Indiawaali Maa 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan’s Lies: Kaku is Hurt

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Indiawaali Maa 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hassu calls Kaku and asks what is happening Bhuj’s Kajol. Kaku jokes what is happening with him Bhuj’s Shahrukh and informs that she is selecting jewelry and sari to get ready to meet Rohan’s guests. He says she will look beautiful in whatever she wears. She feels shy, they continue to chat, and she disconnects call saying she is getting late. She gets ready excitedly. Rohan walks in. She asks if his guests came. He says his guests will speak in either English or Kannada and she cannot understand both, so it is better she stays in room. Kaku says he will manage. Rohan insists to stay back in room as this deal is very important to him and asks if she is feeling bad. Kaku nods yes. Rohan walks away locking door. Kaku starts crying and reminisces childhood incident where 12 year old Rohan gets afraid of taking vaccination and she encourages him that he is not a 2-year-old kid and has grown up. He requests to accompany him, but she sends him in. He comes out and says he is angry on her as she didn’t accompany him. Chinu tells Rohan that they can allow Kaku to attend party. Rohan says this deal is important, so they shouldn’t allow maa to meet guests. She asks if he is sure. He says yes.

Kaku walks out and saying Rohan that she will go and out and enjoy cool breeze for 3-4 hours. He asks her to be around apartment building itself. She leaves house and sits under park’s canopy, weeping. Hassu calls her and asks how is the party and hearing vehicle sound asks if she came out. She nervously controlling her tears says party got cancelled, so Rohan brought her out for dinner at a restaurant. He asks name of restaurant. She says it is in local language. He says he is happy hearing someone is caring for her. She disconnects call.

Guests start coming to Rohan’s party. His new business investor Shetty also walks in. Rohan tells Chinu that he will impress Shetty at any cost and get order from him. He shows Shetty his precious painting and arts collection and serves his liquor. Shetty’s wife asks abut his Father-in-law. Rohan boasts that his FIL insists him to call appa and is very impressed with his success. Chinu takes him aside and asks why is he using her father’s name for his business, her father doesn’t like it. Rohan says there is nothing wrong in it and he is praising her father instead. Party finishes. Shetty praises Rohan’s party, especially food. Rohan says his mother prepared it with servants’ help. Shetty asks to call her as he wants to thank her personally. Rohan lies that she has gone to attend another party. Shetty asks what does his parents do. Rohan lies that his father is a very busy businessman who has multiple garments, shoes, etc., businesses. Shetty leaves greeting him goodnight.

Kaku returns home and rings bell, but Rohan doesn’t open door or pick her call. She walks to neighbor Chandrika Iyer and asks if she saw her son or did he leave flat key with her. Chandrika rudely speaks and shuts door on her face saying she doesn’t know her son and she should file police complaint. Kaku then sadly walks down near security room thinking where he must have gone. Hassu calls her, she hurriedly checks mobile thinking Rohan called, but gets disappointed and doesn’t pick call. She walks to watchman and asks if he saw her son Rohan and bahu Chinu. He says he came just now and earlier watchman must be knowing, says young generation kids don’t bother about parents and elders.

Precap: Doctor informs Chinu that she is pregnant. Kaku congratulates Chinu. Chinu tells Rohan that they messed it up and didn’t want baby so early.

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