Falling In Love Again (Part 34)

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Pu- Bhabhi, I came here to have water.
P gave him water bottle and went back again.
A to P- You were right kitchen was not a good idea.

Whole family had breakfast and some quality time. When all the members left the table and gone to their respective rooms Pragya’s phone rang.
She finished the work and redialled the number. It was Bulbul.
Pragya- Hello, Bully!! How are you !!?
B- Not fine.
P- Not fine. What happened. Is maa ok?!
B-You care about everybody but not me. Maa is also fine.
P- Then what happened !!??
B- Di I called you to tell you something.
P-what !!?
Bulbul said hesitatingly.
B- Di…..Di…. Actuall… Actually Me and my friends..
Sarla snatched phone from her and started talking to Pragya.
Ma- Pragya, let me tell you,what your bubbly and notorious sister is upto.
Pragya greeted her mother and asked what she’s talking about.
Ma- Pragya beta, Bulbul,along with her college friends, have planned to go on a trip.
Pragya- Ohh.. It’s a good thing. She will enjoy her outing.
Ma- What are you saying Pragya. She is going with her friends. How will they manage everything. No experienced person is going with them. How they gonna handle situation if they are in some sort of trouble.
Bulbul- Ma I’m grownup now. I can handle any situation. And my friends are also with me.. We’ll manage.
M- No means No..!!!!
Bulbul- Diiiiiiiii…
Pragya- Ma let me talk to her.
Sarla handover phone to Bulbul and went in the kitchen.
Bul made puppy face and tried to convince Pragya.
Bul- Di.. We are not going abroad. It’s just a small trip.
P- Small. How small ?
Bul- To Shimla😁
Pragya- Shimla.????! And do you think shimla is like next to our house !?
Bul- Di this is the last year. After that my college will be over and I’ll never get this chance again

Pragya agreed unwillingly.
Pragya- Ok. When is your trip going?!
Bul- Next Monday. Di please convince Ma… She is not even listening me.
Pragya- I’ll talk to her. First let me think. Bye
Pragya cut the call. And went in her room.
As she opened the door, she saw Abhi standing there with open arms to hug her.
She slowly moved to hug him.
A- You are my stress buster. My jinny😘
P- Suniye !! I want to ask you something.
A- Don’t ask me anything.
Abhi said with little anger.
Pragya was confused with his sudden anger and separated herself.
Abhi again hugged her.
A- You don’t need to ask anything. You just order and your work will be done my sweetheart.😍😘
Pragya was little stressed and worried about his reaction.
P- Suniye.. Dadi said to me yesterday that we should… I mean I should.. We both should…!!
A- I know what Dadi said..!!
P- What !?😳
A- That we should start our planning.😍
Pragya blushed and looked down.
A- Ohhhh that is why you were so hesitant to say.. No worries, we will fulfill Dadi’s every wish.
Abhi held her by waist and cupped her face with his one hand.
A- This is just miracle. You yourself came to tell this… So let’s begin..!!
P closed her eyes.
P- not now, not here.

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