Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir meets Riddhima

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Ishani to check if Riddhima is ready. Ishani goes. Kabir checks the rooms. Ishani comes to Riddhima and says mahurat is today. Riddhima says just 5 mins. Ishani gets angry and goes on a call. Kabir hears Ishani and goes to see. Riddhima cries seeing the ring. Kabir drops the glasses down. Ishani scolds him. Kabir thinks Riddhima, please open the door. Riddhima opens the door. Kabir gets in.

Ishani thinks where did he go, any way. Kabir says its me, Kabir. She cries. Dil ye tere bina….plays…. She asks what did this happen. Dadi and Vansh meet. Riddhima says I got Shera, everything will get fine when you get it. Kabir says statue, I just didn’t learn to love you, but also this. He sees her in the bridal dress and says its the same lahenga which you dreamt of wearing on our wedding. She says yes. He says who can dare to snatch our dreams, I won’t let this marriage happen, don’t worry. Aryan sees Vansh and says Riddhima will be suffocated, its not easy to tolerate Vansh.

Ishani asks Riddhima to be ready, she will be called soon. Riddhima says okay. Ishani goes. Riddhima says I was waiting for you, I was sure you will come. Kabir says I have come and didn’t break your trust, I will marry you and take you to my home, come. She says Shera. He asks what. She says I got a big proof against Vansh. She tells everything. She says you can get Shera and fulfill your duty. He asks where is aunt’s room. She tells him. She says you need the keys and then everything is sorted. Kabir says I will get Shera, you meet me at the back door in 15 mins, my assistant Mishra is near the caterer’s vehicle, come there, I will meet you there. She says good luck, Vansh asked Angre to keep an eye on everyone, take care, I love you. He says I love you too, your love will take care of me, once I get Shera, Vansh will get punished, we will punish him, he has hurt you. He goes to Chanchal. He makes Mrs. D’souza drop the food plate on Chanchal. Chanchal scolds her and keeps her purse aside. Kabir takes the keys from Chanchal’s purse. He goes. Angre comes there and stops Kabir.

He asks where are you going, help them. Kabir says yes Sid. He keeps the key under a glass. Chanchal takes her purse and goes. Mrs. D’souza takes the tray. Kabir looks for the keys. Ishani says Riddhima would be ready, she said she will come downstairs in 5 mins. Dadi asks her to respect Riddhima. Angre talks to someone and says you have sent the staff and instructed them. The caterer says I have sent two people. Angre recalls and says it means intruders have come as the caterers. Kabir says I will do the work. Mrs. D’souza asks why do you look worried. He says its fine. He looks for the keys. Kabir gets the keys. He goes. Riddhima covers herself and leaves.

Kabir goes to Chanchal’s room. He looks for Shera in the safe. He says where did Shera go, Riddhima said it will be here. Chanchal stops Riddhima and asks where are you running away. Riddhima asks how can it happen, I was going to do make up. Chanchal says I was joking, I will give this idea to Chitvan to write a novel, cheater bride. Riddhima says I was going to Siya’s room, Dadi said none should see the bride, I will take the shawl. She goes. Chanchal praises her beauty. Aryan asks Chanchal to focus on the marriage, he has taken care of it. He recalls seeing Shera with Chanchal. He asks how did you get it. Chanchal asks how did you get interest in my jewellery. He says its Shera, not a jewellery, its a pendrive, it has Vansh’s secrets, give it to me. She gives it to Aryan.

He says if Vansh knew you have stolen Shera, you would be killed. She says it was in haldi bowl, I will give it to Vansh. He says Vansh will never believe this, I have to do something that Vansh never doubts you, I will hide it at such a place that none can think of. FB ends. Dadi asks Ishani to get Riddhima. Kabir says where can Shera go, I have to go with Riddhima. Angre sees him and thinks he is the intruder. Dadi says Riddhima didn’t come. Angre says our enemy is in our captivity, he had come in the marriage. Vansh asks him to give the gift with his hands. Riddhima goes to the storeroom. Angre says boss ordered us to kill that intruder. Riddhima hears him. She says he is talking about killing Kabir, no, this can’t happen. She prays. Angre goes and points gun. He says game over and shoots. Riddhima gets shocked hearing the gun shot.

Precap: Kabir says we have failed, we have nothing. Riddhima says I will go to any extent. Kabir asks can you marry Vansh for my motive. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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