Indiawaali Maa 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku Is Hurt

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Indiawaali Maa 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chinu is busy preparing breakfast when she hears landline ringing and picks. A man asks where is Rohan. She says he must be busy in work, he should call his mobile number. Man says Rohan is not picking call, if he has any other number. Kaku gives him number, and he disconnects call. Chinu walks down and feels nauseous. Kaku shocks her and says this is best idea to get rid off nausea which her MIL used on her when she was pregnant with Rohan. Chinu says she will have medicine. Kaku says when she can manage without medicine, she shouldn’t. Chinu says she will prepare breakfast. Kaku says she already prepared breakfast for her. Door bell rings, Chinu opens door and sees her stepmom Vasu. Vasu walks in and says she is happy to hear that she is becoming grandmother, so she came to take Chinu home. Chinu asks her to stop her drama as she is not mother and just appa’s wife, she can leave. Kaku asks her not to speak rudely to her mother and asks Vasu to wait till Rohan returns if she wants to take her daughter along. Vasu shows fake concern and offers idli to Chinu saying fermented food is good for pregnant women. Kaku says even she feels same and prepared dhokla for Chiniu. Vasu shouts no besan for Chinu and starts yelling at Kaku. Kaku tries her best to calm her down, but their language barrier issue and misunderstanding continues. Chinu irritated shouts to stop arguing. Idlis fall down during the tussle.

Rohan meets Shetty who informs him that he cannot give him loan as he cannot bear his communty’s wrath for giving loan to a North Indian. Rohan pleads not to do that as he already gave advance to vendors and workers. Shetty says he didn’t ask him to do that, sorry he cannot help. Rohan walks to his car sadly and seeing tiffin box reminisces Kaku telling him that she packed dhokla for his breakfast. He gets another call and disconnects saying he cannot speak now. Chinu calls Rohan and fumes at him for calling his mother to their home. He asks if maa fought with her. Chinu informs whole story and asks him to return home and sort out the issue first. Rohan heads towards home. Chinu then packs her bags and says she is going to her father’s house as her father will keep sending stepmom until she agrees. Kaku pleads to wait until Rohan comes, but Chinu leaves with Vasu. She calls Rohan and informs that she is going to her father’s house and he should sort out issue by then.

Rohan returns home and scolds Kaku for giving his number to his creditor and asks why did she come in their lives, if she cannot solve his problem, she shouldn’t worsen it; she should stay in her room or else she should go back. Kaku shattered walks to her room. She reminisces childhood incident where Rohan is afraid of sleeping alone and asks her to sing lullaby. Out of flashback, she sings lullaby. Rohan hears her lullaby. Next morning, she calls Hassu. Hassu asks if she got afraid of neighbor that she called early morning. She asks if he got ready for shop. He says yes and says house is missing her. She asks why didn’t he call her once. He says he doesn’t want to be a villain between mother and son and wants her to spend much time with Dhinglu/Rohan. Kaku says she wants to come back and asks to book her ticket. Hassu gets concerned and giving his promise asks to tell truth.

Precap: A lady with goons barges into Rohan’s house and tells Kaku that her son is a thief who didn’t return her money. Kaku say he will and if not, she will. Lady asks he to bring her as much money as she can in 24 hours.

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