Indiawaali Maa 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku’s Brave Act

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Indiawaali Maa 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chinnamma asks Rohan why didn’t he ask her before organizing party at home, how will she manage alone. Rohan says relax, he will return and manage. He calls maa/Kaku, but she doesn’t reply. Chinnamma checks in her room and says maa is not at home. Rohan asks if she left home hearing their last night’s argument. Chinnamma says they were discussing. Rohan says samething. Chinamma walks towards main gate murmuring that she should not feel bad about Chinnamma/Chinu’s words, she is also like her daughter. She asks watchman where is vegetable shop. He doesn’t understand Hindi, but seeing her sign language shows direction. Rohan calls Kaku repeatedly, but her phone is not reachable. Chinu asks her to call his father and check if she spoke to him. Rohan says papa will scold him. They both walk down to watchman who is busy chatting with his girlfriend and says he just and first shift watchman must be knowing. Rohan rudely asks him to call that watchman and ask if he saw an old woman as his mother is missing. Watchman says he would have spoken rude to even his mother like this as he knows you people don’t respect your parents. Rohan fumes, but Chinnamma stops him and says let us search Kaku first.

Kaku reaches hifi vegetable shop and gets mesmerized seeing different types of vegetables which she doesn’t find in Bhuj. She checks avocado and asks what is it. Shopkeeper says avocado. She repeats with great difficulty and asks price of vegetables. He quotes more than 100% than usual price. Kaku says she will give only 50%. He asks if she came to Bangalore for the first time and asks her to buy somewhere else. She sees vegetable delivery truck and reminiscing Hassu’s advice to buy goods from wholesale market to get them cheap, she asks truck driver about wholesale market. He says Yeshwanthpur and suggests to hire sharing auto. She shares auto with 2 other women. Driver drops her and says this auto doesn’t go to Yeshwantpur and shows her another auto. She reaches Yeshwantpur market and buys vegetable from shopkeeper saying there are guests coming at his son’s house, she wants to impress them and see Rohan more successful.

She returns to her apartment building after buying vegetables and seeing neighbor lady chats with her, asks her name who says she is Chandrika Iyer. She introduces herself as neighbor Rohan’s mother and gifts her bottle guard suggesting to buy vegetables only from Yeshwantpur. Neighbor thanks her and closes door. She thinks she will inform Tripti that she found another Tripti here. She turns and sees Rohan and Chinu standing.

Precap: Kaku gets ready to meet guests. Rohan says guests either will speak in English or Kannada, so she will not understand them and its better she stays in her room. He walks away closing door. Kaku sits sadly.

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