Indiawaali Maa 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Patel agrees to invest for Rohan

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Indiawaali Maa 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan tells Kaku if she cooks, then whatever reputation they have left, will also be gone. If Chinu finds out that she’s cooking, then matter will get worse. Kaku says it’s a good thing to cook and feed someone. He needs Patel’s help and Patel needs her help. She asks him to let her cook, but he refuses and leaves.

Kaku calls Hassu to take his advice whether she should continue helping. He says yes. He’s cooking. Kaku gives him tips. He says he’s missing her. Kaku asks him how to forward a message.

Vasu needs a car. She thinks of Rohan and then makes fun in front of Meenu that bank people took Rohan’s car. Chinu hears it and asks her father’s house, cars are not enough that she needs others’ cars now? Vasu asks her to have manners. Chinu says kids learn what elders do. Vasu leaves. Chinu asks Meenu whether she told Vasu about Rohan’s car. Meenu says no, maybe she found out from driver. Meenu then asks her she’s coming to Amrita’s function, right? Chinu says she is not in mood after what’s happening with her. She tells Meenu to carry on. Chinu receives a cute smiley and she smiles. Another message comes from Kaku saying she just learned how to forward a message. From now, she will daily send her a cute picture.

Rohan is upset. He tells Sagar on phone to do something fast. Sagar advices him to wait for Patel. Rohan says do whatever it takes, he wants to make things normal like before. Kaku hears his conversation. After he leaves, Kaku prays to God to be with her today. She comes to Patel’s home. Patel’s wife tells her that Amrita thinks Gujaratis add too much sugar in their food, so she called chefs from restaurants. Kaku can just make some/sample Gujarati dish for shagun. Kaku thinks it’s time to tell everyone that Gujarati food is not what they think. She asks chef for something, but they don’t understand. She calls Hassu to for English translation. Hassu takes someone’s help and tells her. Kaku cooks now. She makes lots of dishes.

Guests start arriving. No one comes to Kaku’s stall. Amrita’s mother asks Kaku why she cooked so much. Amrita comes there. Kaku requests her to try a laddu. Amrita loves it. She calls her friends and ask them to try. She calls Patel too. Patel says he has tasted her food and asks her to continue. Patel thanks Kaku. Kaku says they’re a family, it’s her to duty to contribute to his family’s function. He praises Kaku and says if Rohan has even slightest quality of her, then he doesn’t mind investing. He tells her to tell Rohan to see him in the office. Kaku is very happy.
Amrita’s mother takes Kaku to sing Gujarati song. Kaku sings and everyone loves it. Engagement ceremony starts. Kaku imagines Rohan’s engagement and Chinu’s father taking her in middle of function. Everyone claps and she comes out of her imagination. Meenu praises Kaku’s singing. Kaku gets happy thinking Chinu must be there. Meenu says she came alone. She asks Kaku why she’s crying. Kaku says she was thinking when Rohan and Chinu will get married. Meenu says that looks impossible because of her Appa. Kaku asks Meenu if she’s drunk. Meenu says it’s a party, maybe she should try it too. Kaku says she doesn’t want. Kaku thinks of taking Meenu from there before anyone sees her in that condition.

Rohan comes home and finds Kaku’s letter that she’s going to Patel’s home. He gets angry.

Kaku brings Meenu to her home and calls Chinu to open the door. Vasu also comes there. Meenu vomits at the door. They take her to couch. Seeing Appa coming, Vasu tells Kaku so she took revenge like this by showing to them what their daughter is like? Kaku asks how she would know their driver? Talk something sensible. Appa says it’s Rohan who did everything knowingly. He lied and spoiled Chinu’s life. He had no money and still big talks. He also says bank people took that car, right? Chinu is surprised that even her father knows about it.

Precap: Vasu asks Kaku how much money she wants to go away from Chinu’s life? Kaku asks how much she can give?

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