Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: AJ saves Choti

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says we are finally home. We will always be together now. Avinash waits for diljit with a rod. He says I will kill you today Diljit. Avinash is about to hit AJ. He says what are you doing bhaiya. Avinash says what? I am not our brother. AJ takes off his beard. He says I had to do this to save my daughter. Avinash says you can’t go inside. There’s too much danger. Ganga is playing a game of danger with Guddan.

Ganga says to Guddan I will play this game with you. She takes off sheet from something. there are snakes in two jars. Laxmi says what is this? Ganga says we had many snakes in the village. Let’s relive childhood. Avinash says we have to save Guddan from her. AJ says please take care of Choti. I will go inside. Choti holds AJ’s hand. Laxmi says are you crazy? Who brings snakes home? Ganga says use your senses and decide which jar do you want to put hands in. Durga says you won’t do anything like that. Ganga’s pulls gun on Durga and says I can kill you in a second. The goons have surrounded the DILs. Guddan says I will play this game for AJ and my daughter.

Avinash says go inside and save Guddan. I am with choti. AJ smiles at Choti and says I will come soon and save your mama. Ganga hides the jars under a cover. She mixes them and says put your hand in one now. One is empty and other has the snakes. Ganga says come on. Get ready. Guddan says I have to do this. Guddan puts her hand inside. Everyone is scared.

AJ comes there as Diljit. Ganga says you came. Was it done? He says yes done. Guddan says in heart you can’t do this to us anymore. My daughter is safe so I don’t need to do anything. Guddan says how will you show our face to the God? The world is scared of snakes. I am very scared. You should feed the snakes first. They will be mad. Ganga says to Diljit we will get engaged after this. Guddan says you will get the sin. Go and bring food for the snakes. Ganga’s facing other side. AJ hits one of the thugs and takes him to the other. Guddan keeps distracting Ganga and AJ keeps failing and taking the thugs outside.

Guddan plays been. As snake comes out. Gana says stop this drama. She says Diljit come here please. Guddan says your thugs are gone and neither would your Diljit come. Guddan says he wont’come. Ganga says he will. He is my DIljit. Guddan says there’s no Diljit. Ganga says Diljit come here and show her you are mine. AJK takes off his beard. Everyone is shocked. AJ says how are you Ganga bhabhi? Ganga is shocked.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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