Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Samrat Meets Pakhi

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sayi angrily walks into Virat’s house while Usha tries to stop her. Constable stops her and says she needs to take appointment as Virat is a big officer. Sayi says she will speak to him at any cost. Virat walks out asks Sayi what is happening. Sayi angrily confronts him for stopping Aaba from taking VRS and asks if he wants roam Gadchiroli is Aaba’s lap, he doesn’t know howmuch important it is for her and Aaba to leave Gadchiroli soon. Virat says she doesn’t know legal matters. Usha rushes in and tries to take Sayi away. Sai asks if he is so brave, why didn’t he arrest Jagtap and his father who tried to bribe him. Virat warns her to leave, else he will arrest her. She says he doesn’t know Jagtap troubles her every other day and threatened to kill Aaba. Virat realizes her pain and calms down.

Samrat with family visits Pakhi’s house to see her. Pakhi’s parents greet them, and father says they are happy to serve brave martyr Nagesh Chavan’s family. Badimaa says she is happy to hear they respect bravery. Ninad introduces whole family. They chat. Samrat’s cousin taunts him that he must be eager to see Pakhi and asks to call her. Mother brings Pakhi. Pakhi sits silently. Samrat gets mesmerized with her beauty. Family questions Pakhi, but she doesn’t speak much and sits silently. Badimaa asks if she is fine. Mother says yes and asks Pakhi to Virat to her room and speak. In room, Virat praises Pakhi’s reserved nature and beauty, desires to marry her and seeks her opinion. Ashwini calls Virat and informing him that they have come to see girl for Samrat suggests to call him. Virat calls Samrat. Pakhi is about to see Samraat and Virat’s pic in caller ID when Samrat picks it. Virat taunts him, and Samrat praising Pakhi’s beauty says he is eager to marry her. Father comes and sending Samrat out asks Pakhi if she is still waiting for Virat. Pakhi says Virat may have not called her back, but she saw true love for her in his eyes. Father tries his best convince her to marry Samrat as he is from a well respected family and an army major, etc., and finally giving up says he will inform Virat’s family that she will think and inform later. Pakhi stops him and says she is ready.

Aaba takes Virat for a jungle tour and informs him about a threat from smugglers who steal precious trees with Vital’s help. He says he also heard that Vital and Jagtap tried to bribe him, but he showed them their position. Virat says yes and asks if Jagtap troubles Sayi as Sayi herself told him. Aaba describes whole story and asks if he did wrong by handcuffing Jagtap to his jeep and dragging him till police station. They both then meet Jagtap who insults them and boasts about his father’s power. Aaba tries to slap him and he holds Aaba’s hand.

Precap: Mansi informs family that Samrat’s wedding muhuraat is after 3 days. Samrat says he will not marry until Virat comes and over phone insists Virat to attend his wedding. Virat via message invites Pakhi to Samrat’s wedding. Jagtap

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