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Shivaay’s Office


Shivaay is surprised to see RuMyaPri and Annika with Ranveer.

Shivaay: I thought you wanted to meet me alone.

Ranveer: RuMyaPri are helping me with my mission. I think your wife deserves to know the truth as well.

Shivaay: What do you want to know, Ranveer??

Ranveer: Where were you when Gauri’s accident happened??

Shivaay: What do you mean by that?? Are you suspecting me??

Annika: Shivaay, he is asking you a question. Why are you answering him with questions?? Ranveer, he went for a meeting with his client.

Ranveer: Where was the meeting held??

Shivaay: At Hotel Blue Diamond. But why are you asking this??

Prinku: That was the hotel where bhabhi’s boss organised the party. (ShivIka look at each other confusingly.)

Shivaay: I don’t understand.

Ranveer: May I use your laptop?? (Shivaay nods. Ranveer connects his dongle to the laptop and plays a video. They watch the video. Ranveer paused it.) This is….

Shivaay: Me!!

Ranveer: Can you remember what has happened that night?? (Shivaay tries to recall about that night.)






2 ½ years ago


Shivaay was walking towards the parking when he received a call from Annika.

Shivaay: Hey, Annika!!

Annika: Shivaay, what time you will come back??

Shivaay: Sorry, Annika. I just finished the meeting. Had your dinner??

Annika: Not yet. You come back first. We will have together.

Shivaay: Really?? Can you wait till then?? As I know you can’t stay hungry for a long time. You are such a foodie!!

Annika: Don’t forget that I kept fast for you during ‘Karwachauth’. So don’t underestimate me.

Shivaay: Ok, baba. I’m sorry. I will be back soon. (Annika smiles. Shivaay is about to end the call when he hears some noise. Annika too hears it.)

Annika: What noise is that, Shivaay??

Shivaay: I don’t know, Annika. (He tries to find from where the noise is coming. He walks towards the noise.) Hey!! Who is there?? (He hears a girl’s voice.)

Girl: Help!! Neil!! Gautham!! (Shivaay runs towards the voice and sees two guys are assaulting a girl. He couldn’t see their faces. They drag her and pushed her inside a car. One of the guys entered inside the car. Another guy is about to enter inside the car.)

Shivaay: (shouts and runs towards him) Hey!!! (The guy turned towards him.) What are you doing to her?? (The guy just stares at him.) Leave her!!

Guy: It’s none of your business. Just get lost from here. (Shivaay went to the car and opened the door. He saw another guy is unbuttoning his shirt. He clenches his fist in anger. He looks at the girl but he couldn’t see her face as her hair is covering her face. But he could understand that she is not in her sense.)

Girl: Leave me!! Neil!! Gautham!! Help!! Neil!! Gautham!! (Shivaay stares angrily at the guys. He pulled the guy from the car and pushed him till he fell down.)

Shivaay: You blo*dy womaniser!! (The guy who was standing tried to attack him but Shivaay punched him hard on his face. He found a rod beside a pillar. He took it and hits both of them till they ran away. Annika who is still on the line is worried thinking of what is happening.)

Annika: Shivaay!! Are you alright?? Is everything fine there??

Shivaay: Haan, Annika. I’m alright. Two guys tried to misbehave with a girl.

Annika: Is she fine??

Shivaay: I don’t know, Annika. She looks like inebriated. Maybe they made her like that. She is still inside the car and I’m going to see her. (He sees the girl coming out from the car unsteadily. She holds her head and goes towards the driver seat.) Hey, girl!! Stop!! (He runs towards the car but the girl drove the car away from there.) Damn it!!

Annika: What happened, Shivaay??

Shivaay: The girl drove the car and left from here. She is not steady, Annika. I hope nothing wrong will happen.




Shivaay finish narrating to them.

Shivaay: I tried to follow her but I missed the car. After that, I received a call from Omkara that Gauri has met with an accident. So, I forgot about this and rushed to the hospital.

Ranveer: Do you know who is the girl??

Shivaay: No. I couldn’t see her face.

Ranveer: She is none other than…

Annika: Ishana!! (Shivaay looks at her shockingly. RuMyaPriVeer nod their heads.) Now, I remember why I felt like I had heard ‘Neil Gautham’ before this.

Shivaay: Yeah. She mumbled these names that night. And Ishana too mumbled these names last night. So, that girl was Ishana?? (RuMyaPriVeer nod their heads.) So, that night, Ishana left from the hotel escaping from those guys. Then, she did Gauri’s accident.

Annika: Was she drunken?? You said she was inebriated.

Shivaay: She was inebriated but I can’t sure if she was drunken.

Ranveer: Watch this footage and tell us if she was drunk that night. (Ranveer plays the footage where Ishana’s office party going on. ShivIka watch the video carefully.)

Annika: She is having a juice only. Why she became unsteady??

Shivaay: Someone has mixed something in her drinks. (Annika is shocked.) That must be those guys work!!

Annika: But why Omkara said that she was drunken.

Shivaay: See there, Annika. A waiter had spilt the alcohol on her. Omkara must have smelt that on her and misunderstood that she had alcohol. (RuMyaPriVeer are surprised that Shivaay is having the same perspective as them.)

Annika: If she didn’t have alcohol, how come she was inebriated??

Shivaay: Alcohol is not the only thing that can make someone high. Her drinks have been spiked. She just took a few sips and she became unsteady. This is weird. Alcohol doesn’t react this fast. It will take time. They have done something else with her drinks.

Annika: Drugs??

Ranveer: Right. We are doubting the same too. (He plays another video where two guys gave money and a bottle to a waiter.)

Shivaay: If we find this waiter, we can know who did like that to her.

Ranveer: What do you want to do by knowing who did like that to her??

Shivaay: They are the real culprit for Gauri’s death.

Rudra: Really?? But Ishana bhabhi is the one did the accident.

Shivaay: She did the accident but because of whom?? If they didn’t spike her drinks, the accident must never occur. She didn’t even realise what she was doing. She just wanted to escape from these morons. How she can be responsible for Gauri’s death?? (AniRuMyaPriVeer smile in relief listening to him.) We did a mistake by blaming her. We have humiliated her badly. I addressed her as a murderer which she is not. (He said in guilt.) I supported Omkara for whatever he did to her. (Looks at Annika.) You were right, Annika. I supposed to advise him as an elder brother. He might have listened to me but I didn’t do that. I stood by him in everything he did. He married her forcibly, I supported him. He said that she is his mistress, again I supported him. It’s my mistake. I gave importance to my family but didn’t think that she also belongs to a family.

Annika: But Ishana accepted everything silently. Omkara’s hatred, our family’s ignorant, she just kept silent and continue to love RuMyaPri as her own.

Shivaay: Right. I thought she snatched them from us but RuMyaPri knows that we are wrong. I’m feeling ashamed of myself for being insensible. We don’t deserve forgiveness. Omkara’s deed can’t be forgiven. Poor girl. How much she has suffered. Forced marriage, mistress tag, got pregnant without her knowledge. Even that time also she defends Omkara that he never misbehaved with her. I must have realised when she refused to abort the baby. A girl who couldn’t kill an unborn, how she can kill another life?? I was so stupid at that time. (He sits on the chair feeling devastated.)

Prinku: It’s too late now. You can’t change the past. If you want to rectify your deed towards Ishana bhabhi, the least you can do is ask Omkara Singh Oberoi to reveal to the outside world that Ishana bhabhi is his wife, not his mistress.

Shivaay: I don’t have to tell him. He will tell himself as he has already fallen in love with her.

RuMyaPri: (shocked) What?? (Shivaay nods his head.)

Ranveer: Don’t be too shocked. There is more for us to know.

Rudra: I don’t believe he has fallen for Ishana bhabhi.

Ranveer: No, Rudra. You have to believe it. He already fell for her long time ago. I mean since she stayed at Oberoi Mansion.

Prinku: How is that possible?? He hates her!!

Ranveer: The hatred has turned into love. People use to tell don’t hate something or someone too much or you will end up loving it very much.

Soumya: But how the hatred turns to love??

Ranveer: Only Omkara can tell us about that.

Shivaay: But I won’t accept his love for her.

Rudra: We know that. Naam, khoon, khandan are very important to you right?? Ishana bhabhi doesn’t have any of it.

Shivaay: I didn’t mean that, Rudra. She deserves a better man and a better family. Our family don’t deserve her. We have made her suffer a lot. And Omkara’s deeds towards her are unforgivable. He has played with her motherhood. That is unforgivable!!

Prinku: Now you are telling it is wrong. You should have realised it when he did that to bhabhi.

Shivaay: What do you think, Prinku?? I didn’t realise it before this?? Never mind. Just think as you wish. (All of them look at each other confusingly.)

Rudra: Don’t forget that he didn’t play with her motherhood only but almost play with her virginity as well.

Shivaay: Don’t say that, Rudra. I still believe that Omkara didn’t do like that.

Prinku: I wish it is true but three of us saw it with our eyes.

Ranveer: Priyanka, whatever we see and heard can’t be true all the time. (RuMyaPri look at him shockingly.) Don’t look at me like that. I’m a cop and I have to think from every angle. Leave that. Shivaay, you saw them right?? Do you still remember their faces?? (Shivaay thinks for a while.) Can you identify them if you see them again??

Shivaay: I am not sure but maybe I can.

Ranveer: Ok. I already asked for the criminal lists handled by Neil and Gautham before this. I will show you the pictures after I got it. Just see if it’s either one of them. Maybe, they are the one who did Neil and Pooja’s accident too. (ShivIka look at him shockingly.)

Annika: What do you mean?? Neil and Pooja’s accident were done purposely?? (Ranveer nods and tells them whatever Neil told them.)

Shivaay: So they are cops too?? (They nod their heads.) What they were doing when Ishana suffered here??

Rudra: They were caught with a different case and they didn’t know whatever happened to bhabhi. They just got to know recently.

Shivaay: Ishana didn’t tell them??

Prinku: Bhabhi didn’t want to worry them. She has taken a promise from me to keep my lips sealed. But her mental condition was not good and made them doubt that something has happened during their absence.

Shivaay: What happened to her??

Rudra: She has fallen into depression. She won’t sleep properly and suddenly she will scream hysterically and ran from the house. (Shivaay feels bad for her.)

Ranveer: We are leaving now.

Rudra: Should we tell Gautham bhaiya about this??

Ranveer: We have to tell him although he is very much disturbed about Pooja. (PriVeer and RuMya leave from there with Annika.)





Omkara’s Room


Omkara is sitting on his bed when Jhanvi enters inside. Omkara composed himself.

Jhanvi: Om!! You are awake??

Om: Yeah. Just only, mom. Anything??

Jhanvi: Shivaay told that you were busy with the painting for the whole night and went sleep this morning only. That’s why I came to see you.

Om: Urgent delivery, mom. That’s why.

Jhanvi: Are you ok, Om?? You are looking so tired.

Om: I’m fine, mom. Don’t worry about me. (He smiles at her.)

Jhanvi: After a long time I am seeing you smiling. (Holds his cheek.) Just continue to smile like this. I missed this very much. (Omkara smiles again.) You didn’t smile after Gauri’s death. It’s because of that girl. She snatched your smile and happiness from you by causing Gauri’s death. (Omkara’s expression changed.)

Om: Mom, what does accident means??

Jhanvi: (confused) What??

Om: Just tell me, mom. What do you think an accident is??

Jhanvi: An incident which happened unexpectedly and….

Om: Unintentionally. (Jhanvi looks at him.) Correct!!?? (Jhanvi nods.) Mom, we accused Ishana for causing Gauri’s death. Yes, she caused Gauri’s death but it was done unintentionally.

Jhanvi: She was drunken, Om. You only said that. The accident occurred because of her carelessness.

Om: Fine, mom. She was drunk that night and caused the accident. But is that right for me to punish her?? Who am I to punish her?? Law is there to punish her.

Jhanvi: Why she didn’t surrender herself to the police?? She wanted to escape from the punishment.

Om: If she thought like that she should have left from this city, mom. Instead of that she came to meet me.

Jhanvi: Om, what happened to you suddenly?? You didn’t even like her but now you are taking her side.

Om: This has not happened suddenly, mom. I have realised it before but I didn’t show it.

Jhanvi: Om, are you….??

Om: Yes, mom. I am. I don’t know how and when. But I have.

Jhanvi: I don’t know what to say, Om.

Om: Mom, if you spend some time with her, you too will start to like her. See how RuMyaPri are loving her. She is such a gem, too unique. Even Annika bhabhi has forgiven her. She is the one most affected with Gauri’s death but she also has forgiven her and accepted her as her sister. (Jhanvi gets up from the bed.)

Jhanvi: Take rest, Om. We will talk later. (She leaves from the room. Ishana came after a while. Omkara smiles at her.)

Ishu: How are you feeling now, sir??

Om: Better. (Ishana sits on the bed facing him.) Luckily, I am wearing a long sleeve. Mom came just now. (Ishana smiles and looks at his arm.)

Ishu: Sir, it’s bleeding. You need to change the bandage. (She goes and takes the ointment from the table. She tries to fold his sleeve but stops thinking that it might hit his wound.) Sir, I think you need to open your shirt. (Omkara nods and opens his shirt. She sees his bandage is fully wet with his blood. Ishana opens the bandage carefully without hurting him. She takes cotton and wipes the blood. He winces in pain.) Sorry!! (She blows it gently. Omkara smiles seeing her concern. She sees the wound is quite deep. Unaware of her, tears started to fill up in her eyes which noticed by Omkara.)

Om: What happened, Ishana??

Ishu: Nothing. Is it painful??

Om: Nope. I won’t feel any pain if you are with me. (Ishana keeps the cotton and takes the fresh bandage.)

Ishu: May I ask you something?? (Omkara nods.) Last night, you were mumbling something in your sleep.

Om: About what??

Ishu: You asked me to trust you. (She bandages the wound and looks at him.) About what do you want me to trust you??

Om: No…. Noth…. Nothing. Maybe, I dreamt about something. It’s nothing.

Ishu: No, sir. You were not dreaming. Your voice was having pain. Tell me, sir. What do you want me to trust you??

Om: What were your answer when I asked you like that??

Ishu: I said I will trust you. (He looks at her in surprise.)

Om: Really?? You will trust me??

Ishu: Yes. (He pulls her into a hug.)

Om: This one word of yours is enough for me. I don’t need anything else. (Ishana is surprised with his sudden act. She hears him sobbing.)

Ishu: Are you crying?? (He doesn’t answer but continues hugging her. Ishana caresses his back after hesitates a little. She breaks the hug after a while.)

Om: I was so wrong about you. I behaved with you badly, I humiliated you to the maximum. But you…. (Cries. He cups her face and looks into her eyes.) Ishana, I promise you now. I will clear all the bad names you got because of me soon. I will declare to this world that you are my wife!! (Ishana just looks at him doesn’t know how to react.) I promise you, Ishana. (He plants a deep kiss on her forehead surprising her again. He looks at her again.) It’s my promise. (She feels awkward after getting a sudden kiss from him. He realised her awkwardness. She helps him to wear his shirt properly.) I forgot to ask you, how are your friends??

Ishu: Doctor said Neil can be discharged but we need to take care of him carefully. Pooja is still in coma.

Om: Ishana, don’t you find it weird??

Ishu: What??

Om: Neil and Pooja’s accident?? How come both accidents can happen at the same time??

Ishu: I am thinking the same too, sir.

Om: Are you all having any enemies??

Ishu: What do you mean by that??

Om: Last time, you…. (Stops himself.) Ishu: You wanted to mention Gauri’s accident, right?? It was my carelessness and I am still feeling guilty for that. (She is about to get up from the bed but Omkara holds her hand.)

Om: Don’t be in guilt for a long time. Whatever happened just let it go. Don’t strain yourself thinking about it. You have suffered a lot, Ishana. I have tortured you very much. You don’t have to torture yourself more.

Ishu: Why are you behaving like this, sir?? Last time, you didn’t even care for me. But now… Why?? What is the reason for your changes?? (Omkara doesn’t say anything.)

Om: What made you come here again?? Revenge?? (Ishana nods. He chuckles making her confused.) Seriously, Ishana?? You wanted to take revenge on me and you are telling it to me. Why are you so innocent?? (He pulls her cheek making her startle.) So cute!! (She rubs her cheek.)

Ishu: Hello!! I am not kidding. I am telling the truth. I seriously wanted to take revenge on you.

Om: So, you took a year to return here to take revenge on me??

Ishu: Haan!! I was…. making….. a proper plan…. on how to take revenge on you.

Om: (chuckles again) You are bad in lying, Ishana. Don’t try it again.

Ishu: Yes, I lied. Actually, I don’t want to come here again. I wanted to continue my life with my friends but one of your interviews made me come here again.

Om: (confused) Which interview??

Ishu: The one where you said that I am a gold digger and left you after finding a richer man than you. (Omkara looks at her shockingly.) Am I a gold digger, sir?? Have I ever asked for any money from you when I stayed here before?? I never ever asked for money from my friends. How would I ask from you?? (Omkara feels bad listening to her.)

Om: When did you watch the interview??

Ishu: The day we came here, that morning I saw the interview. (Omkara clenches his fist in anger which noticed by her. She is about to say something when the room door is knocked. They turn and see Ranveer there.)

Ranveer: Ishana, I need to talk to you. (Ishana nods and gets up from the bed.)

Ishu: (towards Omkara) I will be back in a while. (Omkara nods his head. Ishana goes towards Ranveer.)

Ranveer: (towards Omkara) I want to talk to you too after this. (Omkara nods.)



At the Lawn


IshRan are walking at the lawn.

Ishu: Where are RuMyaPri??

Ranveer: They want to see Mishti. So they went to SidLana’s house.

Ishu: What do you want to talk to me??

Ranveer: Ishana, don’t mistake me for dragging your past again. How Omkara behaved with you last time??

Ishu: Very rude, arrogant angry man, beast. You know his eyes are always filled with hatred whenever he looks at me.

Ranveer: Now??

Ishu: He is totally opposite. Caring, gentle….

Ranveer: Ready to risk his life for you. (Ishana looks at him.) Yesterday, we didn’t even know who was the shooter’s target. But Omkara screamed your name and he pulled you towards himself and pushed others. Even though, his beloved brother was there that time. (She looks at him in surprise.)

Ishu: Maybe because someone tried to harm me before the incident. That’s why he felt that I was the shooter’s target.

Ranveer: But he should have pushed you instead of pulling you in his embrace.

Ishu: What are you trying to say??

Ranveer: I just want to ask don’t you find it weird?? A man who used to hate you before is lov…. I mean he is caring for you now.

Ishu: Yes. Even I have asked him but he never answers.

Ranveer: He won’t answer if you asked him in your way. You have to try a different way.

Ishu: Means??

Ranveer: I will tell you later. Have you felt any other things or incidents weird when you stayed here before?? Try to remember. (Ishana tries to recall.)

Ishu: Yes. I used to cry under the shower and became unconscious. But when I woke up, I found myself on the bed or couch. Till now I don’t know how I ended up there.

Ranveer: You didn’t ask him??

Ishu: No. Last time, I was scared of him. I always hide behind Rudra whenever I saw him. (Ranveer smiles.) At first, he asked me to sleep on the floor without any pillow and blanket. Next morning, I found myself covered with a blanket and pillow under my head.

Ranveer: You didn’t know who did that??

Ishu: Maybe RuMyaPri as they are the one care for me since the first day.

Ranveer: Oh!! One last question. If you are given a chance to forgive one of Omkara’s deed towards you, which one it could be?? (Ishana looks at him in surprise.) I’m not asking you to forgive him but I just want to know if you are able to forgive him for any of his deeds.

Ishu: Maybe I can forgive him for everything he has done to me but I will never forgive him for playing with my motherhood. (Her eyes are brimmed with tears while saying that.) I will never forgive him for that!! (She leaves from there.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana enters the room when she sees Omkara is on a call with someone angrily.

Om: How dare you to air the fake interview?? The interview was incomplete!! You have edited my statement!! Just for your so-called TRP, you are ruining an innocent girl’s name and character. Just see what I am going to do with your channel. (He turns and sees Ishana in tears. He ends the call.) Ishana?? When did you come??

Ishu: With whom you were speaking about the interview?? What did you mean by they have edited your statement??

Om: It’s nothing, Ishana. You know this media will do anything for their TRP. (Ranveer comes that time.) Ranveer, you said that you want to talk with me.

Ranveer: Ishana, Annika was looking for you. She asked you to come to her room. (Ishana nods and leaves from there. Ranveer makes sure Ishana has left and closed the door locking it.)

Ranveer: Do you love Ishana??

Om: Did Shivaay tell you??

Ranveer: He did but I already doubted it earlier itself.

Om: How?? I didn’t express it to anyone.

Ranveer: At least, you should have maintained your hatred after seeing her. But instead of that, you cared for her and you almost risked your life for her. I heard you love your brother, Shivaay Singh Oberoi a lot. Last night, when you saw someone wanted to shoot, why did you scream Ishana’s name?? Shivaay was there too. Why didn’t you scream his name and pull him towards yourself??

Om: Yes, I love her.

Ranveer: I know that and I felt like you have fallen for her when she was staying here before itself. Am I right??

Om: Is that hard to not to fall for her??

Ranveer: So it’s easy for you to fall for her??

Om: She made that easy. Even till now, I didn’t know how I have fallen for her. (Ranveer smiles recalling his conversation with NeilGau a few years before.)



Ranveer: Always Ishana Ishana!! Give a break, yaar. Why both of you are loving her these much?? I have never seen friends like you.

Neil: Don’t ask like this, yaar.

Gautham: Because we don’t have an answer.

Neil: But one thing. (Looks at Gautham.)

NeilGau: We love her a lot!!! (Ranveer just shakes his head.)


*Flashback Ends*


Omkara sees Ranveer is smiling to himself.

Om: What happened?? Why are you smiling like this??

Ranveer: Nothing. A small flashback.

Om: So you just want to know if I love Ishana or not??

Ranveer: Not really. I wanted to confirm it. Actually, I need to talk to you a lot more.

Om: What??

Ranveer: Did you make Ishana pregnant??

Om: Yes. Everyone knows about it. Don’t you aware of it??

Ranveer: I know. I just want to confirm with you. So she was carrying your baby??

Om: Obviously!! Why are you asking this?? She carried my baby only.

Ranveer: Correct it, Omkara. Yours and Gauri’s baby.

Om: Yes. Mine and Gauri’s baby. (Ranveer laughs sarcastically.)

Ranveer: Really, Omkara?? (Omkara looks at him confusingly.) Maybe others are so stupid to believe you. But I am not that much stupid.

Om: What are you trying to say?? That the baby was not mine?? Don’t you dare to say that!! That baby belongs to me!! (Ranveer raises his eyebrows at him.) And Gauri!!

Ranveer: How about Mishti??

Om: She is also my baby.

Ranveer: But Ishana didn’t stay with you for almost one year.

Om: So what?? The baby is three months old. Ishana left from here almost one year back. Try to calculate and see.

Ranveer: May I know how did that happen?? As I know, both of you didn’t have an intimate relationship as you didn’t like her. Ishana too didn’t say anything like that happened between both of you. Then, how?? Did you do artificial insemination or IVF to her again??

Om: No. I didn’t do like that.

Ranveer: Maybe you spiked her drinks and molested her?? Because you did try to molest her, right?? (Omkara closes his eyes feeling hurt listening to Ranveer.)

Om: Just think whatever you want. Mishti is my baby and the baby which Ishana carried before was also mine!! Keep that in mind!! (Ranveer walks towards the door and unlock it. He turns to Omkara.)

Ranveer: You can’t run away from the truth for long, Omkara!! One day everyone will know it and that day will be very soon!! You keep that in mind!! (He leaves from there angrily while Omkara stood in shock.)







To be continued….






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