Indiawaali Maa 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chinu’s Abortion?

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Indiawaali Maa 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenu informs Rohan and Kaku that Chinu’s life is in danger and her baby has to be adopted. Kaku asks how can they do this without Chinu’s permission, they have to inform her. Rohan says Chinu would never agree for abortion, so it has to be done without her permission. Kaku resists and tells him and Chinu’s parents that they are doing wrong and cannot snatch a baby from her mother. Rohan says Chinu’s life is important to her. Chinu’s father Murthy says he took the right decision for the first time and goes to call doctor. Kaku continues resisting, Rohan asks Meenu to take Chinu away. Meenu does same. Chinu is taken into OT while Murthy smirks and Kaku stands tensed. Rohan reminisces Chinu that their baby will be born in US and not in India, they saw the dreams together and he will fulfill them. Out of flashback, he cries profusely. Doctor informs Murthy that Chinu’s weak and fell unconscious due to loss of blood, hence abortion is not necessary and only proper rest is needed. Vasu is shocked and asks if it is not doctor’s advice. Husband smirks and says it was his decision and reminds that Kaku had challenged that Rohan and Chinu’s bonding will not be broken at any cost, now she will see what he can do.

Nurse prepares for abortion. Kaku barges into OT and tries to wake up Chinu. Nurse scolds her and tries to send her away, but she continues waking up Chinu. Chinu wakes up. Kaku informs her about abortion. She returns to Rohan. Rohan cries that his baby is gone. Kaku says baby is safe as she informed Chinu about abortion and doctor told she never spoke about abortion, it was Murthy’s idea. Rohan walks to meet Chinu while Kaku smiles.

Rohan walks to Chinu and emotionally hugs her. Kaku walks in Murthy with Vasu reaches next. Chinu confronts him for trying to abort her baby. Murthy says it was for her better life. Kaku reminds Murthy about her advice and challenge. Rohan orders Murthy to get out. Murthy warns to mind his tongue. Rohan insists him to get out of their lives. Chinu and Kaku back him. Murthy with family walks away warning of dire consequences. Kaku consoles Chinu. Chinu says thank you is not enough for what she did for her. Kaku says everything is fine now and asking Rohan to take care of her walks away. Rohan goes to pay bill. Receptionist asks him to pay 25000 rs in total and 10000 rs right now. He gets tensed thinking how will he arrange money right now.

Precep: Grocer insults Rohan for not paying grocery bill.
Kaku says she will attend office and help him repay loan. Rohan says she cannot at all.

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