Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: AJ is alive & saves Choti

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga says open the tank water. Guddan cries. AJ comes out of the grave. The water level is rising around Choti. Guddan throttles Ganga and says stop it. I will kill you. Laxmi says please calm down. Choti cries. Ganga shoves Guddan and says Choti.. AJ comes out of the mud. It rains.

Guddan says someone please save Choti. Ganga says I won’t leave her. No one can save her. Your daughter will pay for your sins. Everyone cries. Guddan says my daughter is blessed. The water level keeps rising. Ganga says see where she is. Guddan says the only thing drowning is your plan. AJ comes in the video. Everyone is shocked to see him.

AJ runs to Choti and picks Choti. He says papa is here. Don’t worry. Avinash says how are you alive. I buried you. AJ says even death can’t stop a parent from saving their kid. Avinash says hit him. The thugs beat AJ. He protects Choti. Guddan says Choti is lucky to have a father like you. Durga says and a mother like you.

Durga says this time is to teach her a lesson. Laxmi says yes. AJ is injured. Avinash says kill him. AJ hits the goons. He hides Choti. Guddan, Laxmi and Durga hit Ganga. Ganga says someone save me. Avinash sees her in the video. Guddan puts the gun on Ganga. AJ says don’t do this Guddan. Avinash says stop. Guddan and DILs tie Ganga. AJ says I will take revenge from you here.

AJ hits Avinash. Avinash says I am sorry. I am your brother. Let me go. AJ says I would have if it was about me. But you did this to my daughter. You will be in jail for the rest of your life. AJ calls Guddan and says send police here. I found Choti. She’s safe.

AJ picks Choti. Avinash stabs him. Guddan screams AJ..

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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