Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets helped by Aryan

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima and other shows’ leads doing Ganpati aarti. Riddhima prays. She thinks I want to see Vansh’s real face. The light goes. Riddhima asks is this your sign Bappa. She goes to light a candle. She sees some light coming. She thinks how is this light coming from the wall, is there no wall. She sees a keyhole. She says it means its a secret door. Ishani does the aarti and gives sweets to everyone. She comes to Riddhima. She asks can I know the reason for your standing here. Riddhima says lights went, I thought meter board is here. Ishani says its in storeroom, Angre fixed it, you don’t know many things here, it will be good if you don’t try to know it, you have no relation to it, curiosity killed the cat. Vansh comes. He takes the sweets and goes. Riddhima says I have to find this door’s key, thanks Bappa for showing me the way.

Riddhima goes to Ragini’s statue and says how shall I apologize, your dad… because of me, please forgive me, I will never make such mistake again, I will find your real story and get justice, I know about mystery door, I m sure its connected to you, I think I will get the key here. Someone comes there. She looks for keys. She runs and slips. Aryan holds her hand. She says you….

He says you may get saved from family’s sight, but my eyes are on you, always, even during aarti time. She asks what. He says you think a lot, I know you know about that door. She says stop, I don’t need your help, I know you will be misbehaving again. He says don’t stick to the past, forget it, I don’t want any return gift for this help, think I m your well wisher, I can tell you about the keys, its in Vansh’s pocket. She asks how do I believe you, it maybe your plan. He says that hurts, I came to help you and you…. I want the truth to come out, trust me. She goes. He says not bad, I told you, wait and watch. He recalls Vansh slapping him. He says now she will find the keys, the truth will come out and then…. He smiles.

Riddhima comes to room. Vansh is sleeping. She tries to get his wallet. He holds her hand. Music plays…. She gets the key. Vansh wakes up and turns to see her. She hides the key in her mouth. He asks didn’t you sleep. She coughs. He asks what are you doing. She signs. He gets water. She gets the key in her hand. She drinks water and thanks him. She says Dadi called you for puja, I come to call you, you held my hand in sleep. He says I don’t have proof, I feel some not so innocent lie is hidden behind this innocent thing, I want to tell you, leave me alone for next 5 days. She asks why this change, maybe for Ragini.

He asks her to talk as much as needed, do puja as Bahu, don’t question. He goes. She thinks maybe he killed Ragini, he looks strange today, I wish I could tell Kabir about it, he would have felt proud, I will hand over proof against Vansh to Kabir tonight. Its night, she thinks Vansh went out and everyone is sleeping. She goes and opens the door. She prays. She gets inside. She says there is nothing here, what’s this secret. She falls down the stairs. Vansh comes home and looks for her. He calls her and says she isn’t answering. She stumbles and pulls a cloth. She sees a statue covered with red cloth. She checks and thinks she isn’t Ragini, then who is she.

Vansh says whatever happened with you was right, one who cheats me have to face consequences. Riddhima says I m taking your avatar, Vansh will tell all truth, about you and Ragini. She wears a white saree and runs, leaving behind the anklet. Vansh shouts who is there, come in front.

Update Credit to: Amena

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