you anywhere 😜

Pragya understood what he meant and stepped backward with hot ladle in her hand.
P- Dekhiye koi sach me aa jayega. ( Anyone can come here)
A- Who will come here that too soon?!?
Abhi moved towards her with pouted mouth.
Pragya moved back and hit the wall.
Abhi cupped her face and tried to kiss her.
Purab suddenly enters the kicthen rubbing his eyes.
Pu(Purab)- Abhi tu yhan kya kr rha h ?! (Abhi, what are you doing here)
Abhi turned towards him with same posture ( hands in cupping position and pouted face😂)
Purab saw Pragya standing there. Seeing Pragya there Purab turned back. Placing his hands on his eyes.
Pu- Sorry Abhi, Bhabhi I didn’t know you were here. I’ll come later.
A (with still his hands in same position)- Good idea, come back later.
Purab started to go back.
Pragya tapped Abhi on his shoulder and touched hot ladle to his hand.

Abhi screamed a little.

P- Pu…Purab why you came here ?! Do you want something ?!
Purab turned towards them with his eyes closed.
A- Now you can open your eyes. You ruined everything.
Abhi said with disappointed face.
Pu- Bhabhi, I came here to have water.
P gave him water bottle and went back again.
A to P- You were right kitchen was not a good idea.

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