Indiawaali Maa 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chinu’s Father Insults Rohan

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Indiawaali Maa 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku excitedly gets ready for running competition. She stuffs potato in Rohan’s sports shoes and wears them and ties them with a rope. She confidently walks to competition venue. Hassu calls her and asks where is she. She disconnects call saying she is busy. She lines up with other competitors. Host says it is a 45-plus woman running competition and they will prove that age is just a number. Race starts. Kaku gets tired within a few steps, but then imagines Rohan encouraging her to run and runs fast leaving all the competitors behind. She realizes that 10000 rs is for 3rd price. She purposefully runs in third position and seeing an asthmatic lady running behind her helps her reach 2nd, but herself unknowingly comes second. Host announces that she came 2nd and gives her AC voucher and 10000 rs voucher to asthmatic lady. She requests asthmatic lady to exchange her gift, but lady says she will ask her husband and inform her. She sadly returns home. Rohan opens door and asks where was she, they are already getting late for Chinu’s house. Kaku sits on sofa writhing in knee pain. Rohan sees her wearing his shoes and yells why did she wear his expensive shoes. She starts crying. He brings her water. She says she participated in society’s race and came 2nd, so she lost. Rohan laughs and says she is such a baby, let us go now.

They both reach Chinu’s house and see Chinu’s father sitting checking files. Kaku gives home made khandvi to Vasu and with Rohan greets Chinu’s father. Father says they are already late and asks them to sit. He then asks Rohan what is his future plan. Rohan says he has a business plan and already has investor lined up, but is unable to decide yet. Father asks who is the investor. Rohan tells name. Father asks them to join him for lunch and calls investor and asks since when he started investing. Investor says he hasn’t. Father asks if he is investing in Rohan Gadvi’s project. Investor asks who Rohan, he is hearing this name for the first time. Father starts insulting Rohan that he lied to his daughter and fooled her, nobody would like to invest in a liar. Rohan tries to speak, but father continues insulting. Rohan gets angry, but Kaku calms him down and says Rohan is from a small city and is very ambitious, he will not sit quiet and will do something. Father says Rohan is just using his daughter and his name for his money. Rohan says he cannot insult him like this, he is not getting investors because of him, if he is a liar, then what is he. Chinu gets angry and says he cannot speak to her father like this. He asks if she can’t see her father insulting him, even he has self-respect. Chinu asks what self-respect, there is no future of her and her child with him, he failed. Rohan says let us go from. Father says Chinu will not go anywhere. Chinu asks Kaku to accompany her.

Chinu takes Kaku to her room and seeing her bruised leg applies balm and says since she came here, she is writhing in pain and keeping her hands on knees and feet. Kaku blesses her addressing her as bahu. Chinu says she is not her bahu as Rohan didn’t let her to become his wife, she cannot return, and asks her to take care of herself. Kaku says relationships don’t end like this, like she loves other relations, she has to love other relations and has to give time to even her and Rohan’s relationship, till then she and Rohan will wait for her. They both walk down. Rohan eagerly waiting for them signals Kaku. Kaku nods no indicating Chinu didn’t want to come. Chinu sits for lunch and eats Kaku’s prepared khandvi. Rohan notices that standing near door.

Precap: Rohan asks Kaku if she made any mistake. Kaku says she is not well educated, but she is a mother and not a fool. Chandraprabha knocks door and warns Rohan to open the door, else she will break it. Kaku gets tensed.

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