Indiawaali Maa 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chinnamma Thinks Kaku Is Maid

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Indiawaali Maa 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaku boards train and reaches Bangalore. She calls Rohan repeatedly, but he is busy in a bank meeting and even after noticing her call doesn’t pick it. Kaku thinks where is and why don’t he pick his call. Rohan requests bank manager to grant him loan for his business, he will promise to repay loan soon. Manager says seeing his bad loan history and poor credibility status, he cannot grant him loan. Rohan picks Kaku’s call finally and says he sent car to pick her up. She asks if he didn’t come. He says he is stuck in important meeting and will inform driver. Hassu calls Kaku and asks if she reached safely. She says yes, Rohan has sent driver to pick her up. He asks if Rohan didn’t come personally. She says he is in a meeting. He says she reached 30 min earlier, how will she manage. She asks not to worry about her, if he finished lunch. He says yes. She says she doesn’t know local language here, but will manage. Once he disconnects, Rohan calls and says driver is waiting for her in parking lot. She says she cannot read local language. He asks her to ask someone and goes back to attend meeting. She asks a man nearby where is parking lot. He in Kannada says gottilla/he doesn’t know. She then asks a lady who in Kannada says go straight and take a turn. She walks out confused and stands under rain. Seeing another lady talking about parking lot, she tries to follow her, but Rohan’s driver comes and takes her towards car. She gets very happy.

Sitting in a car, Kaku goes into flashback where she waits for boy Rohan when he returns from school and happily hugs him. Hassu says Rohan was away for 5 minutes, she is acting as if he was away for years. Kaku says she cannot stay away from her son even for a minute. Hassu says Rohan will forget her once he marries. Kaku says her son will not marry, Rohan says he will be with maa forever. Out of flashback, she hears Rohan’s voice and asks where is he. Rohan says his driver’s phone is connected to Bluetooth speaker and asks if she got to the car safely. She nods yes. She reaches home and thinks its so big. Rohan returns home chatting on phone. Kaku excitedly rushes and hugs him. He part ways and asks how is the house. She says its very big. He says this is Bangalore’s posh’s area’s biggest building. He gets her water. She chats and says she will show him gift sent by Hassu. Rohan gets a call and leaves saying he has meeting again.

Kaku peeps out of from balcony and gets amazed seeing tall building apartment. She starts cleaning house when Rohan’s wife Chinnamma enters speaking to someone and saying she hates her appa/father trying to control her and doesn’t consider her stepmother as mother, etc. Chinnamma notices her and asks if she is maid, came from agency. Kaku says yes. Chinnamma asks who brought her in. Kaku says Rohan Saheb/sir. Chinnamma says then fine and asks she has to do all household chores. Kaku says, she will even cook as her husband thinks she cooks tasty food. Chinnamma asks what would be her working hours and salary. Kaku says 24 hours for 0 salary. Chinnamma asks who is she. Kaku smilingly says she is maa, Rohan’s maa.

Precap: Chinnamma says she cannot stay in joint family and cannot tolerate his mother, maybe his mother needs money and she heard her speaking to his father about money, so she may go if he gives her money. Kaku gets disheartened hearing this.

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