Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Saru becomes guru ma

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti cries and sats please give me my restaurant back. You were right. You showed me my worth. I am nothing in front of you. I am zero. I can’t do anything, you won and I lost. Please return my restaurant. I am begging you. Pushpa says before my ears bleed get lost. Guddan says please return the restuarant. She says how dare you come to my house. Pushpa drags her out. Agastya says ma please she will leave. Money says what happening isn’t right. Saru comes and says stop Pushpa. Pushpa says Saru ma you. Guddan is dazed. She says SJ?

Saru is dressed as Guru ma. Everyone sits in her feet. Pushpa says give me your blessings. Shona says Jai ho Saru ma ki. Saru says my blessings are with you. They all say Jai ho. Pushpa does Saru’s arti. Pushpa says welcoem ma. Guddan looks at her. Saru says to Pushpa will you do what I ask? Pushpa says how can I say no to you Saru ma? Guddan says SJ is Saru ma? Pushpa says keep your gaze down. Saru ma’s own gaze cam burn you. Pushpa says control your anger. This girl is an idiot. She can question, it’s human right. In all mountains I did tapasya. We all have our journey set. Don’t worry, this Saru ma will solve your curiousty. 10 years ago, you misbehaved with ma. You kicked Saru ma out. But God and his blessings were with me. It made me stronger with all the powers. I did tapasya in Himalaya’s cliffs and I was bestowed with this power. So I came here to give Pushpa my blessing and avenge her insult.

Pushpa says see Saru maa is so great and you’re also from her family but you’re such a big loser. I am giving you one chance to save your restaurant because Saru ma asked. Guddan says thank you. What will I have to do. She says you’re a chef right? You will be doing catering for Agastya’s wedding. For all the events. The taste should be such that the entire country should be talking about. Guddan says okay I will do it. Pushpa says don’t do any mistake in my Agastya’s wedding. I want to see your dad’s talent not your mom’s stupidity. Guddan says okay. There will be a lot of events, but time is very less. What if something goes wrong because of someone else’ mistake. Saru says soimething to Pushpa. Pushpa says okay you have two lifelines. You can do 2 mistakes. Rashi says to Agastya please help her.

Agastya says maa these are childish things. Pushpa says you have only option to agree with me. Pushpa says do you take this challenge? Guddan says yes I will. Pushpa says you can’t even decide without sweating. I know you can’t do this. Guddan says I will win this challenge. Pushpa says get to work. This is your last chance. Guddan says thank you. She leaves. Saru says ma’s blessings are with you Pushpa.

Pushpa says maa sit please. Shona says to Money our work is easier since Saru ma is here. Money says how? Shona says Guddan will come to work in our house. You have to help her and win her heart. Money says we will be rich. Shona says yes our own money. Money says what if Guddan does a mistake? Shona says we have to hide her mistakes. Money says I will start my love story.

Scene 2
DJ says how did you agree? How will you manage all this in no time? Guddan says there was no time. This was the last option. DJ says she’s such a fraud. Where does she learn all this from? Guddan says from her Saru ma. She is her Guru now. DJ says what? Guddan says yes her Guru. DJ says what? Saru says yes she listens to her and she teaches her all this. Saru comes there and says Saru maa is here. DJ is shocked to see her new attire. Saru says how are you cheaters? DJ and Aarav are shocked.

Precap-Guddan comes to Pushpa’s house. Pushpa says start all the preps. Guddan starts cooking. She collides with Agastya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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