Indiawaali Maa 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku slaps Rohan

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Indiawaali Maa 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku asking watchman to call a rickshaw. She calls Cheenu and says police arrested Rohan. Cheenu asks what. Kaku tells everything. She leaves in the auto. She reaches the police station and asks for Rohan. She asks constable to talk in hindi. She looks for him. She asks the inspector about Rohan. She says I don’t know Kannada and English, just Hindi. She tries to ask and cries a lot. Inspector says I don’t understand your language. Kaku goes to another inspector and asks where is my son, I just met you there. Inspector says he is sitting there. Kaku sees Rohan and hugs him. She cries.

He says I will handle it, you go home. She says why, look at me, everything will get fine. Inspector says your son will get jailed for long term, bank has given the case to us, its defaulters case. Kaku says I have arranged one lakh rupees, he didn’t pay it, but I have arranged it, Cheenu will be getting it. Rohan stops her. She says Cheenu will get one lakh, you start formality to leave him. Inspector says what’s this, we have to write complaint. She says there is no case now, I m paying the money. Rohan asks her to go back. Inspector says go back to your village. Kaku says why will I go, I have money. Inspector says not one lakh, two Koti. She asks what’s Koti. He says it means …. Cheenu says crores, two crores, he is saying about two crores, Rohan took a big loan. Kaku is shocked.

She says I never heard of crores, maybe its a misunderstanding, when Chandraprabha came to take money, I told one lakh, she didn’t tell me, Rohan told me about one lakh. She asks Cheenu to talk to policemen and bank officials. She asks did Rohan tell you. Cheenu says he didn’t tell me anything, I just got to know, they are saying its loan of two crores. Kaku says Rohan, say something, maybe they made a mistake. Cheenu asks Rohan to tell the cops that he isn’t lying, its not his loan amount. She says you took one lakh loan right, tell it. He says two crores loan. Kaku and Cheenu get shocked. He says sorry, I lied to you. Inspector says you lied to your mum also. Rohan says its none of your business, stay in your limits. Inspector says I will teach you a lesson. He raises hand. Kaku shouts and stops inspector.

She slaps Rohan twice. She counts his lies. She says I knew why you made me a cook and maid, I always knew it, I lied to your dad, I asked Hasmukh not to doubt you and see you, you have ashamed me. She slaps him twice again. She scolds him. Rohan asks her to beat him more. Cheenu goes.

Rohan says you knew it, forgive me. He sits crying. She says its all my mistake. She goes out. She feels bad that she has prepared Rohan to do this, her blessing and upbringing made him do it. She asks constable to congratulate her, her son is here because of her. She goes out and cries.

Cheenu walks on the road and recalls her dad’s words about Rohan. She thinks of the past. She gets in front of a car. Another car comes in front and saves her from getting hit. She falls down. A guy gets down the car to help her. She sees him and says Akshay. She holds his hand. He asks what happened. She cries and says nothing. He asks her to get in the car. Kaku sits crying outside the police station.

Kaku and Cheenu come to the police station to save Rohan. They get Akshay along.

Update Credit to: Amena

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