Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh gifts his mother’s anklet to Ridhima

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh hugging Ridhima tightly. He feels relieved. She also hugs him back. He realizes everyone is there and lets her go. He then says that he will take Ridhima to room. His sister says he’s best brother already and he’s now best husband too. He lifts Ridhima and brings her to room. Dadi thanks Ganpati Bappa and goes to pray.

Ishani was going to her room. Angre stops her and says it’s the same bag that Dadi brought to her room and she also hates Ridhima. She asks how dare him to doubt her and question her. They are not married yet.

Kabir cheers with Anupriya. Anupriya says from what she’s seeing, his plan is failing. No doubt Vansh has started feeling for Ridhima, but she’s also getting attracted towards him. He furiously says it’s impossible and walks away.

Vansh asks Ridhima to change clothes before she gets cold. He brings towel and dries her hair. She says she will manage. He says she always says that but never takes care of her. He asks how she ended up in the suitcase. She says she was going towards room. The suitcase came in her way and she bumped into the wall and then she fell unconscious. He says he must accept that she’s a magnet for problems. She attracts all problems towards her. It’s a talent in itself. She asks he thinks she fell purposely? Went in the suitcase and threw herself in the pool? As usual he doesn’t understand her. If she is that bad, then why does he care for her? She leaves. He says to himself yesterday he couldn’t answer her question either. How should he tell her that seeing her in pain, it also pains him. What does she know about his feelings for her? Neither his heart is able to tell her, nor is her heart able to understand it. He can’t express what he feels and whatever he says is not actually in his heart. There is something that attracts him towards her. Dadi comes and says what’s the point of saying all this when she’s not there. No one knows about tomorrow. She encourages him to express his feelings to Ridhima. What if she’s also feeling something, but is not saying it. They are wasting precious moments by waiting for each other to say. No matter how much he says he doesn’t care about Ridhima, she can see it his eyes. That’s what love is. She even saw same love in Ridhima’s eyes as well. There is Sangeet function in house, there can’t be better day than today. He nods ok. Dadi leaves. He says Dadi was right, he should express his feelings today. He then thinks but how? Dadi didn’t say that.

Angre tells Vansh that Ishani cannot do this. Vansh says he knows that. It’s someone from outside. To do such thing in his house, one needs a lot of courage. He looks at Kabir and says yesterday he got an email from Devraj Singh Rathod. They want to do an association with him. If that email person is Devraj, then who is this Devraj in their house? Angre says he will try to find out.

Ishani is showing her frustration about Angre to Aryan. But he’s busy playing video game. Ishani says she must stop this marriage. Her standard can’t be that low that she will marry a servant. She gives Aryan a blank cheque and asks him to help her. He does drama that why money. He’s her brother. She says she knows him very well. He says if she’s insisting him so much, then he will take it. He asks her not to worry. He will free her from this tension. In mind he says, this way he will take his revenge with Vansh as well.

Vansh is rehearsing how to express his feelings. He uses bold tone. He says this is not business presentation. There must be some feelings. He makes his voice soft now. He says, “Ridhima, my life has changes since you entered in my life. And your heart is more beautiful than you”. Ridhima comes and asks whom he is talking about? He says, nothing, just like that. He looks at her and cannot take eyes off her. She feels awkward and looks away. He also looks away. She goes to dressing table and wears jewelries. He shows his mother’s anklet to her and says only one person has right to wear it and it’s her. He gets down on one knee and takes her feet on his other knee. He puts the anklet in her feet. Both look at each other. He says he never thought… A servant interrupts the moment to say Dadi is calling Ridhima. She leaves. He smiles and then asks himself why is he smiling?

Sangeet function is about to start. Ishani is waiting for Aryan in her room. She wonders whether he even made any plan. He comes and explains his plan. He asks her to hide between flowers. When they take flowers outside, she can go wherever she wants to. Anupriya comes to call her.

Sangeet function starts. Angre gives his hand to invite Ishani dance with her. Ishani thinks of showing him his true status. Ridhima takes Angre’s phone. Ishani dances on “a slave” song. She also steps on his feet while dancing. And at the end of their dance, she makes him fall. Family members are shocked. She says sorry to him saying it happened by mistake. He says it’s okay. Vansh’s phone rings and he goes on a side. An email comes on Angre’s phone. Ridhima reads it. It’s from Devraj Singh Rathod’s company. The email reads “I am coming to meet you at sharp 7pm”. She wonders how’s that possible? If that person is Devraj Singh Rathod, then who is this (Kabir)?

Precap: will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: Amena

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