Heal My Wounds – Devakshi story- Part 1

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Hello everyone, my name is Maham aka Sona.
I am a huge fan of Devakshi. Hence, this story. I am new here, so let’s see how far things go.

Sonakshi Bose is a chaotic, imperfect, strong, determined girl, but her past left a traumatizing impact. Dev Dixit whose whole life changed because of an incident in the past. It made him a rude, arrogant, workaholic man who now only lives for his family.

Please ignore the mistakes.

So, what do you all think of the story?
What might have happened in their past that changed Sonakshi and Devs’s life?
Will these two ever cope up with their past, and move on in their lives?
How will the wounds be healed from the experiences still kept within?
For non KRPKAB viewer, this is for you all. This post will give an overview of the character and their characteristics. For KRPKAB fans: all characters are similar as shown in the show, but there might be some changes in the characteristics of the characters.
Also, there might be some additional characters in this story. We will introduce them as the story progresses.
It is my first time so please ignore any minor mistakes.

The BOSE family
Erica Fernandes as Dr. Sonakshi Bose: chaotic, imperfect, strong, determined, a beautiful mess. Sona loves her family a lot and can do anything for their happiness.
Jagat Rawat as Bijoy Bose: Father of Sonakshi and Saurab, and husband of Asha. Sona’s best friend and guardian. Always in worry about his children’s future.
Moon Banerjee as Asha Bose: Mother of Sonakshi and Saurab, and wife of Bijoy. Loves and Cares for Sona more. A strong and open-minded person.
Alpesh Dhakan as Saurabh Bose: Son of Bijoy and Asha, and brother of Sonakshi. Loves Sona and his family a lot and is a complete foody.
Rina Chakraborty as Uma Devi: Mother of Bijoy, mother in law of Asha, and Grandmother of Sonakshi and Saurab. She is very loving and supporting
The DIXIT family
Shaheer Sheikh as Devrath Dixit aka Dev Dixit: rude, arrogant (obhodro), workaholic. Dev is living for his mother and three sisters. He can do anything for Ishwari as he respects his mother’s sacrifices done for her children, and never wants to hurt her.
Supriya Pilgaonkar as Ishwari Dixit: Mother of Dev, Nikki, Riya, and Neha and sister of Baldev Tripathi. The hardships she took for her children, and her love for her son has made him what he is today. Ishwari is very possessive over Dev and does not want him to get close to anyone.
Chestha Bhagat as Neha Dixit: Daughter of Ishwari and sister of Dev, Nikki, Riya. She has to sacrifice a lot in her childhood which has made her rude towards her family members. She has a negative view of everything.
Ankita Bahuguna as Riya Dixit: Daughter of Ishwari and sister of Dev, Nikki, Neha. Riya is most sorted among the three sisters and loves her family very much.
Aashika Bhatia as Nikki Dixit: Daughter of Ishwari and sister of Dev, Neha, Riya. Nikki is the youngest of all children and is very childish.

The TRIPATHI family

Alka Mogha as Radha Rani: Wife of Baldev’s, Mother of Vicky, Sister in law of Ishwari, and aunt of Dev, Nikki, Riya, and Neha. Radha is greedy, compares her lifestyle to the lavish lifestyle of Ishwari, and wants to somehow get what she has.
Vaibhav Singh as Vikram Tripathi aka Vicky: Son of Radha and Baldev and cousin of Dev, Nikki, Riya, and Neha. Vicky is spoiled and wants everything served to him.
Mushtaq Khan as Baldev Tripathi: Husband of Radha, father of Vicky, brother of Ishwari, and uncle of Dev, Nikki, Riya, and Neha. Baldev want his son to take his studies seriously and be successful in life. He is tired of Radha’s daily taunting over their lifestyle and wishes for a luxurious life like his sister. He is very supportive and cares for his family.

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