Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 3

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Hi guys. I hope u like to read my ff.

Episode begins with ridhima tries to run away when vansh asked her where is she going. Ridhima breathes and says no where. I was thirsty so I came to drink water. Vansh water jug must be at ur room. Ridhima stammers saying water finished so thought I go to kitchen and drink.

Vansh glares at her and goes to drink water .Ridhima also joins him. Ridhima was going when stops her and call his all family. Dadi asks vansh y he is calling them at night. Vansh told them that marriage will be held today. Means now go and get ready. Everyone gets shocked.

Chanchal asks if he gone mad. What the mean now. Vansh glares at her and she keeps shut. Ridhima thinks no I can’t marry vansh its better to die. Vansh smirks at ridhima who was scared. Just then Pandit cums with angre.

Vansh asks ridhima to get ready u will become mrs ridhima vansh rai Singhania. Ridhima runs towards her room.

Ridhima cums and thinks how to tell kabir that marriage is now. Kabir feels something strange and knew something is big will happen. His aid rushes and tells him about riansh wedding now. Kabir gets shocked. He rushes outside.

In VR Mansion

Vansh gets ready and sits on the mandap waits for ridhima. Ridhima gets ready and cums downstairs. Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her. Pandit starts the mantras. Ridhima cries recalling kabir. Vansh exchange Garland with ridhima. Ridhima was hesitating. Vansh holds her hand exchange Garland. Ridhima cries vansh smirks. They sit down and Pandit ask them to take pheras. Riansh takes pheras.

Pandit tells them this is ur last phera and who will become husband and wife. .Ridhima was about to take pheras when angre cums running. Vansh looks at him and angre signals. Vansh goes when gathbandhan stops him. He looks at ridhima. Ridhima holds the gathbandhan.

Vansh and others goes outside and sees kabir with police. Ridhima gets happy.

Precap: Ridhima as bride and kabir as groom is in the temple. Ridhima gets married. Ridhima gets happy that she married kabir.

Sorry for short update.

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