Indiawaali Maa 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan shares his problems with Kaku

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Indiawaali Maa 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Cheenu saying its because of me, Kaku, sorry, Rohan came home drunk. Kaku says how shall I explain you, until you get the taste of bitterness in life, how will you know the taste of honey, its fun, else life gets boring. Cheenu says your theories are different, I mean you are different, special. Kaku says you and Rohan are special for me, why were you angry on the call. Cheenu says Meenu called me to attend an imp meeting, dad wants me to attend it. Kaku asks her to come and have breakfast. Cheenu goes. Rohan wakes up. He goes to freshen up. Cheenu asks Kaku to sit and teach her to make anything special. Kaku asks who will cook. Cheenu says you are my cooking coach today, anything that Rohan likes, how shall I say sorry to her. Kaku asks her to hug her. Cheenu hugs her and gets emotional.

Kaku says Rohan found a nice girl for himself, even I could have not found such a nice girl for him, thanks, will you make gobi pakoda, get the cauliflower from the fridge. Cheenu gets it. Kaku asks her to wash it. She teaches Cheenu. Cheenu says I didn’t do any kitchen work, Appa doesn’t have son, so he made us his sons, he didn’t let me do household work, we know business and can handle business meetings, I m lacking in basics. Kaku says its not your mistake, people used to control girls before and now they want girls to win the world, that house falls lonely, the change in girls’ lives is good, but I feel boys and girls should know everything, boys should know cooking and girls should know business also. Cheenu says so cool, Kaku, be it boy or girl, I will make him all rounder. Kaku says great, go and wash the hands. Kaku says what shall I say, did I make Rohan all rounder. Rohan hears this and goes.

Cheenu gets Rohan’s message. She asks did Rohan go out. She looks for Rohan. Cheenu says I was rude towards him, it doesn’t mean he goes without meeting me, why is he doing this. Kaku says calm down, go and prepare for the meeting, Rohan has a meeting today with Indiawali Maa, he should know that mum doesn’t just sing a lullaby, but twist ears also. Cheenu asks what will you do. Rohan comes to his friend’s house. He says its embarrassing, I can’t go to office now, I was drunk yesterday. His friend asks him to have a drink. Kaku comes there. She says I have come to meet Rohan, he can’t go to office, he will come here, move away. She sees Rohan with the alcohol bottle. She says great, party is going on, show me, is it whiskey or local, I m also much worried, so much sorrow and pain, I also thought to have a drink with you. Rohan asks what nonsense, leave it. She sees a hockey stick and goes to take it. She asks what did you say, I m saying nonsense, I will see you. Rohan asks what are you doing. She beats him. She beats his friend also. Rohan says enough now. She says you didn’t tell me and came here, shall I tell Hasmukh. He says I m not a 5 year old kid. She says 5 year old kid is more sensible than you. She gets knee pain and sits. She asks Rohan to come and sit, she won’t beat him.

Cheenu meets her dad. She says I value my family and also the ones related to family. She argues with him. She says you don’t have a heart to understand. Her dad says I m doing this to handle everything, how shall I explain, you know what are the people telling about Rohan. Kaku says you share it with your mum, I will do anything to help you, make a list of the loans, how much do you have to pay to Chandraprabha. Rohan says one. His friend says two. She asks two or one. Rohan says one lakh. She says fine. He signs his friend.

Cheenu and her dad talk to the board members. They don’t approve Rohan as a board member, since he is a cheat and a fraud. Cheenu gets upset. Appa says think about me, they have troubled me a lot, I have heard them for two hours, company reputation is at stake only because of Rohan, I m your dad, I raised you like a son, leave Rohan, come back and handle all this, help your dad. Kaku says we will manage it, Cheenu is also with you, she is a good life partner, she told me that she will cook food for you, you came this way, you stay happy if you love each other.

Rohan says sorry, I won’t drink from now. Kaku says my son is so good. Chandraprabha calls him. She takes the call. She says Rohan is much worried, he is trying hard to return the money, give me some time. Chandraprabha says you will do cooking and become a maid. Kaku says its household work, what’s the problem. Chandra says does Rohan agree for it. Kaku says he doesn’t know that I know that he is taking money for my work, if he knows it, then he will break down, he will feel bad and not let me work, he loves me a lot, we both will do work and pay all loans. Chandra says I don’t know if Lord made another mum like you, but you are great. Rohan says mum’s cooking is helping a bit, but she doesn’t know that I m charging money for her services. His friend says you said one lakh instead two crores. Rohan says we will at least make a start, small expenses can be paid by the cooking, we have to think something big.

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