Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pushpa does AJ’s arti

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya does exercise. Choti comes there and says stop all this and wear your t-shirt. He says it’s hot. Choti says let me fire you, you can enjoy outside. He says don’t threaten me all the time. It hurts my heart. Choti says no fun in work hours. We have to go. Get ready. Choti trips over his speaker. He says you broke my expensive speaker. Choti says I am so sorry. He laughs and says I was kidding. Choti says you are such a drama. Do what your boss asks now. He says yes let’s go. Choti says be presentable. Choti’s dupatta gets stuck in his watch. He says if you look so good, how will people care about my preps? You look good with lose hair. So you will go that way.

Choti looks for the papers. She falls. Agastya holds her. He says you find reasons? You keep pulling me to you. Choti says leave me. Choti says I thought I was gone but I felt someone would save me. Guddan sense. My mama had it too. I know there are people around me like DJ, Aarav and now you. You save me thrice. We have made a real connection in a few days. Choti laughs and says stop day dreaming now. Let’s go now. He says my day and dreams both begin with you. I think you’re in love with me. He says I don’t want to get into this. I am all fun with my freedom. She says I think marriage and love are a lot of responsibility. Our connection is based on trust. I was brought up in a positive environment. He says but this world is negative. He says you have to be careful. Choti says I think if you don’t harm others, nothing wrong would happen to you.

Scene 2
Choti and Agastya come to the office for paper work. Pushpa comes there as well. The clerk asks everyone to sit outside. Choti says how can I wait we have been here for so long. The clerk says to Pushpa, you could have asked me madam. I would bring things there. She says for some tasks you have to come on your own. Choti says it’s my turn. He says you know who she is? She’s VIP. Choti says in my dictionary it’s very irritating person. Everyone has equal rights. Agastya says we were in the line first. The PA takes file and throws them on the table. Choti says what is that. She threw my file. Pushpa says am I using my power? He says no madam. We are grateful to work for you. Guddan says stop lying. The clerk shoves Guddanand says go from here. Agastya holds her and says are you okay? Guddan says they can’t stop me. I will get my papers signed today. She wants to snatch my restaurant. Please help me God.

DJ and LJ come there. Durga says eat first. Everything will be fine. Guddan says I am really scared. Agastya says you don’t have to be scared of anything. Let’s go and get the papers signed. Someone calls Guddan and says check the news. Guddan says who is this? Guddan turns on the Tv. The reporter says AJ died in an accident, people still respect him. City’s most reputable Pushpa Birla is doing arti for his death annivarsay. Choti drops her papers.

Precap-Pushpa does AJ’s annivarsay. Choti freaks out. DJ says calm down. This is her plan to trap you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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