Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh gifts a ring

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima trying to lie to Vansh. He says you got wifey feelings today, what shall I burn here in backyard, someone’s ego and attitude. She says I m your wife, but not the way you want, I was amazed that you behaved that way with the woman who raised you, I was curious to know what you want to hide, I can have this right. He says you are right, there is a difference in wife and servant, so I m forgiving you, but remember, don’t make such mistake again. He goes. She also leaves. She goes to her room. She washes her face. She thinks of Mrs. D’souza’s words. Mrs. D’souza gets food. Riddhima asks whose statue is that in backyard. Mrs. D’souza asks did you go there, don’t tell anyone, don’t ask about it, its regarded a bad omen. Riddhima says try to understand. Mrs. D’souza says don’t do this, else… She goes.

Riddhima falls down. Ishani says you will be killed, you are becoming a despo to know about backyard, you could have asked me, I would tell Vansh and then… I feel shivering with the thought. She laughs and says it will happen the same like her. Riddhima asks who. Ishani asks did you ask Vansh why he married you, Vansh has lava in him, none gets saved from him, he will make you history. She goes. Riddhima says why did she say this. She goes out and hears Angre and Vansh talking. She hides. Vansh says first mistake should be forgiven, do justice on second one, Riddhima has to know the consequences of disobeying me, she shouldn’t know the secret of that statue, whoever tries to know it will die. He throws the ball. Riddhima gets saved. Vansh goes. She says he is hiding something, I will find out. Its morning, Riddhima wakes up and sees Vansh beside her. He greets her. She says you, what are you doing here. He stops her. She asks him to leave her.

He says relax sweetheart, why are you so scared, we are happily married husband and wife, you can’t be an incomplete wife, when you can roam anywhere with wife’s rights like a drone, then you should let me sleep on the bed with a husband’s right. She says jokes should be done in limit, I don’t like such jokes. He asks and gifts? He says every girl likes gifts. He makes her wear the ring. She sees the ring and recalls the statue wearing that ring. He says this ring is special for me, the person who wears this is also special for me, and you are very special for me, Riddhima. He goes. She says what does he want, he called me special, what’s going on in his mind, why did he give me this ring, I had to wear Kabir’s ring in this finger, but fine, this ring will make Vansh reach his end, I will find out his past. Riddhima treats Siya in the physio session. She thinks how to know about this ring. Siya sees her ring. She gets shocked.

She asks this ring? How did you get it? Riddhima says Vansh gifted it to me in the morning. Siya says but this…. Riddhima says the backyard statue also has the same ring, right. Siya asks do you know about the statue. Riddhima says yes, I want to know the truth behind it, you won’t hide it from me, right. Siya says I don’t know anything. Riddhima says you know everything, please tell me, I came here as physiotherapist on your saying, I m your Bhabhi now, I want to know the truth, tell me, I m also family now. Anupriya comes and scolds Riddhima. She asks her to stop spying, every house has a past, not everyone can see the past picture. Riddhima says you are misunderstanding me. Anupriya asks did you see D’souza, she was getting punished, then you went to spy, you won’t get a treasure but just ashes.

Precap will be added later.

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