Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga asks AJ and Diljit to fight face to face

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says I hope Ganga melts when she sees the painting. Please help us Lord Krishna. AJ comes in. Guddan says Choti.. AJ says stop this drama. Why didn’t you take care of her? You’re useless. Stop this drama. You deserve all this. You can never do anything. You couldn’t even be a good mother. You are a failure. AJ says stop looking at me. Guddan is in tears. AJ says shut up. Ganga and Saru are peeking in. AJ says don’t do this drama in front of me. Ganga says to Saru see how he’s on our side. Diljit asked Ganga to tell him he location of Choti. Ganga says you have to prove that I can trust you. You have to show Guddan that you’re not on her side. Ganga says Diljit is on my side. AJ says Ganga is my real friend. Don’t ever dare saying a word against her. She isn’t alone. I am with her.

Durga comes in and says how dare you?? This is our house. Avinash says we respect women in this house. We aren’t like you. What are you worth? You have no idea what my brother would have done to you if he was here. Durga says we kept you as a guest here and you did this this? Avinash says fi Ganga didn’t keep him here this all won’t have happened. AJ breaks the glass in anger. He says in heart I have to hurt my family to get to my daughter. Guddan is in tears seeing his hand bleed. AJ says this isn’t to scare but to show you my power. No one will dare saying a word against Ganga in this house again. I know who my friend is now. I could hit someone’s face like that too. He leaves. Ganga says wow. Ganga says to Saru, did you see now? He is in our team. Now you keep thinking about that 10 lacs.

Saru says in heart I don’t get this game. Why would Diljit do all this? And where is AJ? Saru says to Ganga where is AJ? And why is Diljit all of this for no reason. Ganga says yes where is AJ? AJ screams in the hall and says Diljit I will kill you where are you? He says I was in the kitchen. How dare he misbehave with Guddan. AJ shouts come out Diljit. Ganga says don’t shout. AJ says if he’s a man ask him to come here. Guddan says let it go. We don’t need to fight with anyone. Durga says AJ will kill you Diljit. Guddan says let it go. Avinash says no Guddan we can’t let this go. Ganga says yes, let’s decide who’s more powerful. Guddan says they are humans. Why would you want Diljit to do all this? Ganga says today at 5, there’s a competition of power between Diljit and AJ. See off.

Scene 2
Gudadn says how can you fight yourself? I am so worried. She will know our plan. AJ says I know God won’t leave us alone. Our plan would work out. Don’t worry. It’s about our daughter. We will do something. Guddan says I have an idea.

Avinash says to Ganga you will see how AJ will show Diljit his worth. He can’t do anything. My brother is super strong. Laxmi says is AJ ready? Guddan says something will happen that no one thought of. Diljit comes. Durga says where is AJ? Diljit says I didn’t come to fight with AJ. Avinash says he’s scared. Diljit says just came to tell you something. Ganga says you won’t fight for me? He says the first base of friendship is trust. You don’t have it on me. I didn’t come here to fight with anyone. I dreamed of so many things with you. But you don’t trust me. I didn’t come here to fight. I came here for a friend. He says to Guddan I am sorry I misbehaved with you. He says okay, I am going. AJ says to Ganga, I am leaving. Good bye. Ganga hugs him and cries. Ganga says it’s all my msitake. Someone provoked me. I trust you completely. Please don’t leave me, she cries. Ganga says I don’t want any fight and you don’t need to prove anything. Come with me, I won’t let anyone come between us. I have understood your friendship and love. Guddan says you mummy papa are coming to you soon Choti.

Precap-Ganga says to AJ I will tell you the girl’s location. AJ tells Guddan that Choti will be with them tomorrow. Guddan hugs him and cries. Ganga sees them hugging. She calls her thugs and says leave the girl in the train tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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