Indiawaali Maa 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku’s Efforts To Help Rohan

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Indiawaali Maa 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku asks Rohan howmuch loan did he take from Chandraprabha. Rohan thinks she will panic if he informs that he took crores of loan, he lies that he took 1 lakh. Kaku gets tensed and says he took 1 lakh and don’t even receive Chandraprabha’s call, that is bad; she can’t even help as their Bhujh house Rohan nivas is already mortgaged for his education loan and its a 20-year loan and only 8 years have passed. She asks if she should work and help him repay loan. He laughs and says who will give job to 12th pass Gujrati medium lady and leaves saying he will manage somehow. He gets into his car and calling Meenu requests her to speak to her sister Chinu and convince her to meet him. She says he knows how Chinu is, but she will try. She requests Chinu to accompany her for shopping. Cinu agrees. Kaku rushes to Rohan and gives him tiffin. She then goes to security area and meets security guard. He asks why she runs everyday to give tiffin to her son, she should skip one day and let her son hungry, he will realize her value then. She asks if he misses his son daily and remembers him or not. He says yes. She says how can she let her son hungry. He says she is right. She asks if he can get her a job, she studied till 12th std in Gujrati medium and has sports certificates. He says he can see her sports skills when she runs behind her son, but nobody will give her job at this age. He suggests her to see Chandraprabha’s help as she has good connections. She thanks him and gifts AC voucher.

Kaku then reaches Chandraprabha’s office and sees employees threatening debtors to return loan on time, she signals him to speak with respect. Afraid he obeys her. She then asks another employee about his boss Chandraprabha and reaches Chandraprabha’s cabin. Chandraprabha gets happy thinking she came to repay loan so soon. Kaku says she needs job to repay her loan and will do any job. Chandraprabha asks howmuch loan did Rohan tell her. Kaku says 1 lakh and her son never lies. Chandraprabha feels pity for her and asks her to go home, she will inform her if she finds any vacancy. Kaku takes her promise and leaves.

Rohan calls Sagar and asks if he arranged investor. Rohan says he has and will reach his home with investor. Rohan says his mother is at home and he can take investor home, he will reach in some time. He sees Chinu with Meenu and apologizes her for his harsh words, requests to forgive him. Just then, bank officer enters and giving him car loan’s documents says he forfeited EMIs, so he has to return car. Rohan pleads to give him some time, but in vain.

Sagar reaches Rohan’s home with investor. Kaku brings water for them and hearing investor speaking in Gujrati over hone about his daughter’s wedding over phone. She speaks to him in Gujrati. Investor gets impressed and says he is happy to hear Gujrati after a long time. She asks about his caste and place and says she Gadvi. He says he is Patel. She serves him Gujrati snacks. He gets emotoinal and says she reminded him of his mother’s food. Sagar starts bragging that Rohan owns this lavish flat, has luxury car and his father is a rich businessman in Gujrat. Kaku says Rohan’s father Hasmukh Gadvi is has a small cloth shop in Bhuj and this house is rented, but her son is very talented and will repay his loan faithfully. Investor walks away angrily saying he can tolerate delay in payment but in lies. Sagar calls Rohan and informs that his mother spoilt whole situation and investor left. Kaku walks to Patel and says Rohan’s father has small business, but he gained respect in while Bhuj with his loyalty, Rohann is his son and will work hard and repay his loan. Patel asks why did she tell truth. She says Rohan wouldn’t have slept well in guilt. Patel gets a call that Gujrati caterer has cancelled catering in his daughter’s wedding. Kaku hears that and describing all Gujrati dishes name asks what if she prepares all the dishes in his daughter’s wedding. Patel gets happy and gives her catering order. Rohan returns home and scolds her. She says she agreed to cater in Patel’s daughter’s wedding and will convince him to give Rohan loan. Rohan shouts that he has has to maintain reputation and she cannot spoil his dignity by cooking in someone’s wedding. She says in Bhuj, they help each other during weddings and prepare dishes together, there is nothing wrong in it.

Precap: Kaku tastes her dishes to Patel’s daughter/bride and she likes it. She then signs Gujrati song impressing bride. Rohan fumes reading Kaku’s letter that she is going to Patel’s house to save her son’s dignity.

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