Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima finds the locker!

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima telling Vansh that she knows how all this happened. That mummy ji.. Vansh asks what she said? She says mummy ji has blue colored poison which she mixed in the fruit plate because of which… He throws his breakfast plate and asks how dare she to blame his mother? Other side, Anupriya tells Kabir not to worry. In India mothers are treated as God. No one will believe a mother tried to give poison to her son, especially Vansh no matter how much Ridhima tries to convince him. She comes to Vansh’s room and asks him to relax. Anger is not good for his health in such condition. Anyone can be misunderstood. She was scared with this incident and she did some of his tests. She gives him reports. She says pasta that came from outside had peanuts which caused allergic reaction. She goes to Ridhima and talks sweet saying she forgave her. She further tells Vansh to forgive Ridhima as well, she took care of him whole night. Vansh tells Ridhima see how much Anupriya cares for him. She must not have slept last night either and found reason and she was blaming her. Ridhima says sorry to Anupriya. Anupriya says in her mind, her hardwork of years cannot be broken that easily. She leaves. Ridhima tells Vansh to take medicine, but he says no need and leaves furiously. Ridhima thinks Anupriya planned everything very smartly. She could not expose her. She will have to stay 2 steps ahead next time.

Ridhima comes to kitchen. Dadi asks her whether Vansh had breakfast and how is he. She says he’s good, but he didn’t eat breakfast. And without food, he cannot take medicine. Someone whom he can’t refuse will have to try. Dadi tells Anupriya to go. Ridhima thinks it’s important to make Anupriya busy. As soon as Anupriya goes to Vansh room, Ridhima goes somewhere.

Chanchal complains Aryan about Ridhima. He says she’ll have to pay for her mistake. They need to cut her wings.

Ridhima comes to Anupriya’s room and tries to open cupboard with a pin. She manages to open it, but the locker is not there. She finds a note from Anupriya that she knew Ridhima would check there again, but she’s too smart for her. She won’t be able to reach the locker ever. Ridhima is disappointed. She says Anupriya won’t take risk to take the locker out of her room. She searches in her room.

Dadi comes to Vansh and says he’s lucky to have a wife like Ridhima. Anupriya thinks she needs to catch Ridhima red handed. It will be fun to see her disappointed. Ridhima says Anupriya was right, she’s too weak in this game. Just then she sees fingerprints on a wall. She checks it’s hollow and there must be a way to open it. She manages to find the locker and is very happy. Just then Anupriya enters. She cannot see Ridhima as she hides. She goes inside to check. Ridhima quietly leaves with the locker. Anupriya thinks Ridhima must have given up. Poor her. Just then she finds a note by Ridhima that she’s smarter than what Anupriya thought. Anupriya checks the locker is missing. She gets tensed as all her and Kabir’s secrets are in it. Everyone will find out that Kabir is her son. She will have to stop Ridhima. She searches Ridhima everywhere. Meanwhile. Ridhima is trying to open the locker. She’s not able to break the lock. Anupriya comes to the room where Ridhima is. Before she enters and turns on the lights, Ridhima hides. Anupriya goes to check in bathroom. Ridhima is hiding in bathtub filled with water. Anupriya receives a call from Kabir. She informs him about the situation. Ridhima is not able to hear anything. She wonders who she’s talking with. Kabir says the locker is old, it’s impossible to open it without key. If Ridhima had managed to open the locker, then Vansh and everyone would have known the truth by now. She is hiding somewhere for sure. He tells Anupriya that she must find Ridhima. She says she is trying. She leaves.

Ridhima is going somewhere with the locker. Seeing Ishani coming, she throws the locker and it falls and hangs on the jhoomer.

Anupriya comes to Vansh and asks whether he saw Ridhima. He says she’s not there and he is not interested to know either. Anupriya thinks Kabir was right that Ridhima has not managed to open the locker yet. She asks him whether he’s still upset with her. She tells him to forgive Ridhima for her. He’s understanding, so he can forgive her. That’s how relationship gets stronger. He says he will try. She thinks now only Vansh will bring that locker to her.

After Ishani leaves, Ridhima sees the locker falling down from the jhoomer. She runs and catches it. Vansh comes there and asks why is she hiding? She wonders whether he saw the box. He says, eyes..A person looks away when he has done anything wrong. He asks how she got wet. She says she fell in bathtub. He asks what? She says weird, right? He says very weird. He asks her to change clothes. He leaves. She thinks of hiding the locker from Vansh until she finds out the truth.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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