Indiawaali Maa 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku helps Rohan with his assignment

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Indiawaali Maa 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan is not picking up Kaku’s call. She then calls Chinu and asks if she knows Rohan’s new office address. Chinu says yes. Kaku asks her to message her.

Rohan reaches his office with Sagar. He’s excited to enter. Kaku comes there and stops him. She asks how he can enter without doing puja. They do puja and then they enter. Rohan calls Patel and tells him that he won’t disappoint him. Kaku says such a big and beautiful office. She goes to check the office. Someone brings samples box back saying customer rejected the order. Rohan is nervous. He says if this order gets rejected, then they will lose Patel’s investment too. Sagar says they will have to increase budget and work with a top designer. Kaku comes back and sees Rohan upset. He says he failed again. She says he can never fail. There might be some complication. She asks him to think what to do next. She has promised Chinu she will bring her back home. She tries to help him, but he asks her to go home. She notices samples have come back. While packing her bag, she keeps 1 sample in her bag. After she leaves, he tells Sagar why Indian mothers don’t leave their children alone. It’s like they will solve all their problems enter life. He tries to find out what’s wrong with sample.

Kaku videocalls Hasu for help. He asks her whether Rohan asked her to help. She says no. He says let him solve his problems by himself then. She says he will always be child for her and she needs to help him. She shows him the sample. He says it looks strong, there could be an issue with color. She puts it in boiled water and sees color coming off cloth. She calls Rohan, but he is in hurry and refuses to listen. She screams and says she fell down. Rohan leaves to go home.

Vasu tells Murthy that she found out from Patel’s wife that Patel is investing in Rohan’s business. Murthy calls Patel and invites him to his home tomorrow.

Rohan comes homes and gets upset as Kaku lied to him. She says he wasn’t listening to her and she wanted to tell him something important. She shows him colors coming off sample piece and says it’s a third class material. Sagar praises Kaku. He tells Rohan how they will be able to show samples tomorrow? Kaku says she will solve the problem in one night. Rohan is quiet. She asks him whether she should do it or no. He tells to go ahead. He knows she will do it. He thanks her. Sagar and Rohan leave. They come outside. Sagar asks him has he gone mad? He gave designer level work to Kaku? He says she wouldn’t stop asking otherwise. This way she will stay busy and they will find work on their problem.

Kaku tells Hasu that she promised Rohan that she will solve his problem, but how she will do it? Suddenly she gets an idea. She takes out a bed sheet and cuts it. Hasu says he will give her company whole night. She asks him to sleep. He says no and helps her. Rohan returns home. Kaku tells him that his dinner is on table. He goes to his room and gets shocked seeing his bed messed up. Hasu asks such a late dinner? She is doing the work, then what he was doing in office? She says he has other work too.

Hasu falls asleep. Kaku is also getting sleepy. She continues working on sample.

It’s morning. Kaku is also sleeping. Her phone rings. She gets shocked seeing it’s 10’o clock already. She prays and rushes to office as Rohan’s client must be coming.

The client is not impressed with Rohan’s samples. Kaku comes and shows her sample to him.

Precap: Meenu informs Rohan that Chinu is in hospital and asks him to come to hospital saying it’s a very serious matter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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