Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir kidnaps Sejal

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying I will come home and hear it from you. Riddhima sees Sejal’s watch and says its Sejal’s watch. She goes back to find Sejal. Sejal sees her from the little hole in the carton. Riddhima goes. She says you kidnapped Sejal, right. Anupriya asks what nonsense, why would I do that. Riddhima says I have a proof that Sejal is in VR mansion, she wanted to tell me something, please torture me, leave my friend, she is not at fault. Anupriya says its too much, let Vansh come, he will see you. Riddhima says he will take my side, I will find Sejal, I will tell your truth to Vansh, about your past. Anupriya says I m not scared, I will always be ahead of you, you can’t prove anything. Riddhima says the ones who walk fast stumble, I will find a proof against you, promise. She leaves. Anupriya says I don’t know where is Sejal, I hope Kabir is doing his work well.

Aryan says there is no risk, this is truth serum. Sejal will tell everything after we inject this. She says now we have Sejal and this truth serum, very soon we will have Riddhima’s truth. Riddhima comes downstairs. Dadi calls out Badrinath. She asks did you see him. Riddhima says no, why are you doing this, leave it. Dadi says its a small work, I thought to do it myself. Riddhima says where can he go. She says I will find him. Dadi says leave it, you go and get ready, there is less time for puja, Vansh would be coming. Aryan and Chanchal see the box empty. Chanchal asks where did Sejal go. He says she has run away. Chanchal asks where can she go. Kabir says just answer me right, maybe I pity you, else these two wires are enough to kill you, trust me. He thinks Thank God finally my motive is getting fulfilled.

Vansh calls Riddhima and asks about the colour of roses she likes. She says you just come. He says I m on the way. She says fine, I m waiting. He sees the flowers and says you didn’t me the colour, you want me to give red colour roses, I can’t wait more, I m going to reach soon than you think. She says I have to tell you a lot, especially about Sejal, I know you will be annoyed, but I doubt Anupriya this time also, did she call anyone home this time. She recalls Badrinath and says did he come to help Anupriya, I will find out. She takes the gun from the drawer. Kabir says mom, Sejal is with me, situation is under control. He ends call. He asks Sejal did she tell anyone about Riddhima and him. Sejal signs no. Kabir says you will die if you try to run away, you will be responsible for it, don’t act smart. He says everything will happen according to my plan. Riddhima comes and hits on his leg. She points the gun at him. She says I know your plan.

Sejal looks on. She thinks Thank God, Riddhima came to help me. Riddhima says tell me why did you come, Anupriya called you for help, right. Kabir thinks Riddhima has a doubt on me, she doesn’t know about Sejal, I have no option than showing my face. He turns to Riddhima and removes the mask. Riddhima gets shocked. She says you here. He says yes, Badrinath is my friend, when you called the agency, I was talking to him, I decided to come here to help you. She gets away. He says I have come here for you, you aren’t happy, you are lost here, what happened to you. Someone comes home. Kabir says look at your state, your eyes are red, are you okay. Riddhima says you tell me about yourself, you always take new disguise, you come to help me, you didn’t tell me, you don’t trust me, I have to say something, Sejal is here, she is in danger, I tried to find her, I didn’t find her, she is my family, my friend, I feel she wanted to tell me something, but she got kidnapped, don’t know where is she, I can’t help her, once I know where is she, I will save her.

Sejal thinks I wish I could tell you, if I tell it, Kabir will kill you also. Kabir says don’t worry, I have come, I m sure that Vansh is behind Sejal’s kidnapping. Riddhima says no, he can never do this, once we get Sejal, all the truth will come out. Someone walks upstairs. Kabir says don’t worry, I have come, we will find her, I will take Sejal with me before Vansh comes. Riddhima says no, he is on the way, he may reach anytime, we can’t take risk.

Dadi calls out Riddhima for puja. Aryan comes to some room. Riddhima asks Kabir to go. She says I will find Sejal. Riddhima sits in the puja and thinks where are you Vansh. Aryan says Sejal has run away, she didn’t tell anything to Riddhima, we are safe.

Chanchal says we had a good chance to separate Vansh and Riddhima. Aryan says we will get many chances, Riddhima has a past, so Sejal had tolerated that torture. He recalls Riddhima’s slap. Pandit says wife is incomplete without husband, when is Vansh coming. Dadi says he is on the way. Vansh reaches home. Sejal thinks he is manipulating Riddhima. She screams and closes eyes. Kabir sees her and makes the wires away. He asks her to open eyes. He frees her. She opens eyes and pushes him. She runs out and sees Riddhima. Anupriya sees her. She thinks if Sejal shouts, everything will be over.

She sees Siya and pushes her wheelchair downstairs. Siya shouts. Riddhima and everyone run to her. Kabir catches Sejal and takes her away. Vansh comes with the roses. He gets shocked seeing Siya. He throws the roses and runs to Siya. He lifts her and takes her to the sofa. He asks Aryan to get first aid kit. Riddhima asks are you fine Siya. Siya nods. Kabir injects Sejal. Anupriya says so sorry Siya, I was close, but couldn’t help you. Pandit says its not possible to do havan now, I will do. Kabir sees Vansh. Vansh does the aid. Siya says I m okay, don’t worry. Vansh hugs her and says you are saying as if nothing happened. Kabir comes. Vansh says anything could have happened. Kabir signs Anupriya. Vansh asks how can you be careless in my absence. He stares at everyone. He sees Kabir and asks who are you. Riddhima and Anupriya worry.

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