Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh’s desperation for Ridhima!

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishani planning to show Angre his place. She tries to add something in his Haldi. Vansh comes and stops her. She gets shocked and scared. He remembers Ridhima telling him that everything doesn’t get resolved by anger. He is elder brother, if he explains her nicely, then she will surely understand. He calmly asks Ishani to sit down. He shows her photos of Sunny with another girl. He’s her elder brother and he has more life experience. Now she agrees right that she doesn’t recognize people correctly? She nods yes. He says, not just sister, she is his responsibility as well. He cannot compromise with her happiness. He asks her to have faith in him. Whatever he’s doing is good for her. He asks her to get ready for Haldi. She goes. He thinks Ridhima was right. Love effect is more than anger. He realizes he didn’t take Ridhima to wash her face. He goes to look for her. Kabir is also searching for her. They bump into each other. Vansh asks him what he’s doing there. Kabir says he came to check decoration. Vansh says today’s function is at pool side. He should check there. Kabir says his work is perfect. Everything will be above his expectation.

A servant is taking suitcase that has Ridhima in it. Vansh asks him if he saw Ridhima. He says no. The servant continues walking. He doesn’t know where to take suitcase and leaves at pool side as someone calls him.

Vansh and Kabir are still searching for Ridhima. Vansh says security is tight. Is she upset? She doesn’t go anywhere without telling him. Kabir says if he can’t find Ridhima, then his whole plan will get spoiled.

Ishani comes for the Haldi. She sees Angre and thinks Vansh was right that her choice was wrong. But that doesn’t mean, she will marry a servant. She makes Angre serve her juice. Everyone is shocked. He says nothing wrong in serving juice to his wife. She is not impressed. She says enough of screaming. It’s action time now. She will escape when it’s right time. Haldi function starts. Everyone applies Haldi to Ishani and Angre. Dadi wonders where Vansh and Ridhima are. Vansh wonders whether Ridhima is any danger. The suitcase is right in front of family members where Haldi function is going on. Ridhima opens her eyes and takes Vansh’s name. No one is able to hear due to loud music. She makes a hole in the suitcase. Kabir is having drinks in tension. Anupriya goes to him. He says he doesn’t know where Ridhima disappeared. She says he trusts her way too much. Hope she doesn’t spoil their plan. He says she won’t do anything like that. It might be Vansh’s plan. Ridhima shows her finger from the hole that she made, but no one is paying attention. Vansh comes and tells Dadi that he is not able to find Ridhima. Kabir is shocked knowing even Vansh doesn’t know where Ridhima is. Dadi tells Vansh that the lord will help him. Angre says he will find her. He goes to search her. Ishani tells Aryan that Ridhima keeps doing something that keeps focus on her. She further says she doesn’t care about her or that marriage. She hopes Ridhima stays disappeared, so she doesn’t need to do all the rituals. Aryan asks her to look at Vansh getting so anxious and tells her to take advantage of that situation. Ridhima is barely staying awake. Vansh bumps into the suitcase, but by then Ridhima is again unconscious. He punches the suitcase and it goes in the swimming pool. The suitcase starts filling with water. Vansh stops and realizes she could be in the suitcase. He runs and jumps in the pool. Kabir says she’s in the suitcase? Really? Vansh opens the bag inside water and takes Ridhima out. Family members are shocked. Vansh tries to wake her up. She doesn’t open eyes. He tries to take water out. Kabir says perfect. His plan failed, but whatever happened is wow. Vansh’s desperation is saying that Vansh is in love with her and this love is very dangerous. He won’t run away from her and soon will express his love to her. Vansh checks Ridhima’s pulse and breathing. It’s not there. He gives her mouth to mouth and finally she regains her consciousness. He asks her if she is okay. She slowly opens her eyes. He hugs her and says thank God. Kabir is amazed.

Precap: will be added when available.

Update Credit to: Amena

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