FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 4)

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Making Jugnu sleep on her bed reyansh was about to leave but Jugnu held his hand and dragged him towards her while he was trying to remove her hand so with no option he sat on the bed and kept his another hand on Jugnu’s head while he kept his head on bed headboard. Pranati who came back with filling bottle looked at them, they were so adorable. She captured those moments in her mobile, this is the best moment for pranati to see her daughter sleeping peacefully in her daughter’s lap. She wished this moment to stop there itself. She smiles at both father and daughter duo while they sleep alike with lite snores coming out, suddenly she observes Reyansh head falling sidewards so she runs towards him and hold his head in her palms which makes Reyansh wake up from sleep, they both look into each other eyes. Every moment they spent together from their first meeting comes in front of their eyes. They’re so lost in each others eyes while searching for their own lost places in each others life.

Pranati lost her guard off and slowly leaned towards him while Reyansh was pleasantly enjoying her closeness. “Sometimes I wish this all was a dream and the fondness, the love in his eyes was only true.” Pranati thinks being intensified by their closeness. “I wish we are always together just like a happy family is there, me him and our daughter. Like a cute family I have dreamt for.” She thought and her tears formed the line at the corners of her eyes, reyansh slowly wiped them.

“Why you did like this Rey? Why did you kill our dreams?” she whispered while breaking down in his arms. He has no answer but he hugged her while letting her to shed her tears. Pranati after so many years lost her guard that too in front of him again. He was her pride, her trust, her belief, her strength, her love and her life when they were in love in college days, when he ditched her she just not lost her love but her entire life which was built with colorful hopes in the different yet beautiful world of love. After he left her no one had seen this kind of emotional pranati again, being so close to him now from the intense of his eyes she came back just to know the reason why he did that to her? Also with a hope to forgive him and restart a fresh life again with him if he gives a valid reason even if it’s a lie also. But she was more broken when he didn’t let a word for her questions.

“Why Rey?” she whispered while she slowly drowned into sleep. Reyansh who sensed that she also slept while weeping let her sleep as he was entirely occupied by either sides with Pranati and Jugnu. He smiled looking at his position. “I wish you could have a life you had.. but I am sorry pranati it will be not possible with me.” says Reyansh and closes his eyes.

*** Jugnu is running from entire world but she hears only those filthy words which was taunted by world to her, when she is trying to close her ears to stop hearing those someone drags into a dark room and closes her eyes. She senses that she has been tied.***

“PLEASE DON’T TIE ME… PLEASE!!!! NOO DON’T TIE ME.” screams Jugnu and wakes up from sleep. Listening to screams even Jugnu and Reyansh also jerk up. Pranati immediately hugs Jugnu to her heart and says “Nothing happened baccha, look you’re in home with your mom and dad. Nothing happened. Baccha look you’re fine and you’re safe in mama hands. Don’t worry baccha. Look her. Open your eyes baccha.” while trying to look into Jugnu’s eyes. When Jugnu realises she is safe and also with her parents she slowly opens her eyes and get back to normal position.

“What happened beta?” asks  Pranati slowly taking Jugnu’s face into her hands but Jugnu don’t give any reply. She slowly looks toward Reyansh if he could help her Jugnu. He just blinks his eyes in assurance.

“Arey what happened Ninja? You seems like scared?” asks Reyansh while handing a glass of water to Jugnu. She slowly sips it and calm herself first.

“What are you talking bandar papa? Me and Scared? NO WAY, I and fear never stay at one place. If I’m here then fear is away.” says Jugnu.

“Acha then tell me why are you screaming in sleep?” asks Pranati sitting in front of Jugnu. “And yeah only truth.” adds when she sees Jugnu looking towards Reyansh.

“Okay, I had a nightmare.” admitted Jugnu. “But jugnu you never had nightmare till now, right? why is it happening now? Are you got scared with anything today?” asked Pranati being worried.

“No yaar nayi maa, I’m fine now let’s sleep.” says Jugnu and quickly cover herself with blanket and closes her eyes to avoid any more questions from pranati. Looking at Jugnu condition Pranati is little worried.

“Okay then you guys sleep, I’m going back to my room” says rey and wishes them good night. Pranati sleeps beside Jugnu and pats her head while she sings melodious lullaby for Jugnu. Jugnu who was acting to be asleep after listening to her nayi maa lullaby sleeps peacefully. But Pranati was worried about Jugnu’s condition, she knows Jugnu was affected by Kidnap and was having nightmares because of that incident. She thinks to make her normal tomorrow, she don’t want her daughter to get weak with such incidents. She texts the same to chetna( Pranati sister ) and ask her to meet at their childhood play area. She also texts Reyansh that she will not come to temple tomorrow as she needs to take Jugnu outside which makes him relax.

“Thank god! they are going out themselves.  At least, tomorrow I can happily have my life.” Relaxes Reyansh after looking at Pranati message and sleeps.

PRECAP: Jugnu to spends her time happily.

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