Indiawaali Maa 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku gets insulted

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Indiawaali Maa 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku talking to the watchman. She says my son has sent me here, its his friend’s house. She asks him to click her pics. She likes the big house. The watchman confirms about her. He asks her to go after security check. A man checks her bag. He asks her to go in. Kaku gets Hasmukh’s call. He asks where are you. She says its a big house, Rohan has asked me to help his friend’s mum in cooking, its fine, we help people there as well, Rohan is much respected here. He says its fine, but I don’t feel good. She asks him not to doubt Rohan. He says you look so good. She thanks him and enters the house. She smiles seeing the decorations. She meets Mrs. Hegde. She says I can do everything with your friends, we will make kachoris. Mrs. Hegde asks will my friends help you, not funny, start your work. She asks her to go to the kitchen with the servant.

The man asks her to start her work soon. He takes her phone. Cheenu’s mum comes there. Rohan tries to cheer up Cheenu. She asks why do you talk rudely to your mom, she is such a nice person, she always supports you. He says she interferes always and complicates things, I have to handle it, sorry about your mom. She says I miss my mom a lot, I wish she could be with me, she would have loved me, you are very lucky, why don’t you value her, if anyone treats my mum badly, I won’t tolerate, I want you to pay her respect. He gets thinking of Kaku.

Cheenu’s mom Vasudha comes and sees Kaku tasting the food. Kaku gets shocked to see her. Kaku says I m a guest here, talk to me with respect. Vasudha asks are you the guest here, did Rohan tell this to you, come and enjoy the party. The ladies party goes on. Vasudha asks Kaku to tell them. Kaku asks how shall I say, its Mrs. Hegde’s party.

Vasudha says you are Rohan’s mum, she is his friend’s mum, just go. Kaku goes to Mrs. Hegde. Vasudha smiles. Kaku says everyone should have some fun, I will show you. She entertains the ladies and dances. Mrs. Hegde stops Kaku and asks her to go to the kitchen to set the food for everyone. Kaku feels bad. She goes and takes her bag. Vasudha asks are you leaving. Kaku says who insults by inviting at home. Mrs Hegde says you have embarrassed me a lot. Vasudha smiles and records Kaku’s insult. Mrs. Hegde says you are a servant, you have come here for cooking. Kaku says I didn’t take any cooking work, I came here to help you, Rohan ….. Mrs. Hegde says Rohan has sent you to cook for the party guests, I have paid him. Kaku gets shocked.

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