Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Unspoken Words

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat holding Pakhi’s scarf reminisces she dropping after yoga session and he picking it up. Sunny walks in and taunts to frame it and keep looking at it. Virat asks why is that so. Sunny says he will not propose Pakhi, so after her marriage, he can spend time watching at Pakhi’s scarf. Virat asks what should he do. Sunny encourages to go and propose her and reminds that he is brave Maratha and never backs off. Virat walks towards door, but walks back asking how will he propose. Sunny scolds him to go first. Pakhi in her room speaks to her mother and says she will come only after completing her yoga camp, and mother insists that boy’s family will come anytime. Virat rings door bell. Pakhi angrily asks what is it and then realizes its him. He returns her scarf and leaves. Pakhi feels sorry and searches him.

At home, Aishwarya fixes Patralekha/Pakhi’s pic with Samrat’s and asks if they are looking good together. Whole family says yes. Mansi says she brought ring for Patralekha. Everyone likes it. Ashwini says Mansi is hurrying as they didn’t even meet Patralekha or her family and don’t know their opinion. Badimaa says Patralekha’s family would be eager to be associated with DCP Nagesh Chavan’s family. Ninad gets present DCP’s call who asks about Virat and says Virat should report in Gadchiroli tomorrow at 11 p.m. sharp, its an emergency.

In camp, coach informs participants that today is kojagiri poornima and today moon is very near to earth and looking at moon if they close eyes, they will see their life partner. Pakhi and Virat sitting in front of each other close eyes and image each other. Pakhi opens eyes and asks why he is opening eyes beforehand. He says because he knows she also would do same. Pakhi says looks like they are connected since last birth. Virat says even he thinks so. She asks if he thinks they are connected in this life. He says yes and he is about to propose her when Sunny enters and takes him away saying its urgent. Virat walks with him and asks why did he stop him, he was about to propose. Sunny says Ninad uncle called and informed that Virat needs to report to duty in Gadchiroli tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Coach says they cannot use mobile. Virat says sorry for disturbing class, he is leaving anyways. Pakhi walks to him and asks if something wrong happened, why is he shifting. He says he cannot say, but he will meet her soon and will tell what is in his heart. She writes her number on his palm and says she will wait for his call.

Sai reminisces Vital threatening Aaba and gets worried for his life. She gets a letter and gets happy thinking its Aaba’s VRS order, but gets angry seeing something else. Aaba enters and reading letter gets happy and says Sayi came first in whole state in her 12th exam. Sayi says she was expecting his VRS letter. He says he is more happy and proud of her.

Virat travels in car and informs his father that he will reach home by 8 p.m. He happily holding Pakhi’s gifted rose looks at his hand and informs Sunny that he has Pakhi’s number. Sunny taunts Pakhi is also in his love. He sees number erased and informs Viraat. Viraat says he has saved Pakhi’s number in his mobile and picks his mobile when it slips and falls from car. He stops driver and rushes back, but before that a car crushes it and speeds away. Virat gets disheartened seeing that. He reaches home in the morning. Aswhini sees him tired and engraped in thoughts and asks reason. He says he is in someone’s love. She gets excited hearing that and insists to show her bahu’s pic. He says he doesn’t have one. He tries to call Pakhi, but her phone is not reachable. Sunny assures him that he will find Pakhi’s number at any cost. Pakhi on the other side tells her story to Neha and Neha asks if she doesn’t even have his number or pic. Pakhi says no.

School principal visits Sayi’s house, congratulates and praises her for coming first in whole state and making them all proud. He gifts her India’s first lady doctor Dr. Anandigopal Joshi’s book and says whenever she will be in problem, she can read Dr. Joshi’s story for encouragement. He says he has organized her award ceremony and ACP Virat Chavan will hand her over award. Sayi requests to let Aaba give her award and requests principal to help Aaba get VRS. Principal assures he will speak to DCP Naik. Aaba says Sayi should have accepted award from ACP Virat. Sayi says she wants him to give her award.

Virat meets Ninad. Ninad gifts him bullet and says he escaped this bullet while in army, so he wanted to gift it to him when he joins duty.

Precap: Virat speaks to Samrat over phone, his car splashes dirt on Sayi and she fumes that she will not spare him once he is caught. Pakhi’s parents show her Samrat’s photo. Pakhi waits for Virat’s call.

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