Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds a mysterious statue

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi stopping Angre from taking Mrs. D’souza. Vansh says she made a mistake. She says I know she did a mistake, she is apologetic, don’t fire her. Vansh says fine, I will give a chance on your saying, else I can’t tolerate the one who cheats me. Mrs. D’souza thanks Dadi for saving her. The smoke alarm rings. Riddhima thinks did I leave the gas on. She runs. Ishani smiles and recalls igniting the stove. She thinks I have made your morning not so good. Riddhima puts the burnt vessel aside. Anupriya scolds her. Ishani says you wanted a good omen, you wanted your bahu to make kheer, now see, what she is doing. Riddhima asks Dadi to give her some time, she will make sweets. She quickly makes sweets and keeps bhog. Dadi smiles. Riddhima takes the sweets for Vansh. She asks him to taste it, the sweetdish lessens bitterness of the heart also. Vansh tastes the sweets. He likes it and says not bad. Dadi smiles and says this is called real bahu, the day was spoiling, but she managed it by her smartness. Vansh says I have an imp meeting, I will go. He goes.

Riddhima goes to clean the kitchen. Mrs. D’souza says I will clean it. Riddhima sees her hand hurt and does the aid. She says sorry for whatever happened with you, I couldn’t do anything for you. Mrs. D’souza says I have raised Vansh, I did a mistake, he gave me such a big punishment, its not justice. Riddhima says sorry on his behalf, what’s in the backyard, that there is such a big punishment. Mrs. D’souza says no one is permitted to go there, please. She goes. Riddhima says something big would be hiding there, maybe the past is hiding something that can send him to jail. Vansh says I can double the money, but I want this deal, think its done from my side, very soon I will know who is the culprit in this house. Riddhima thinks to go to backyard. Aryan asks why are you so scared. She asks him to mind his own business.

He says its tough job to handle Vansh, if you want help, don’t hesitate, I would be glad to help. She says I m your Bhabhi, if I need help, I can tell Vansh, thank you. Vansh says Riddhima won’t be saved if she is wrong, I will not doubt her without any proof, she will make some mistake soon, I will trap her, it won’t be seen to her. Riddhima goes to backyard. Riddhima steps in the rope and gets hurt. She removes her sandals and goes ahead. She follows the footsteps. Riddhima says I m sure Vansh will take more time in the meeting. She reaches some place. She gets hurt. She says what secret is hidden here. He says she won’t be finding the secrets, if she does, then she will be caught. Riddhima says I have to hurry up.

Her dupatta gets stuck and says Vansh…. sorry Vansh I lost my way, I came here by mistake, sorry. She turns and doesn’t see anyone. She goes and sees a girl’s statue. She says whose statue is this, its not from Vansh’s family, who is this girl. She sees the ring with VR initials. She says there should be something else here. Her dupatta gets stuck. She tries to free it and turns. She gets shocked seeing Vansh holding her dupatta. Vansh asks what are you doing here, Mrs. D’souza told you about the statue. She says no, she didn’t say, why would she say. He says don’t play with me, Riddhima, why do you feel that I m not keeping an eye on you. She says whatever happened with Mrs. D’Souza, she won’t dare to break your trust. He says interesting, people learn from other’s mistakes, why did you make this mistake. She says I was seeing the house and reached here. He angrily throws a knife and says my aim isn’t so bad, but I can’t punish you without getting my answers, you have seen Mrs. D’Souza getting fired and you dared to come here, why…. She gets scared.

Precap will be added when episode airs on TV

Update Credit to: Amena

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