Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 11

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Episode starts vansh shouts for angre. Angre comes. Vansh says track ridhima’s phone. Angre tries and says we can’t trace her call as its switch off. Vansh says ridhima is in danger. We have to find her. Vansh gets worried. Angre says carm down boss ridhima is an agent she knows how to tackle everything. Vansh says I don’t care but I want to see ridhi safe.

Otherside side ridhima slowly opens her eyes and gets herself tied. She heard footsteps and she quickly closes her eyes. Mystery person comes to her and whispers ridhima, I feel pity for u. You shouldn’t married vansh. You will be safe. Go away from vansh. You always cum infront of vansh when I wanted to kill him. I know u very well. Diamonds are with u ridhima. Today I will get the diamonds .

Ridhima opens her eyes and says not even in your dreams. The person slaps ridhima. Ridhima smiles. The mystery person says give me the diamonds. Ridhima says I don’t have. Person says you don’t know me ridhima I can kill anyone for this diamonds. I knew vansh got this diamonds and I was about to kill him but before that you took diamonds from him so that I can’t kill vansh. Ridhima says interesting, very interesting.

Mystery person says I made a plan with kabir so that I can kill vansh but u everytime came between us. Ridhima says you are with kabir. Mystery person says yes I helped kabir eveytime but I didn’t told him that you married vansh. Ridhima laughs and says I heard you are a player, nice to meet you Iam the Couch. She frees herself from the ropes and slaps the mystery person.She says you forgot iam agent burning fire .They gets into a fight just then they hear police siren. The person pushes ridhima and ran away. Ridhima tries to follow her when vansh comes running.

Vansh hugs ridhima. Vansh says thank God you are fine. Angre also cums. Ridhima hugs him also. Ridhima says how you guys came to know iam here. Angre smiles towards vansh. Ridhima says excuse me can u tell me. Vansh says you told me. Ridhima says me I didn’t .Vansh walks towards ridhima and touches her mangalsutra. Ridhima looks on. Vansh says this tracker told me. Ridhima says what u put tracker on my mangalsutra. I didn’t know before. Angre says ridhi we know you are agent but boss also knows how to keep his family safe. Ridhima smiles and says good job.

Vansh asks her who kidnapped her. Ridhima gets thinking. She says I didn’t see the face. She mentally apologize to vansh and says I can not tell you right now. U will not believe me. I’ve to get proof. Vansh says ridhima what are you thinking. Ridhima says nothing. Vansh says then let’s go home. Ridhima nods.

In VR Mansion

Chacha and other sees ridhima and vansh doesn’t seem happy. Dadi hugs ridhima. Siya cums and says thank God you guys are ok. She says angre told us that you have been kidnapped. Anupiya says why not you resign from the job ridhima. We can not see u in trouble. Vansh says ridhima will not leave her job. She will handle everything.

Ridhima thinks I can not trust this family. I have to find proof so that vansh gets to know the person and will be alert. Vansh says were are the diamonds ridhima.

Ridhima gets a call and gets shocked. Vansh says what happened. Ridhima says Kabir has escaped from the jail. Vansh says what .Ridhima says maybe someone has helped him .Vansh says where are the diamonds ridhi. Ridhima says its safe with me and looks at someone who gets tensed.

Precap:  Lawyer cums to VR with a will. He announces all the Rai Singhania properties will be on ridhima name. Vansh and others look on shocked.

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