Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 12

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Episode begins with vansh holds ridhima hand. Ridhima looks on. Vansh says give the diamonds to me. I don’t want to risk your life. Ridhima says why you care about me. Vansh says because your are my responsibility. Ridhima gets teary eyes and says iam  just your responsibility nothing else. Vansh says yes I promised your parents to take care of u. Ridhima looks at the person who smiles at her. Ridhima takes out her hand from vansh grip and says I can manage myself. She walks towards her room.

After sometime dadi calls everyone downstairs. All went. Ridhima sees Lawyer and smiles. Vansh noticed that. Lawyer says I got Mr Rai Singhania will. He says before mr rai Singhania died he changed his will. Before all the property was divided into his children name Vansh, Ishani Aryan and siya. Dadi says yes and now. Lawyer says you can read by yourself. Dadi looks on shocked. Vansh says what it is. Lawyer says now all the rai Singhania properties will be in Mrs Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania name. Vansh and all looks at ridhima shocked. Ridhima pretends like nothing she knows. Chacha says bhaiya didn’t told me about changing the will.

Lawyer says before his accident he came to meet me and told me that he wants to change his will. He gave all the properties to vansh’s  wife name. He looks at ridhima and says congratulations you are now the owner of everything. Ridhima smirks towards the mystery person.

In the night ridhima was sleeping when someone cums holding a knife. She was about to stab her when ridhima holds the knife. She smiles and says siya. Not now. You did everything to get the properties and the diamonds. Your plan went in water. Now everything is on my name. Siya says ridhima. I hate u. You snatched my everything. Ridhima says I give you last chance. Please be siya who vansh knows. He loves u. If he will get to know that you want to kill him .he will get shattered. Siya laughs and says Vansh trust me and if you tell him he won’t believe it. Ridhima says I know. But u failed you can not get anything. Siya gets angry and goes.

In the morning ridhima wakes up sees vansh missing. She gets freshen up and went downstairs. She sees everyone in the dinning room except of siya. Ridhima gets thinking where did siya went in the morning. Ridhima sees angre and ishani together. They argue on something. Ridhima smiles at them. Aryan cums from behind and gets shocked looking at the door. He shouts what the…Vansh says what happened.

Aryan shows his finger towards the door. All sees that and gets shocked to see siya on bridal getup. Ridhima eyes went towards her hairline having sindoor and wearing a mangalsutra. Vansh and all sees that too. They asked siya whom did she married. They hear a voice me and looks at the person behind siya is none other than Kabir. Ridhima gets thinking siya spoiled her life by marrying kabir. Siya smirks towards ridhima  and thinks ridhima you spoiled my plan now I will spoil ur marriage with vansh .Kabir sees ridhima and smiles. Kabir thinks ridhima your kabir came to get you back. Vansh fumes at kabir and thinks I will fail your all plan.

Precap: Vansh and kabir engage in fighting. Ridhima slaps vansh.

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