Indiawaali Maa 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku Convinces Chandrapabha

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Indiawaali Maa 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku returns home from Chinu’s house. Rohan still in car call his friend Sagar and asks if he is sure he will get him an investor. Sagar says he will and asking him not to inform about it to anyone and to meet him in cafeteria. Rohan meets Sagar at cafeteria and says he needs loan badly, is he sure he can get an investor. Sagar asks to leave it to him and relax.

Chandrapabha with her goons knocks door and warns Rohan to open door and repay her loan, else she will break door. Kaku gets tensed hearing her. Chandrapabha leaves saying she will return and will not spare him until he returns her money. Kaku feels she shouldn’t hide when she promised Chandrapabha and rushes towards her. When Chandrapabha is about to get into car, Kaku stops her. Chandrapabha holds her hand tightly and says she promised to return money but fail and is a fraud like her son. Just then her son calls her and insists to attend his friend’s birthday party, she warns him to study at home and if he fails, he will be in trouble. Kaku signals her to permit him and say all his clothes are small or dirty, so he can wear his father’s clothes and go. Chandrapabha repeats same and leaves Kaku’s hand. Kaku asks what happened. Chandrapabha says her son said its better to be at home than wearing father’s clothes. Kaku says her son must be of 12-13 years, she used to handle Rohan like this and used to lie a lot for his betterment. She continues that she had promised her and felt guilty hearing her voice, so she came to confess; she tried her best and even participated in society’s running race, but instead of getting 3rd price of 10000 rs, she got 2nd price of AC voucher. She takes her to asthmatic lady whom Kaku helped come 3rd and asks if she convinced her husband to exchange AC voucher with 10000 rs. Lady says she spend 10000 rs in party, so she cannot help. Kaku feels sad and requests Chandrapabha to give Rohan some time. Chandrapabha calms down seeing Kaku’s situation and gives some time.

Rohan returns home and gets emotional reminiscing his romantic moments with Chinu. He messages her. Even she gets emotoinal. Kaku sees his tears and calms him down. She informs that she spoke to Chandrapabha and got him some time to repay loan. Rohan asks if she did any mistake. Kaku says maybe she is not highly educated, but she is a mother and knows how to handle these situations. She gets him mango shake to cheer him up. He says he drinks green tea, mango shake has high calories. Kaku reminds him of childhood days and with her moral gyaan convinces him. He enjoys milkshake and says it is as tasty as in his childhood. She suggests him to convince Chinu and bring her back home and asks howmuch he owes Chandrapabha.

Precap: Kaku asks Rohan if she should get a job. Rohan says she is 12th pass in Gujarati medium and nobody will give her job. Kaku requests Chandrapabha to give her some job. Chandrapabha asks her to return home, she will talk to her later.

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